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Garfield. Makes it cool to be fat…. well, not really. but funny. to everybody else… which i guess is kinda whats going on now. so basiclly, what we have is a fat cat… a cat with a personallity and a fuckin eatting problem mind you, this cat can also communicate with the humans on some sub level. so in essense, the Garfield comic strip pokes fun at fat lazy people with a very bad over eating problem.

I cant wait for basketball season to start. and baseball to end.

High Five, Scripted High Fives… is probably one of the lamest things going on in the world today.

sigh… i fear the jheri curl is coming back in style. but will the flat top ever be back?! if so, im slappin niggas hooks with ruthless aggression.

George Bush Answers. From this point on, when i dont want to anwswer a question directly, or just fill like being completely, and openly, full of shit. i will now be giving… what will be refered to as…. George Bush Answers. ill buss and example.
Somebody: hey oj, i heard you be taking shit with the door open. is that true?
Me: well taking a shit with the door open is something that most people dont do. but the door that is open, americas door. is the door that makes us vurnaiable to another attack from al queda. they hate us, and our liberties, and they will stop at nothing to attack us until were all dead.

KDAY IS BACK YALL!!! Los Angeles residences, should be familar with KDAY, it was the most crackinest radio station EVER! LA Peoples ( over 24, and were allowed to listen to rap at a young age…. you know some of you niggas were super sheltered and “bet not be listening to that bullshit!” ) Rejoyce! KDAY is back on the air…. 93.5 FM, it goes down! they are playing all the old shit from way back… mixed in with everything inbetween then and now. Commercial free! ( who knows how long that will last tho? ) i heard slam by onyx on that shit earlier. I remember, when i was either in kindergarden or the 1st grade. i got my mom to buy me a lunch pal that had a lil radio and a speaker in it. and i was listen to KDAY during breaks and lunch, when i wasnt playing and running around like the little ghetto child i was at the time. it was great. my friends who couldnt listen to rap, used to want me to play that shit every chance it cracked. I went to Ingelwood Christain School, on La Brea. and alot of my friends wasnt allowed to listen to rap. i guess my parents were liberal or somethin lol. but i was responsible for contaminating many young ears lol.

Yes! i used to go to a Christain School when i was little. Kindergarden thru the 3rd grade. sigh, i still remember my first day there. anyway…i know thats hard for some people, that know me, to swallow. but its the truth. its a great school. id send my own kids there………. if i lived in ingelwood….. or anywhere that wasnt 25 miles away from ingelwood. or if i was a christain. but hey, dah well! lol. ( oh yea… and no i dont have kids )
So OJ, if you went to a christain school when you were little. how the fuck did you turn out like you did?? Well, the answer is simple. Weapons of mass destruction has lead us to the point we’re at. and me and my administration are determine to void that threat.

Damn, thinking back on Ingelwood Christain School. i remember when my family up and moved form 53rd Street and Hoover…. all the way to Fontana. a good hour away from LA. i went from going to a school where… id only see like 6 white people a week. the secratary, the girl in my class, her sister, they mamma that used to work there, and a two teachers. thas it… white people were not apart of my life really at all when i was little. then 1988 hit. and i moved. and now, all of a sudden im SURROUNDED by white people!!! it was fuckin culture shock like a sumbitch. Me, litterarly straight from the hood. and then all these white people… people i had no experince with. at all. all i knew before were black people and mexicans. and that was it. Needless to say, it took some time to adjust. sigh, it was some shit for a 9 year old to go thru. black people and mexicans far as the eyes can see. then next fall, youre living on the same street as kkk members and all kinda bigots and what have you, and there is only 2 black people in your whole class.. AND YOU ONE OF EM! everybody look like you, then the next school year, dont nobody look like you. it sucked! shit has been like that for me every since then tho. except for when i go to atlanta. then i feel like im getting one long big negro hug! lol its great. lol

