Song of the Moment

On the road to riches and diamond rings

On the road to the riches and diamond rings, Real Niggas do Real Things.
Hangin with the bitches is the song I sing, Real Niggas do Real Things.

This isnt a remix or anything, from what I understand this is from some mixtape. Originally I heard it was from a demo. None the less, this nigga killed that shit. He shouted out Death Row and everything. Not many people have heard this, Ive come to find out. So  this is me sharing. Because that represents caring. And I do care. Or something like it.

One of the ways I hype myself to get off my ass, is play this song. Riches, Diamond rings, shit like that.. I need in my life.

Camera Phone Calamities

Larry OG, son of Irene OG. Great family #527

Larry OG, son of Irene OG. Great family #527

Camera Phone Calamities

A lot of the contents of this bottle are still in my stomach

A lot of the contents of this bottle are still in my stomach. Currently startin shit…

Camera Phone Calamities

Repost: #picsfromlastnight @odotjdot @coffeenated

#picsfromlastnight @odotjdot @coffeenated – by: bubblesinmychampagne

Camera Phone Calamities

Repost: #picsfromlastnight @mzahmad @odotjdot @freshairfrolics @coffeenated

#picsfromlastnight @mzahmad @odotjdot @freshairfrolics @coffeenated by- bubblesinmychampagne



its true… i mainly only repost pictures and things that involve me. at least on this site. lol

Camera Phone Calamities

Keisha OG, 32%+ thc. Si.

Keisha OG, 32%+ thc. Si.

Camera Phone Calamities

Me and @OdotJdot Repost

Me and Mo.

I had to repost this from her instagram, I like this picture lol

On GP (General Purposes) Song of the Moment

James Brown and 2pac – Unchained


am I wrong cuz I wanna get it on till I die

This is my new favorite song for a while lol.

I love James Brown. The Big Payback is one of my favorite songs of all time. Probably because I love revenge lol.

People like to say that Revenge is a bad thing. People say that no matter how much Revenge you get, Revenge will never make you feel better. I agree.

Revenge will never make you feel better all the way. Not even as much as you want to when you have nothing but Revenge in your heart. Revenge will never take away the pain of the wrong that was done to you.

Yet, I still absolutely love Revenge. I love stories about Revenge. I love to have my Revenge.
When Im out for Revenge, Im not out to make myself feel better. I know in my head and heart that no matter what I do, I will never feel better about what was done to me; I am fully aware of that going in and im OK with it. Knowing that truth, doesnt weaken my appetite for Revenge at all.

Why? Because fuck you thats why lol. Thats really all I can hear.


#MyFollowersRandomPlaylist Vol 1

The other day I asked my followers on twitter and facebook to name the first song that came to mind when they saw the post. I was being random and it turns out that my the resulting list of songs were random; some of my friends and followers are pretty gotdamn random lol. So I thought I’d put together a playlist of the songs my peoples posted. Im not a huge fan of a lot of the songs posted, but thats not the point. I guess you can call it a social experiment. Dont ask me what purpose it serves though. All of this really came out of no where. I liked the way it turned out though.

I put together a youtube playlist with a track listing and thoughts below.

Raul – Jake and the neverland pirates
— gotdammit dogg lol. I didnt know what the hell this was. I do a search and find out the hard way lol. damn.

Drew – This lil light o mine
— smh, dammit. and dammit some more lol. To match your randomness, I found the click of the fresh prince when ashley and carlton sang this shit with the choir lol.

Herb – Song Cry
— One of the few Jay -Z songs I dont fuck with. I hate emotional songs lol. Never seen this video… couldnt bring myself to sit through it either lol

Brandi – Pop That by French Montana. LOL!
— lol thank you for bringing this video into my life.  This was also the first time Ive heard this whole song allt he way through.

Mayra – Eminem loose yourself
— I never liked this song. I love EM tho

Alex – “My Boo” by the ghost town DJs.
— LOL this nigga here ………… this shit still beats lol.

Lewis – “Just don’t Bite it” NWA i use to play it for the ladies on our first date, lol
— LMAO Lewis is dumb. This is my shit tho lol.

Whitni – Rose Royce- Car Wash? Random!
— Every time I hear this song, I wish I could roller skate backwards

Kevin – Pink Floyd – Sorrow
— Ive never heard this song before. Its cool.. dont know if I could sit through it sober lol.

Todd – its bigger than hip hop!!!
— This beat never gets old. Classic

Someone, I dont remember who, posted Faith Evans, Soon as I get home. Which is one of my favorite songs ever. I absolutely love this song. Every time I hear it I stop what Im doing. I love this whole album. This is the last bit of R&B I messed with. This song makes me want to be nice and spoil some sweet young lady with any and everything I have to offer as a man lol.

Me – The Doors – Love me two times
— because thats the last song that was playing on my Ipod when I posted this. Ive been blasting The Doors and  Jimi Hendrix all day.

I cant find the songs my twitter followers replied with. Im going to have to write them down next time.

Ill do this again one day, I think I like this.


Camera Phone Calamities

New blowed disguise lol

New blowed disguise lol