Guttie Shit

Cookie Monster SNL Audition

This shit was WAAAYYYYYYY too funny!! The Cookie Monster is the fucking GUTS.


Send this to all your “Frieeeeends” LMAOOOOOOOOOO

And this niggas cookie fit?!?!!? meee meee meee cookie face!

This was fuckin awesome. Im over here rollin!

Guttie Shit

The Stamos Snugglefest

Gotdamn this shit was disturbing and hilarious all the at the same time!! The looks on their faces. They were all calm n shit. John Stamos was giving those bed room eyes the whole time. But it was disturbing as fuck because I used to watch Full House. LMAO gotdamn, this is the guts!!

And the outtakes are hilarious too. Bob Saget is the gotdamn guts!!!

That arm being stuck under your girl shit being worse than death is the truth though. I love to cuddle, but I dont give a fuck how comfortable I am or she is, Im not letting my arm go dead. Fuck that. Nothing is worth it. I swear lol.


I bet President Obama wishes he could play this kind of defense

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This was fucking hilarious!! I cant believe the elected officials in England get to talk to each other like that! Its kinda great, if you ask me lol. I love a good insult, and I know the elected officials here in America could sling the most vicious insults through the halls of congress! It would be hilarious. If President Obama could talk to congress like this, Im sure he would have a field day lol. He is cold enough at the White House Correspondence Dinner, imagine if he wasnt making jokes, but he was seriously going at somebody like David Camron was? Imagine him talking to somebody like Eric Cantor like that, or Joe Wilson (the “you lie!” guy). Id love it. But Im sure with all the racist elected officials there are in this country, President Obama would have been called a Nigger by now. Theres no way they could hold back, this man is sharp lol. Old white people usually take exception to that lol.

I honestly dont understand why our politicians cant do this. It would be great for everybody lol.

People It Must Suck To Be

You Mad


I posted this to my tumblr page earlier.


All I wanted to do is create and have a good time. But, this is quickly forming into something I never would have signed up for from being accused of being racist to getting my pre-teen nudes leaked everywhere. I feel like this shit ain’t my cup of tea. Someone else want my job right about now? Im just gotta sip lean and disappear. THIS GAME IS FAKE AS ALL HELL!


lmao… #TheWrathOfBlackAmerica

Somebody needs to explain to this girl, IN PLAIN ENGLISH, Black people would NOT have a problem with her if that wasnt her stage name. Her real name is: Natassia Zolot. She could have gone with Tasha or some shit if she wanted to be…. “ethnic”. Nobody would say shit. She wouldnt get SO SO SOOO Hated on or anything like that. Thats a spin off of the name her mamma gave her. Thats cool, Black people would respect that all day long.  

But when you look at the name “Kreayshawn” You think its some ghetto ass black girl (possibly. you cant automatically assume these days), whos ghetto ass mamma gave her that ghetto ass name. When I first SAW the name on twitter, I assumed it was another wack female rapper that most people didnt like (as always), like Khia or somebody. Not only that, but to make another little minor point. Most black ppl say it “Cray-shawn” not “Cre-a-tion” like the spelling suggest it should be enunciated, because its a ghetto ass name. When I first saw her name on twitter, i totally skipped over the E, and thought the name was “cray-shawn”. Most people KNOW it should be “Cre-a-tion” but say “cray-shawn” anyway. Honestly, how many times have you seen “Kesha” spelled with an A? “Keasha” … I honestly thought the E was silent or some ghetto ass name explanation that people come with, when explaining why they named their child some ghetto ass name.

Here is the reason there is a dark cloud over this situation. Most Black people with ghetto ass names, dont really like their ghetto ass name. We only like our ghetto ass names because thats what our parents named us. Thats it thats all. It doesnt make us feel any Blacker or more hood. If u have a ghetto ass name, it doesnt award you more street cred, nothing. In fact, we tease each other about our ghetto ass names. A lot of more educated Black people would change their ghetto ass name if their mamma didnt give it to them. Or like me, my real name is O’Lester. If I wasnt named after my grandfather, I wouldnt like my name. Shit, if I ever tried to change it, my parents would fucking hate me!! FOREVER! So thats out lol. Its something you have to accept growing up. But it certainly isnt anything we, as a people, are super proud of. Its WELL documented that a ghetto ass name will provide you with a sizable disadvantage while seeking employment. I know plenty of Black people who will use a not so hood version of their name or their middle name on job applications, just to get a call back. So when some white girl, who clearly has hella Black friends, names HERSELF some ghetto ass name; when we already have a problem and are viewed a certain way, JUST BECAUSE OF OUR GHETTO ASS NAME that our parents blessed us with; Black people as a whole are going to feel some kind of way about that. Clearly those feelings are not positive lol.