Speaking of White people though. im sure some people have heard of what went down on the apperentace the other day. Stacie J got booted off. Why? well… firstly, what had happen was ( lol i said it )… two of the pinkhoes in her group blew thier lil mission, they went 10% over the budget they were alotted. and well, they lost the mission. somebody had to get fired from thier group. ok fine. now honestly… i only saw bits and peices of the show up until the end. and from what i can tell… as what was stated, the two pinkhoes blew it and they were the reason they went over budget. one was the leader and she sucked. one was responsible for the money, but she was a bumb bitch. not to mention what they did to get the mission completed, was fuckin dumb as well. but thats something different all together. anyway… so its the two pinkhoes and stacie j in the board room n shit, and donald is grilling the two girls who fucked up or whatever. but some how… these bitches started giving george bush answers and brought up some OLD shit that happen during the first mission, where they ALL claim to have been thrown into a state of terror by stacie j. something about an 8 ball or some shit. i dont know… i didnt see it.
but what i DID see… was in the beginning of the show. the girl group, brought that shit up to stacie j, and she was on some. i know i got kinda mad and this that and the other…. it wont happen again. yap yap yap. and they appear to have squashed the shit. and the last thing that was said, was something along the lines of… its over, its not gonna be brought up no more. and now… i will also admit to not really seeing stacie j proformance of the second mission, but the parts i did see.. she wasnt causing the problem. the girl not being a great leader, was the cause of the mission to fuck up. and then other girls miscalculations is what got them in trouble. reguardless if she thought stacie j was gonna come bash her head in with a magic 8 ball ( she didnt say that, im just sayin ) or whatever distraction she claim stacie j was… FROM THE FIRST MISSION. there in no reason you should go 10% over budget. the bitch just plain blew it.
BUT! these two bitches… with they ass on the fire…. abandoned that whole plan. and managed to hype the situation and got stacie j fired.
Its a cold world… Black people… you have to be damn near flawless to compete. but, i will say this. being surrounded by 5 white bitches all day WILL DRIVE ANY NIGGA CRAZY! that shit is HARD to do!!! i know!!! from personal experince!!! white people will drive you mad! what the fuck you think happen to my black ass!?!?! remember i was sayin i went to school with a buncha niggas and mexicans… then a buncha white people?! that shit drove my black ass up the fucking WALL!!! i lost my mind when i was 9 years old, in the 4th grade, dealing with white people daily. Where do i come up with this shit, people ask me sometimes… blame it on the pinkos. they did this to me lol they are the reason i think like i do, and will say the most fucked up thing that comes to mind in most instances, and not feel sorry for that shit most of the time.
i used to know this white girl in the 4th grade, her name was Stacy McSomethin… this muthafucka used to piss me off DAILY!!! with out fail! for years!!!!!! she was a red headed white girl… who i thought was pippy long stockings… or at least related to her or something… because she acted just like her… but she used to be a BITCH to me. gotdamn… FOR NO REASON!… i cant not count the times where it took all i had, to stop my self, from DDT’in that muthafucka! REALLY! i swear… i used to just think about taking that heavy ass history book i had and beating every last gotdamn freakle off her muthafuckin face!! FUCK! sigh…. imma have high blood pressure when im older i know it. and imma tell my next of kin to sue 90% of the white people ive ever known in my life for wrongful death. lol real shit lol.

i fuckin hate my punk ass 30 something and jeractic(sp) ass neighbors and i wanna move up the street into a bigger house where hopefully there is no HOA, and i wont have to be PISSED every time i come home.

ive built two members sites and one… going on two free sites in the pass month, im fuckin BEAT! thats why a nigga hasnt been posting. and for whatever reason. the muthafucaks i know… all agree that i should sleep more, but they wont let me do it. niggas call me early every day, KNOWING i work late. its damn near 4 now. i bet somebody calls my ass between 9 and 10. turn my ringer off? i would, but sometimes… them calls be important. and i have to “rise for the occasion.” used to say, and still does actually.

i was told…. that there is some kinda unspoken blogger ettiqutte, in reguards to people that post comments on your blogger. like… youre suppose to kinda respond back ( when applicable… like if somebody ask a question or leaves the door open…someshit ) or something along those lines. this i did not know. however… i do not aplogize if i offended or isolated anybody… or did not answer your question that you posted on a nigga shit. yea, i got it… i read it. i read every single comment posted to this site, particularly because they are emailed to me and they arent long ( i dont read email that 1. isnt directed directly and personally to me; and 2. i dont read long email, first thing in the morning, fuck that, im trying to wake up… i wait till later, but unfortunatly, often times i forget lol ) i never really respond because….. eehh well. fuck i dont know. i dont know you muthafuckas. lol and if i do, you better ask me on aim homie. im fuckin lazy, and i meant it!
shit… oops lol.

im sobering up. im blackin out.


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