Uhmah Park

i havent posted anything in a while, because ive been busy…. as fuck. lol
but imma post a quick lil thought i just had at 3:28am in the morning… im a bit of a workaholic, whatever… i thought id share this thought i just had with you people. arent i great? lol.

i remember a few days ago… i was watching one of the james bonds. the one with that Grace Jones i think…. it was a Rodger Moore, Bond movie. so it was decent, but of course it cant fuck with a Sean Conery, or a Timothy… whatever his name is Bond flick. those are the livest. the 2 or 3 with the other lil british guy. he was decent. i hear that there is a new bond… but i cant remember who he is or what movies he’s been in at the moment. anyway… the bond i was watching was A View To A Kill. if you cant tell by now… im a bond fan. James Bond movies are fucking great. a few of them have been boring as hell. but overall… great series. i never get tired of that shit.

So there you have it… TWO things youve learned about OJ that you probably didnt know before, and probably shouldnt care about after you finish reading lol.

So here is my thought.

If i happen to come up on a rediculious amount of money… companies… holdings… property… all that shit. you know what im definitly going to have?
Hench Men!
yes… thats right. im going to have a team of fucking expendable ass Hench Men, and they will all wear uniforms n shit. there will be a lil ranking system, and all them niggas will refer to me as sir… or maybe Jefe! yea that would crack lol lol.
I am of the belief that if i have worked hard enough to the point where im doing that gotdamn well. i should definitly have OJ Hench Men to execute whatever deeds i might need them to. fuck i dont know. i dont wanna be like Christopher Walken in that movie and be on some sink california shit. or no big ass diabolical ass schemes for world domination or something like that. but you know… if some shit goes down. i want a buncha muthafuckas with guns, ready to protect my intrest… at the expense of themselves. that might seem a bit far fetched, but yea… thats what it should be.

but you know… a nigga like me has a question or two about hench men, and too bad there is really nobody i could ask. but if there was… id have to ask, how much does a hench men budget cost? like im certain there is a pay roll. and do them niggas get health ins? benifits? sick days? vacation?? you know… all the regular job shit. so how much could i plan on spending on my hench men budget for the year?

id also want to know… How is it… that they ( the guy who sees whatever need to have hired all these gotdamn hench men ) have managed to build ELABORATE ASS Lairs………… but nobody knows shit about it being there? like… these spots be in exoctic ass locations. yet no muthafuckin body SAW it BEING BUILT? how the fuck do you pull that off? i hate people being all in my gotdamn business, and im pretty good at keeping they asses out, but this is something im more than certain i couldnt pull off. but dammit… im willing to sit and take a tip or 8, because i just dont understand. im sure somebodies contruction worker some where opened his mouth about what he was working on in the middle of fucking no where. like yea man… we are building this big ass spot on this island over there… it has trains, expensive ass computer equipment, a big ass ray gun n shit. there is some shit going on over there. usually… nobody knows shit. the people on the other islands just know you cant go over there n shit. what kinda shit is that?
So how DO you build an elaborate spot, run by all these gotdamn hench men, that seemingly never wonder off to the main land… or town or whatever the fuck to enjoy themselves.

ive also never seen a hench men relaxation facility. do you me an to tell me its all work all the time for hench men?

How does one become a hench men? i mean… these people have families n shit. nobody knows shit? the family of these hench men never ask…. so… how was work today? shoot at any international spies? get beat up by any?

How is it… that there is NEVER a hench men leak of information? you ever notice that Hench Men never snitch?

Why do they always fall for the… “hey you! stop!” trick? or “did you hear that? it came from over there” trick.

i suppose hench men are hench men, because they are dumb as fuck.

but that means… if these muthafukas are so gotdamn dumb… they arent reliable. and if you are surrounded by a buncha dumb fuck hench men… no wonder muthafuckas plans for world domination or whatever the fuck, always fucking falls thru.

but still… i aspire to have hench men. them niggas is gonna wear jump suits n shit… with some kinda big ass OJ Corp logo on the back or something lol. its gonna be great.

but actually… i dont know. if it cost too much for payroll for quality hench men… i mean… i cant be around a buncha idiots lol. i might just skip out on the whole shit. but maybe i can deal with idiot ass hench men… who never figure out they dont have any dental or some shit lol…. i mean fuck… if they are dumb… why the fuck imma pay for dental and vision n shit? lol
but with that… id always be kinda nervious in the back of my head… thinking.. ok. what if some body trys to roll up on me. and there is a big ass gun fight. and my hench men ( with my luck ) start re-evaluating their job n shit. Throw down their guns and flee the scene, on some… fuck this, it aint worth it. this nigga wont even pay for us health ins! he can kiss my ass!

alright thats it for me. are you not entertained? lol

gotta get back to work.


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