Uhmah Park

vinilla sky… sucked…. well… no it didnt… it was a good movie… but it sucked if you ever have had a near death expericence…. trust me. it did for me lol. shit… i cant even watch ER no more… nigga be havin flash backs n shit

vinilla sky also sucked because i wanted to see ali…. but tha janky ass movie theature had 730 as tha start time… but when i rolled up in tha theature at 7 muthafuckin 30… tha shit said 715… niggas was hot.

however… i did pay to see ali. which is something i do when i go to tha movies anyway… pay to see any black movie that is out ( stupid or not ) and go see what i really feel like seeing. i paid to go see big mamma house like 7 times when it was in tha theatures… fyi: i JUST saw that shit in august ( it was tha guts ). i suggest you do the same ( even if your not black fuck it lol be like the oj lol )

i need to redesign this shit ( five27 ) when i get time. which wont be anytime in tha near future

That nigga brutha dub ( dell ) surprised me. He is a pretty good graphic artist. i been knowing tha nigga since 12th grade and had no idea…. lol shit… i didnt know I could do tha shit to be honest lol till like a year ago lol. that nigga is being a retard about gettin serious about tha shit tho lol. its cool… he will come around… tha nigga is actually better than alotta muhfuckas ive seen on the internet with bloggers that claim to be graphic/web designers. lol shit… better tha most of the muthafuckas on black planet that claim tha same shit ( those are some true retards right there boi lol ).. i should post some of the work he does but i dont want that 830 ass call in tha morning like; NIGGA TAKE THAT SHIT DOWN!!! nigga will call hella early just to fuck with me too lol. fuckin bastard. All tha nigga has to do really is practice more, and then start to learn how to design for webpages and he will be in tha game. Which is what i want to happen… if that nigga quits bullshitin lol

i made a thumbnail gallary for that nigga john and his lil girl sammy 🙂 id buss it but i wanna spiff it up a tad and i wanna practice doin some super html shit i guess… i dont know. and i gotta ask that nigga if it cracks to just put up pictures for the whole world to see lol.

speakin of shit i gotta do… i need to finish this site lol… even tho i know shit is NEVER done. i need to go to get that camera i wanted and start a photolog… i have NO clue why i like taking pictures… i just do. lol but i take some BULLSHIT ass pictures lol

also… i have a section on this shit for “manuscripts” i write poetry ( not often )…. bet niggas didnt know that ( well tha few niggas that have almost sufficated reading tha shit do lol ) but yea man… i have like 2 poems to buss lol. and tha homies have a few gutty ass stories… and i still need to practice gettin my programmer on so basiclly what this shit REALLY is…. is a damn excuse to do some shit i dont know how to do, and cuss real loud when i get fustrated trying to buss it.

also on this lil section people will be able to submit shit…. writings whatever… only tight shit ( to me… and im hard to impress ) will be posted…………… or funny shit lol mainly anything thas funny… just because i enjoy laughin ( partically at the expense of others… sorry… lol i never claimed to be a nice guy ). there will also be a speical part for “Cunnilingus Calmities” and “Fellio Follies” for all those times muhfuckas tried to get some ass… and some retarded shit happen lol

I also want to start a Message board on this shit, for me and my friends mainly… but of course anybody can post on there ( like they can respond to shit here… but somebody told me that people think im mean and will talk shit lol………. only if you REALLLLY ask for it lol ). i have no clue what will actually go on in there… i doubt that shit could possibly remain serious lol even tho i will make an attempt ( not tha whole shit… just parts ). but what a nigga really need ( other than time to buss it ) is a damn name for tha shit. Tha homie said “Jive Turkeyisms” which might crack. and i was thinking of “Open Season”. Dell had some pretty tight shit that might work “Negrovision” but we wouldnt wanna exclude all non-negro individulas lol. plus i dont associate with people who HONESTLY refer to them selves as “negros” or at least i try not to. but yea man… i need a name. Shit lol i might just fuck around and call it the WE SAY SO INC Message Board lol.

speaking of WSS. people be thinkin im playing… imma really get a DBA and start a Corp with the name We Say So lol. and tha shit will crack. oh yea… and as far as members go… ( since niggas been asking ). This gang/business is really gonna be a business. so to be on… you have to be usefull in some way to Corp. whatever you can do that would bring tha Corp money, make it better, provide a usefull service… whatever. your on the payroll ( meaning your down ) tha more usefull you are ( or money you bring in…….. dont care how you do it long as its legal….. or looks legal on your end lol ) the more Say you have. The main function of WSS ( so far lol ) will be Investment. id go more into detail… but im lazy and muhfuckas dont need to know just yet… because i dont have the time to buss that shit.

