Song of the Moment

Santa Do You Know E-40?


This is MY SHIT! The end. Since the first time I heard it. This shit goes way too hard. And if you have a good set of subs, the bass will make you burp! Its awesome. I used the intro to this song for a version of this website back in the day lol. Classic shit.

Posting this song reminds me that Ive been meaning to buy this “I hella love CA” T-shirt every since I saw somebody with it on some where.

Shits awesome lol. Im from LA, but I’ve been saying “Hella” since I can remember lol. Im sure if I ever get around to purchasing this shirt, hella people from The Bay (Northern Cali) will see me in the street and say/ask “Oh I like that shirt! You from The Bay?” and imma be like, NOOOOOOOOOOOOPE. Im from Los Angeles.

Camera Phone Calamities Good Times

Drake Face!!


This was the funniest shit LOL! Last sunday at The Do Over, some how Drake came up and Yael (@TokenBeigeChick) broke out into her, now famous, “Drake Face”! Then this mf Leon (@ListenToLeon) joined in by plugging his nose and singing some shit. Im not really familiar with Drakes music, I only know the beat and part of the “Who the fuck is yalllll” song. But thats what Leon sounded like. It was the damn guts!

To prove I was laughing way too hard at this, peep the fucked up picture I took lol.

Some how, later that night, I had a dream that featured these two silly mfs doing that shit randomly!!! LMAO! I cant fuck with them.
This whole day at the Do Over was hilarious. It was non-stop jokes for HOURS! To further nail this point home, I’d like to point out that on this day, the “Hood Scouts” were born. But thats a whole other story.

But the best quote of the day came from Leon. Some girl was dropping it like it was hella hot and whatever she had on, wasnt made for that at all. Her pussy was flappin in everybodys face. Then here goes Leon:

DAMN! She showin’ her pussy AND her vagina!!

Fuckin  Hilarious.

Guttie Shit

The Facebook Argument

I dont remember who posted this on facebook, or where they got it from. But this is one of the funniest things I’ve seen on the net all year! 

After seeing this, its been hard for me to offer my opinions to peoples updates on facebook. I already had a hard tim before, but now? Fuck it. Ive seen this happen way too many times. Since Ive seen this graphic; Ive made a point to be “The Chime-In” for no reason. Its great! I see why the chime-in, chimes-in now lol. Its awesome lol and way more fun!

Camera Phone Calamities

OJ Knows this shirt is wrinkled as hell!

Recently, Ive been posting some of my camera phone pictures. Every time I pass this picture, I wonder what the hell my problem was. Why in the FUCK did I take a picture in such a wrinkled ass shirt?!?!?! What in the hell is my problem??? LOL My Mom would kick my ass if she saw this.
Im not one of those people who are scared of what my parents will and wont do to me as an adult. After I started paying my own bills, …….. fuck that. BUT! If my Mom saw me in this, she would have plenty of shit to talk lolol. Plenty of shit I wouldnt wanna hear and would feel some kind of way about. A little background: My Mom is the reason I will iron a shirt to go to the store…. and come back home. I cant help it lol. Im conditioned.
Mind you, the shirt is too small to be wearing outside anyway (my mom wouldnt care). I saw it on some website, and their XL was really a Large. Bullshit. So I can walk around in public with this shirt on. BUT I DO WEAR IT AROUND THE HOUSE! JUST SO YOU KNOW! THAT I KNOW! dammit lol

and now my Mom is gonna eventually see me in this shirt. When she does, Ill post what she says lol.

I never get to have shit with my name on it. So this is pretty fucking awesome lol. Even if I cant wear it around town

Camera Phone Calamities

Street Sushi

On the other side of this fence, is where I have been taking my car to get fixed for years now. For whatever reason, on this day, I found my self on the other side of the fence; then saw this. Of course I’m not silly enough to think that there was really Sushi under there. BUT! I DID think it for a half a second. How funny it would be if somebody was out and about town, pushing these 5 carts around, selling Street Sushi. Like street/corner Tacos or those street hot dogs/link that are sold outside of your favorite hollywood club…. but sushi. YUCK!!! LOL

I already dont eat any form of sushi at all. Passing some luke warm ass mobile sushi situation after a night of drinking and clubbing? NAH! NAH!!! Sometimes, there was already plenty of fish to smell inside the club. Coming out to smell more in the night air, would SUCK. Im sure. ZING!!!!!!!!!!! lol

I have over 1000 camera phone pictures. I am on a brand new mission to post the best of them. I see so much random shit lol.

