Song of the Moment

Forty Four 4’s, Muthafucka I’m Nice!


This is my shit! He does this with a beat, but it doesnt sound as good, or the same at all. It doesnt have feeling like this does. This is actually the first version of this track, so you know how that goes.



This version is from Radio City Music Hall and the big screen keeps count. Which was also awesome. Youll also see what I was talking about with the beat.

This is actually in the theme of a new project I’m in the process of putting together. I cant fucking WAIT!


Jay-Z is fuckin great.

Video Blog

90SWOJ: EP3 – OJ’s Super Bowl Picks

I say “uuhh” a lot. I sound like my Uncle Ken and my Dad lol. Hell… and President Obama lol. I have to find a way to get around that.

I stand by my Super Bowl picks for the time being. And Im looking forward to The Kush Bowl!

Video Blog

90SWOJ: Ep 2 – Only Jesus Can Walk On Water

This shit was hella funny to me. I couldnt stop laughing; even after I watched it hella times. Im going to be pissed if somebody knows this girl and gets mad at me for laughing at her. This has happen to me at least 5 times. It sucks every time. You would think I wouldve learned my lesson by now. NOPE!

I need to find another place to record these. Its kinda dark in this mf lol. You know what though? Watching your own mannerisms when youre not an actor or in front of a camera often, can be some what unsettling lol. Might take some getting used to lol. The homie @Sasher_Thumper says I sound like a white boy lol. But I think she said it out of spite. Its ok though, I got something for her ass lol

Lastly, this title reminds me of a entry the homie @BruthaDub wrote back in the day called: Jesus Walks And Is Called For Traveling. Just the fucking title is the guts!!!! But the actual entry is funnier! THEN the comments are funny too!

Next up, my Super Bowl Picks!

Video Blog

90 Seconds With OJ: Episode One


Im going to start doing a regular segment on my site called “90 Seconds with OJ”. Basically, Im on a mission to┬ábe more comfortable in front of a camera. With all the video producing I’ve done in the past, (I’ll tell that story one day) you’d think I’d be better at this shit. But whatever, practice makes perfect and its been a while.

These videos are going to be about whatever I happen to feel like staying in front of a camera at that particular time lol. If you have a topic you want me to talk about or a question you want to ask, leave a comment and I’ll respond. Im trying to have fun.

Looking at this video, it sounds like Im about to tell a boring ass band camp story or something lol. And what the fuck is up with this angle lol? And my shoulder? Im going to have to look for some where else to record these shits at lol. Im also going to have to turn off my phone, clearly its a distraction. But my ringtones are a lot like fricken awesome!

Next one will be better.

Guttie Shit

Sadly, You Are Not A Monster

Grover, has always cracked me the fuck up. I feel like a 4 year old laughing at this muthafucka… BUT I CANT HELP IT!!! I wonder if I got Grover high, would he still know the word on and be like “I… am on one, my monster!”

See what I did there? Thats what he said in my head…. and Im laughing pretty hard about it!

Good Times


This is my friend Drew (@DMZTV). This photograph was taken on at his birthday party, at his house. I dont know what the fuck was in this cup. But this was his second full one. The first one he didnt chug. He finished it pretty quickly, but he didnt chug it. This one? Oh he chugged that shit! I hyped this man up so tough! He had no choice but to show the whole party that Gemini’s go the hardest in the paint!! …. or something like that I was screaming in his ear. I barely remember, I was pretty fucked up myself in his picture. But our friend Drew? About an hour later, I heard he was face down in the bed. DONE FOR! lol Your most welcome my nigga lol! Great Party! Good Times!!


OJ is an enabler.