*refs time out*

why do people with bloggers/weblogs, get a picture of thier favorite artist and scan it… then do some shit around it and smack it on there blogger? Not that im really talkin bad on tha shit or nothin… or that it is anything wrong with it… if thats what you do everytime you change your shit and you have a real reason lol. But what about tha people who just follow the trend? i know it wasnt EVERYBODYS idea at tha same time to do that shit…. sombody(s) is biting lol. im not REALLY talkin shit at nobody in particular… because i only read like 2 bloggers and one of em has a big ass picture of one of ol girls favorite artist at tha top, but thats how her shit always is lol. or was since i been lookin at it. but when a nigga gets to clickin around on peoples links, or the people who might comment on this shit… and thier links. i notice tha sammmme shit. i could see if it was maybe… CLOTHES or some shit and it was tha style lol. but damn lol. Why? why do people do that? what is it about putting a singer on your shit? or a famous muhfucka in general. i dont know… im not talkin shit really lol im more curious than anything.

*resume play*

finially got some Timbs and some Jordans… two things ive NEVER ever had. ( wooo * lil celerbration dance * )

i got Busta Rhymes new shit… and that shit is SHMACKIN! somethin terrible. this man right here put out 4 of the SAME album lol on a fucked up deal. the first one was tha shit… tha second one was better… but…… tha third one… ehh… i saw it for what it was… and it was cool… i like bussa buss… liked about 6 tracks on tha whole thing… tha 4th LP tho… good lord… i SWEAR he didnt try on that one lol. that was tha last of his contract tho ( so i hear ) and i also heard that he was pissed at tha deal he got. so he wasnt caring lol. but this album is bangin.

i also got the latest LP from one of my Favorite Groups… Tha Liks! that shit is fuckin tight too. i been a liks fan since like the 8th grade… when that nigga JD used to call a nigga and be like… THA LIKS ARE ON RAP CITY!! click lol

nigga hasnt been posting lately… i been super stressed and tired and anything else that has to do with work-related tired lazy nigga shit. the last three weeks have damn near been a blur… well not COMPLETLY… the day at tha outlets… the day at tha fox hills and the 18th were pretty crackin lol but dammit if i dont need some help! im trying to see about getting some. because i foresee alot of no free time for me lol. hopefully we can get some office space, and at least 4 to 10 more big contracts. with a solid team of designers, production artist, and programmers ( imma stress the two i work with now the hell out lol… sorry yall lol ). Syl and I… i’s… OJ’s lol lil outfit will super crack. i just hate to hire somebody and things dont turn out for the best. but hopefully all that can ( and will ) be avoided. Gimmie a Year. well… gimime till november ( december ill be in hawaii lol fuck the cold! ) actually… i dont know if i should be putting shit out there like this… but fuck it…

speaking of not posting… i been thinkin about taking this shit down. because this shit is HELLA unclient friendly lol. but its my PERSONAL shit… i PAY for tha shit. but yet… i cant put personal thoughts up here… because people will still judge me and my company… which is hella janky to me. id buss that corny ass disclaimer… but that will not only make people more curious… but not stop a gotdamn thing lol. im temped to say fuck it.. and say whatever tha fuck i want to…. but i got more than me to think about… so i guess ill countinue to talk shit on touchy ass subjects to Syl and Dell, and my dad and PRAY that i dont catch that 5 hour lecture on the Black Man lol. ( my father is a muslim ) not that i actually mind, but there isnt too much new information for him to tell me. Once youve set thru a good 8 or nine lectures on Black people and the bible and Islam and Christainity ( …………….. ) and history and white supremacy and how ingenious tha shit is lol and indept world history… psshhh… youve basiclly got it down.

