On GP (General Purposes)

A Half Sleep Thought…

… if a floor………………. can be clean enough to eat off of.

…. can a plate be dirty enough to walk on?

just a thought.

but why would you walk on plates?

because if imma be eating off the floor… i certainly dont want to get it dirty now.
of course.

i know this wont make sense in the morning.

youll have to pardon me, but imma post this shit any-muthafuckin-way.

and no… im not blowed!

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not blowed? ok? LOL

well hey, i think i believe you…b/c i think like that on the regular sometimes, so welcome to the “off wall thoughts” crew.

My momma always said, “The floor is the floor. It can NEVER be clean, by virtue of the fact that…the floor.” If food hit the floor, wasn’t no ‘kissing it up to God’ (remember that? LOL). You had to throw that good azz, last bite of hamburger…in the garbage.

So uh…rum…don’t think too hard on that premise, man. A floor ain’t never clean enough to eat off of. LOL

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