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Penn State Clearly Condones Child Molestation

Every Time I hear about a child being rapped by an adult, I think of this interview with Louis CK on The Daily Show a few years back. Although hilarious as fuck, its real shit. This is a cut and dry issue.

At the 4:20 mark he mentions how the Pope likes to fuck boys. Listen to what he says…


Theres only two kinds of people. There are people who are horrified and reviled by child touching with penises. And then theres the people who cant stop having sex with children. Theres no in between. Theres nobody whos like… I dont do it, but I get it. You know…

Thats real shit, there is no in between. Reading the Grand Jury Report will show everybody who turned a blind eye to this. Everybody who turned a blind eye to this needs their ass whooped. From Mike McQueary on up. Joe Pa, the Presidents and officials, everybody. But ESPECIALLY Mike McQueary. He witnessed the whole thing and in reading the grand jury report, it sounds like he never used the words “I saw a grown man having sex with a 10 year old” when he told his superiors what happen. Not only that, but he continued to see Sandusky around campus. How? There is only one explanation. Mike McQueary likes to fuck young boys. His dad does, Joe Pa does, The head of campus security does. They all do.

What I dont understand is, how did Joe Pa get fired and not McQueary? To me, he is the major violator in this whole story. HE is the sickest of them all.

Guttie Shit


This mans “Oops” ending to an awkward stumbling of words he know he knows will live in political infamy for a while. It has “Boom goes the dynamite” potential lol. Rick Perry reminds of of a knock off pre 911 George Bush. He seems like Bush’s dumb cool guy cousin. Its like he learned everything he knows from George Bush lol, including learning shit. LOL!

Music Video Reviews

Ass Ass Ass Ass Ass


So, Im officially a Nicki Minaj fan now lol. Not a fan of her music, Im not supposed to be, Im not in her demo. But the rest of her, the outfits, the funny faces, she talk alotta shit and shes hilarious as fuck. And then she was jumpin around holding her titties and shakin all that ass. jesus lol

As far as big sean goes though…. This is the first big sean song Ive ever heard on purpose. Im something like very underwhelmed. Maybe I need to hear something else by this dude.

Just to be clear, that wasnt an invitation to send me links or make suggestions lol.