but like i was saying. its not like imma talk shit about any body in particular… i just have some views that arent too crackin with the masses. lol not that any of tha other shit ive said on this site is exactly client friendly… but pssshhh please believe it gets waaayyyy worse than this lol. but im still debating… i might just do what tha fuck i want to any way. fuck it. its personal… its mine… it dont have shit to do with shit else i do.

oh… saw oceans 11… good movie… slick nigga movie… you have to not be a theif… but an “opportunist” to really dig that movie lol………… like i did lol

i paid to see that… bernie mac and don… somebody was in it… i support movies with black actors in them also.

oooooooohhhhhhh… man… i cant wait till muthafuckin friday! imma take my computer ALLLL tha way to colton to the asians ( im not being racist or no shit… i just dont know what else to call em… its a computer shop… and ALL the empolyess… are from china… lol ) they do the best damn computer work ever. its really worthe the hour and a half drive and a day of bullshiting in the IE ( inland empire ). Basiclly whats going on is… i have a AMD 756mhz 256 mb 30 gig computer… and imma super my shit up. i want a faster processor ( something over a gig ) 2 gigs of RAM… YES! i said 2 gigs! i mean that shit too! whatever motherboard can hold tha shit i will be purchasing! I HATE my shit slowing up. and another HD… hopefully when i go get it i feel like payin for somethin over 100 gigs ( wha? all thats on my shit now is MP3’s, PSD’s, JPG’s, FLA, and SWF’s. That shit takes up space after a while! i only got like 7 gigs left! ) and imma rename my computer to super uhmah lol or super jive or ULTRA UHMAH! which really might crack now that ive said tha shit out loud ( no i dont post and talk to my self………….. most of tha time lol ). and hopefully i can come up on a bigger monitor. tha homie has a hook up… but tha monitor this company makes ( notice im being hella vauge ) is 100 muthafuckin pounds! thats like havin a fuckin 5th grader on your desk n shit! im cool… but hey! if its half price… who can aruge with that? fuck it lol.

And speking of new shit… i need a longer desk…

oh… man…. That nigga OJ ( me… for the slow people… gotta address the slow muhfuckas ) might end up getting a MAC. YES! i know… im selling out… BUT FUCKING SO! HAVE YOU SEEEEEN THEM MUTHAFUCKAS?!?! they are fucking SPIFF! and that means ill be able to get that 22 inch cinima display… *homer drool* yea baby…

but i cant help but feel like im selling out… or crossing over… even tho i will still be on my PC most of the time… i will just start doing more work on the mac… well mostly design… because you cant do SHIT else on them muthafuckas… and dont SHIT work on them muthafuckas except audio editing… video editing… and grphic design apps. after that… them muhfuckas are practiclly useless. the world hates on Mac lol which is cool… fuck it… i wont be stuck… i dont care lol.

BUT! since i do feel like im seeling out. The Mac ( if i get tha shit… man i BETTER get tha shit… i PRAY that i get it! ) will be refered to as Darth Uhmah… because im crossing over to the dark side… because i said i would never get one. lol i thought the name was a pretty gutty name my self lol. everytime that shit comes on its gonna do that darth vadar breath hella hard shit lol… its gonna be tight lol

man… im not dealing with the lose of my cd’s too swell…. somebody needs to convert some cd’s to MP3 for me and send em to me. ( calvin is being a hooker about tha shit… nigga has dsl and doesnt wanna hook a nigga up… fuckin bastard ) ill let you browse me 9 gigs of hot shit lol. i have a ganga shit too… alotta different shit… if you look thru tha shit… you would think 8 different muhfuckas download mp3’s on this computer.

speaking of different shit… a nigga loves him some dancehall… dont know shit about it… can barely understand wha tha fuck them niggas be saying. but that shit rocks to me. i got two mix cd’s tha other day… one rocks! tha other one… ehhh es ok… ehh.. imma give it to my ex for her birthday ( shes jamican ) lol after i burn it lol. she might be a lil pissed off tho lol because for one… tha shit is open… and for two… her birthday is in March… lol the END of march lol……… i think… hold up…………… yea…. tha end of March… so this shit might be a TAAAAD bit dated by tha time she gets it lol.

