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4:30 am thoughts.

it is now that time. for “4:30 am thoughts ” with your host,

Have you ever seen a lightskinned africian?

i know i havent.


riddle me that shit.

tune in next time…. for “4:30 am thoughts ” with your host,


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lol….once…she used to stay in my dorm in school, which was strictly a minority floor….she CLAIMED she was Egyptian….but i didnt really trust her azz…..

I know a lot of light-skinned Africans… My Arabic teachers in college were from Egypt, my student teacher was from Morocco and my tutor was from Sudan.

Reddy, Sade is STILL African so I’m giving Calvin points on that one.

Giggles @ Nexy.. I know that she’s still african, but its to be expected for her to be light skinned if her momma is white..

If thats the case and we are talking about mixed africans we can include Thandi Newton (actress from beloved and mission impossible 2) , les nubians (singers) , and recording artist Goapele

When I read OJ’s question I was thinking of Africans with 2 african parents… not the folks who are mixed with european/white.. Cuz thats a given.


Now OJ, I think we can all assume that with imperialism being what it was on the continent, there was probably some forced race mixing going on…I know there are all shades of black down in South Africa. Perhaps the lighter-skinned ones just don’t make their way to the Western Hemisphere…maybe they’ve got a good thing going in the Motherland.

Reading through the rest of these comments, I think that it’s probably time for a little geography lesson. Our northern African brethren — otherwise known as Arabs or “sand niggas,” if you will — are all light skinned. Think Egypt, Algeria, etc. They brainwashed us into thinking these countries were part of the Middle East, but they are on the continent, so they count!

Not all North Africans and Arabs are light skinned. Also remember that not all Egyptians and Algerians think that way… being only a part of the Middle East. Nationality is first for most Egyptians as it is for us. You don’t hear many Americans saying that YEAH I’M NORTH AMERICAN NAH WUT. On the other hand, there ARE many Egyptians that strongly identify themselves as Africans AND Egyptian as they should.

brutha O,

a more adequate question to ask would be:

have you ever seen an asian albino?

now riddle me that shit.

that “sand niggers” shit was very unexpected. you should have put a disclamer or some shit at the start of that comment.

you assholes…

south africans who ARENT black dont count…
individuals who have one white “afriacan” parent… DONT COUNT….
counties who claim to be part of the arab nation… DONT COUNT! ( the orginal egyptians or kemites were black as hell by the way )

my point was ( kinda ) that we should all be dark as hell… but we got fucked over in the game some where…

we have no ties to our orgins ( well maybe some. but not many )

Dell… imma have to work on an asian albino lol lol dumb nigga lmao

what about a midget eskimo?

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