Metta… World…. PEACE!!!!!!!!

This was way too awesome. I feel like this is the reason Ron changed his name. So there could be moments like this!! LMAO!!! Im a big Ron Artist aka @MettaWorldPeace fan. Im glad to see him playing better this season. At least in the last two games. I think he has found his groove.

A lot of people think the whole Metta World Peace thing is dumb. I like it. When he announced the change, he said something like the wanted to promote world peace. He wanted to get people talking about it and for it to be out there or whatever. I cant really bring myself to hate on something like that, or think its dumb. Not that I’d take that option or ever suggest it for anybody lol. And with his name, hate it or love it or think its dumb, the phrase “World Peace” jumps out of your mouth and from your finger tips a lot more than it used to. Which is the point. Rather you think its dumb or not.

Kevin Harland said this his name like he was trying to promote peace through force, rather than diplomacy! lmao

Guttie Shit

Occupy My Night Stick!

The Occupy Wall Street Lego set is now here!!! HOLY SHIT! this is fucking hilarious!!! Kids being involved in adult jokes is damn near ALWAYS funny to me! They came through and crashed the camp n shit. Shout out to my cousin Chris for posting this to facebook. Ive watched this like 8 times

Guttie Shit

Herman Cain gets Barbra Walters to do her best Lil Jon

Like a lot of Daily Show viewers, Im pretty fucking high when Im watching the Daily Show. The other night, this segment comes on and damn near kills me!!! Even though Herman Cain has dropped out of the presidential race, he clearly still loves me and tried to kill me with this. I wonder if he was thinking about me when he said this. “I will say this, the shows will pick up on it; then OJ will damn near piss his pants laughing at this shit”. Thats the only explanation I can think of for this answer.

I appreciate the audacity in other people. So this Balls of the Week award this is already something Im looking forward to. lol

commercial reviews

ESPN is the 1%


This commercial is kind of hilarious. Scott Van Pelt ignored the hell out of this dude lol. Instead of supporting the small business man, this guy choose to support the automatic job killing vending machine of some major corporation. Shame on you Scott Van Pelt and ESPN. You’re sending a bad message… no matter how funny it is lol.

Music Song of the Moment

Sucker Fuckin MC’s!

This is the best cover of an old school rap track ever. But this shit is so old, its damn near old school lol. I used to have this whole album, its called “In Tha Beginning There Was Rap

The funniest part about this album was that Too Shorts “Freaky Tales” was on this album being covered by Snoop. But Too Short was on the album covering “I Need A Freak” LMAO! and it was bangin too!!! I need to find this shit again, it was stolen form me back in the day.


Newt Gingrich: Serial Hypocrisy

This is one of the most vicious political ads Ive ever seen (this year). Mostly because its saturated in pure truth lol. Since Herman Cain dipped out on us, all we have is Newt doing his best John McCain/Mitt Romney impression. Although he is the originator of that style, but whatever lol. This dude seems like the type of dude you punch in the eye off a reaction of him trying to play you for some kind of fool to your face. He probably changes the rules as the game goes a long, so he can stay competitive or cheat / lie his way to a victory lol. This guy is hilarious!

Music Song of the Moment

Jaan Pehechaan Ho

I LOVE THIS SHIT!!! Soon as I heard it on this Heineken Commercial, I had to hear the full version! I dont understand a gotdamn thing this man is saying or singing about. But judging from the video its some extra groovy super live shit! How can you not dance like some kinda asshole when thit shit comes on?! They certainly did in the Heineken Commercial! That was extra great by the way!

I wish I could find a bunch of other shit just like this! This is like Punjab Swing Music or something. I love it!

If you want to know more about whatever the fuck this is like I did, there is a wikipedia page lol: Jaan Pehechaan Ho


My girl says I can find any song ever made, ever. The homie Lemmy (id link his twitter name, but he always changes it lol) came across it some how. I cant say I tried too hard to find it. But I found out what it was, some how some way. Thats usually how it works lol.


OK, so… While typing this post out, I decided to do a couple of searches. Apparently this song was recorded by a man named Mohammad Rafi. I did a brief search o n youtube to hear more of his music, I havent found anything as live as Jaan Pehechaan Ho, but he still makes great music. … do I understand what he is saying? NOOOPE! But I cant really say I care. It sounds good. lol I love old music like this. Its probably why I liked Beat Konducta Vol. 4: Beat Konducta In India (and 3) so much.


Niggas In Carnegie Hall

Music News

I cant front, I REALLY want to go see this. I want to see Jay-Z preform in Carnegie Hall, I think that would be fuckin awesome for tons of reasons. I want to see what kind of special show he puts on for Carnegie Hall. I also want to see the type of crowd that attends the event.

Im sure he isnt gonna totally censor his self. And Im sure there are going to be a lot of special guest performers who come out on stage.

Speaking of Niggas In Paris, I also really want to go to the Watch the Throne concert here in LA. At first I didnt really want to go, but all the reviews and then this Victoria Secret Fashion Show performance changed my mind. This shit was live.