Speaking of March… i HATE females born in March…

i really dont want to meet another female born in march for the rest of my life… i know too damn many… and they all fuckin suck lol. Notice i had to really stop and remember what my ex’s birthday was. and NO… i dont hate March females because i have like two ex’s who’s birthday was in march ( fyi: ive only had like 3 real girlfriends my whole life lol ) i hate them… because they really suck. i dont wanna go into it just now… but they just suck. and thas just it. i try to avoid them at all cost… it just never works. Syl said its a mental thing. man… im pretty honest with my self… its not. i know its not. im not crazy… them muhfuckas be commin from no damn where… and i really do be minding my own business…. i dont chase females down or no shit like that. i dont do none of that shit playa playa, mac of the year, romeo casanova type shit. i swear… they come from no where. and i swear i try to avoid tha muhfuckas. it just really never works. and i end up being stuck with they ass lol

its cool tho…. i just need a break lol.

Quick memory….

i remember…. i thought i was gonna be with this jamican female ( my ex ) and she was gonna do all type of islander shit, and cook islander food ( not that i was exactly excited… but at tha time i wanted to try ) and listen to jamican music…and smoke… NO!… all shit do is listen to jamican music…

i used to talk to this asian girl ( not an ex lol ) and i thought she was gonna cook chinese for a nigga ( i love chinese food ) and possibly teach me some thing about chinese culture ( i bet you racist bastards thought i was gonna say kung fu huh? assholes )… but NO! that muhfucka right there… dont COOK! and is slightly ghetto lol ( im not bullshitin lol) shes cool tho lol im not talkin shit… except about tha not cooking part… that shit is just fuckin awful lol.

THEN! one of my best friends is Latina ( Syl ) we move in together and im thinking she is gonna cook mexican food ( i love mexican food ) and teach a nigga some spanish, since califorina has a BIG ASS latino population… and i already know a lil bit ( two fuckin years of spanish and all ive ever REALLY had to use it for was to ask tha time )…. but NO!!!! Syl ass refuses to teach me spanish… even tho she claims………. shit… i dont know what tha hell kinda masters degree big words excuse her ass can come up with… but whatever it is… its a whole lotta bullshit. she just wont do it for whatever reason… AND! well… no… id say she doesnt cook either… but she does..SOMETIME… she makes bomb ass breakfast burritos. now that i think about it… i should con her into making some when a nigga wakes up ( four muthfuckin hours from now )… yea that sounds like it cracks.

no more memories…..

just incase anybody was wondering… my new years wasnt all that great…

i was working….

lol i want my q45.. and my 5 bedroom house……… i am NOT playing.

anybody notice that black planet is starting to get cult-ish? you ever peep what tha muhfuckas on there go thru for hits on there pages? or for a muhfucka to sign thier guest book? or like tha lil clubs and drama and circles and other shit they have on there lol. and tha dude who runs it… sorta looks like david caresh? is that how you spell that crazy bastards name? ( am i even talkin about the right white guy ) it is tha damn guts.

Mel says he is changing domain names…. dont know if it cracked yet. but apt11.com is/was a cool ass domain name. damn… me being tha nigga that i am… im not really thinking… wow… why is he changing… damn… i couldnt have gave it up… or anything like that… only thing that is truely going thru my head is… dammit… now i gotta change the link.

lol imma asshole. i know it… ill admit it. and i sho dont giva fuck.

i am also sleepy. kinda… muhfuckas wanna fall asleep like 5 min after you ask them to WAKE YOU UP in 15 to 30 min… skanless huh? so a nigga has to wait till its hella late to pass back out

i need some fuckin sleeping pills

and a hair cut… BAD! lol

ummm i think thas it…

fuck you dell… this is tha shit i was gonna post last time… but it didnt take half as long this time. lol muhfucka… laughin at niggas n shit.

Applesause is good ( motts of course )

Orange Juice is Orange Tinted liquid Heaven!

the kobe two’s are hella uncomfortable…

the simpsons ( los simps-e-on-es lol ) is the guts

this is like a months worth of post….

you want more you can kiss my black ass. lol

till the next time im drowsy, and cant work, but cant sleep either.