If her stage name was different, none of this would be happening to her. she would just be another wack rapper. Wouldnt even be a big deal. Oh Well lol. We make our beds… we lay in them. Or sip lean and disappear lol


The Autumn Wind Is A Pirate

The Autumn Wind

The Autumn Wind is a pirate
Blustering in from sea
With a rollicking song he sweeps along
swaggering boisterously
His face is weather beaten
He wears a hooded sash
With his silver hat about his head
And a bristly black moustache
He growls as he storms the country
A villain big and bold
And the trees all shake and quiver and quake
As he robs them of their gold
The Autumn wind is a Raider
Pillaging just for fun
He’ll knock you ’round and upside down
And laugh when he’s conquered and won.

People often complain about Raider Fans. We’re one of the most criticized set of fans in the world, across any sport. They say we’re bad people, we’re rowdy as hell, we’re violent, we’re crazy, they call us degenerates and whatever else.    To that Raider fans always say, “And? What are you gonna do about it?” We’re OK with that being our image and what people think of us. We prefer you think that of us. We like what we’re about. We dont want to be nice, we dont want to be your friend. We dont want you to not hate us. We want to be hated by every one. Because we hate every one.

Read the words Ive posted above. It will tell you every thing we’re about. The team and the fans. We are not the hero’s. We are the villains. We’re coming to rob you of your gold, your women, your pride, all that. We want it all. We want to hurt you. Even if we lose the game, we’re going to win the fight. You call it poor sportsmanship. We call it FUCK YOU! Thats OK with us. We’re the only team in the league that voted against the anti touch down celebration rules. Its really not a game or an act. Its what it is.

I dont care how much the Raiders lose, people talk a lot of shit to me. But Im not moving. It is what it is. And when we start winning again. Because, we WILL be on top again.. The shit I will be talking will be epic. Trust me!

Im optimistic about this year, but if you ask my friends, Im optimistic about every year, until I see different. Last year we didnt lose to any team in our division. We may not have gone to the playoffs, but we didnt lose to the Chiefs, Broncos or Chargers. So this year I want to see a repeat of that and more. Its time to make waves, we’ve been down long enough.

I PRAY they move back to LA. I’d feel kinda bad for Oakland. But it is what it is. They would have a brand new stadium and be in a market/city to attract better players, no matter what our record. That would be fucking great, The Lakers and The Raiders would be right next to each other. A dream come true!

Guttie Shit

Don Lemon doesnt give a fuck about what CNN is going through


This is awesome. Id be irritated if I was a CNN viewer and had to sit through silly shit like the silly shit thats highlighted in this clip. Don Lemon appears to be irritated to have to be apart of it lol. I think Im going to start DVR’ing this mans show. This is classic material!

Song of the Moment

Lord Knows Imma Voodoo Chile…

I love this song, Its not the regular Jimi Hendirix Voodoo Child. This is the 15 min version from Electric Ladyland. On my copy of Eletric Ladyland, its labeled as “Voodoo Chile” I love this fucking song. Its nothing like Voodoo Child and its long as fuck. They were rocking the fuck out for 15 minutes, non stop.

If youre the kind of person who likes to listen to Jimi when youre blowed as hell, like myself. What I recommend is rolling you up a nice blunt. Turn down the lights; or get you some kind of light apparatus to light up the room;  or hell, turn out the lights and just light a candle or two. Enough light to see what youre doing and to watch your smoke move. Thats only of the only things you want to see. What im saying is, what you want to see is: your smoke going in and out of beams of light. If you smoke, you know what Im talking about.

You do that… sit back, play this (or the whole album, which is a classic or course) as loud as you can.. or keep it nice and mellow if thats your thing. But definitely enjoy the show. The music with the smoke; Its an Experience (ZING!).


Get Slapped Bitch!!

Its that time of year again, Raider Nation is ready to go super hard for the Silver and Black! There is nothing better than being a Raider fan.. Because we not only think shit like this is ok, but we LOVE IT!!!!


This is what being a Raider and a Raider fan is all about! And the best part about it is, we dont care how anybody else feels about it.

Song of the Moment

To my no-good Niggas and my no-good Bitches…

This is one of my favorite Redman tracks. I never hear anybody mention it. Its on the Muddy Waters album. This album is a muthafuckin CLASSIC! Till this day, this is the ONLY hiphop album I have in my collection that I listen to all the way through. Real shit, the only one. I have hundreds of albums (tapes/cds/mp3s) Ive collected over the years. Muddy Waters is the only album I can and will listen to all the way through. All the tracks on this album are bangers. Even the fucking skits are classic. The bus robbery that starts off with some random nigga singin his ass off, fuckin awesome. The chicken head skit. The classic Soopaman Luva series. The into track to this album is dope. Its all around awesome. This is the best album ever. Ill hear nothing different.

I know tons of people who will listen to other albums all the way through, and the love them. I love those same albums, but I guarantee you there are at least 3 tracks that I just dont like for whatever reason. Most people have more than 2 or 3 albums that they love and can listen to all the way through. Me? Just Muddy Waters.
You can leave a comment with any classic hiphop album, and ill tell you the tracks I skip and dont fuck with. I couldnt even guess how many times Ive listen to this shit. I used to know the whole thing by heart lol. Thats how much Ive listened to this album lol.