Uhmah Park

This report, publish by one of the most respected news organizations in the world, is saying that giving head and swallowing a couple of times a week. Forty Percent! At 40% thats a chance no woman can afford not to take! I can understand if you dont have a man. But as a married woman, you have an obligation to not catch Brest Cancer for the sake of your marriage. If you have a boyfriend, even if you dont plan on marrying this dude. As a couple, taking preventative measures to save your LIFE from being taken by this AWFUL disease is being smart about your health. It might even bring yall closer together as a couple. AND! If youre man doesnt wanna help you prevent breast cancer through these measures, then thats really the first sign of him being gay. Which means youre still winning. Because no woman wants to be with a gay man, this dude doesnt give a fuck if you get breast cancer or not, and then duh… he’s gay! So you not being with that dude and then being with a dude who will help you decrease your chances of getting breast cancer is a triple win for you as a woman.

In conclusion, sucking dick is not only healthy choice for woman scientifically, but it will also by default help your relationship continue to be strong. If you dont give a fuck about your relationship, at least do it for your health! Ever notice porn stars never hardly ever turn up with breast cancer?! The truth is right there in front of you! ….. staring you in the face…. waiting for you to put it in your mouth lol.


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