Uhmah Park


This was fucking awesome! The other day the homie Eman sent me a text in the middle of a meeting that said “Nigga… youtube ‘DMX RUDOLPH’  like right now”. If you know me, you know the chances of me actually following through on some shit like that are SLIM lol. But for whatever reason, after the meeting  I remembered and said fuck it, let me look real fast, I love DMX interviews. THANK GOD I DID!!!!!

LOL I hate Xmas for the most part. However, there are 3 things about Xmas I like. The spending of money that goes on; The song Jingle Bell Rock, thanks to the movie Die Hard; and The Nutcracker Suite, Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies… and now this here is the 4th thing I like about Xmas!

You might be saying, oh this nigga is cracked out and is this what he has been reduced to. I dont see it like that. I see a real artist doing what a real artist does when its time to get down. He fucking gets down.  DMX put his own signature on Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, thats what youre supposed to do when youre a real artist. Gotta love it. …if you know what youre looking at that is. But no matter what youre perspective.. the shits STILL hilarious!