Uhmah Park

Here goes a video of Busta Rhymes explaining why Jay-Z decided to kill the A Milli Beat. Niggas must have been feeling great that night. Just imagine being a very paid Black Man, around other Black Men who are your equals ( Moving up in the world usually means your nigga company thins the fuck out. Its super wack ). Here you all are, watching another successful Black Man solidifying is bid for the highest office in the land. That had to feel fucking great. Hopefully one day I can be in that same company. Oh yea, the video…

Secondly though… If you havent heard that Busta Rhymes I Got Bass track yet. You are seroiusly missing the fuck out. That shit is fucking bangin! More than anything this man has put out since maybe his second CD. Foreal. Ive been a BussaBuss fan since LONS then when he started killing niggas on remixes of they own songs, from the first album till now. He aint never made no shit like this. But this is Classic Buss. I feel like this is maybe top 3 Buss all time. Seriously. If he put out a remix with a bunch of niggas on it. I might not even listen to that shit. There aint too many niggas that could keep up with some thing THIS fuckin bangin. I know im hyping it alot, but I dont fucking care.
I wont even go into how I’m constantly perplexed that niggas never mention this man when they talk about the greatest.

Anyway, if some how you dont have these two tracks, you may obtain them here:

Jay-Z – A Billi

Busta Rhymes – I Got Bass

Bangladesh is fucking awesome. Fuck.


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