Music Song of the Moment

Erykah Badu – The Other Side Of The Game

Earlier, @Huny asked for Karaoke song suggestions. She said she was partial to Badu. Then I suggested “Certainly” or “The Other Side Of The Game”. And this song has been STUCK in my head every since lol. But, this is one of my favorite songs of all time. I dont know why. Maybe its the bass. I dont know. Its an awesome song though. And if you know me, you know I like R&B all that much.

I remember when this song came out. I always liked it, but I didnt really understand it. I was young. I Didnt understand it until I was an adult and some what in the same situation. At one point in time, I had to stop doing some illegal shit due to similar circumstances in this song. One day, my girlfriend at the time and I were talking and some how got to her concerns about the way I was living my life.  She didnt know I had anything illegal going on in my life. I never lied about it. There was no way she could have knew about it, asked about it or be concerned. She would have never guessed or thought Id be doing the shit I was doing.
She was more concerned with me coming home at 5 in the morning; Me drinking and driving; running the streets like I was at the time; Hanging out in the “bad part” of town, shit like that. She didnt think I was cheating on her at all. And I wasnt. That was a non-issue. She just didnt want me to get hurt basically, or find myself in a situation where we would be separated. She told me that she really wanted to be with me, near me, possibly grow old with me and that she needed me. She was HELLA sincere about it too. Her whole speech came straight from the heart lol. It really resonated with me. I was fucking touched. I loved this girl, so there was no way I couldnt consider seeing things from her side. I thought about how I would feel if she was doing what I was doing. At least the part she knew about. Id be worried too. Especially if I had her frame of reference.

So I stopped doing “the illegal shit” I was doing at the time. She never knew about it. Still doesnt. Aint going to find out lol. But as far as the stuff she did know about (I was really honest with her, otherwise), I stopped doing a lot of the things that would have her worrying about me. Well, it was more like a compromise, but still. I totally understood where she was coming from, so the compromise didnt bother me at all. Which surprised the fuck out of me. I never thought I’d be that guy. I always thought I’d lie and keep it moving. Planned on it in fact. DID NOT work out that way LOL!

Thats what this song reminds me of when I hear it sometimes. Love will have you surprising the hell out of your self. Pleasant surprises and WHAT IN THE FUCK WAS I THINKING surprises. Both, equally as shocking.

Camera Phone Calamities

Incase of fire, please rescue cat

One day I was helping a friend of mine move (Yes, it was a girl. No, I wasnt trying to get any ass) and she had a neighbor who had this sign by her front door. I couldnt believe this shit lol! Ive never seen shit like this ever.  I can see how this is a valid concern of some pet owner. But to me, its fucking hilarious.
Hilarious that who ever stays here, went through the trouble to either find a sign, or make a sign. Then ugly up their front door with it lol. Because they are THAT concerned with their gotdamn cat. I wanna meet the asshole who rushes into a burning apartment to save a damn cat. And whos to say, once the apartment got to burning, the that cat wouldnt have already said FUCK THIS; a long time ago and broke the fuck out on its own?

Do I think its dumb that this person is hella concerned with their cat? No.

Do I think its funny that this person is concerned enough to hang up a sign? HELL YEA!

What even funnier, is my friend had to see this shit every day she left her flat lol.

What if the apartment caught on fire and the owner of said cat was still in the apartment. But doesnt get saved because the would be rescuer only saw the cat sign and totally disregarded that there could be a human inside as well lol. This could go a lot of different ways. Most of those ways are hella funny lol

Music Song of the Moment

King Tubby – Badness Dub

One day I was suffering the net, years ago. When people still thought it was cool to put a mp3 player on their website and have it automatically load, like maybe you didnt have your own music playing while you surfing (cruising) the internet.

I was clicking around, link to link, site to site. Then I landed on some random site; I dont remember the name at all. But I do remember King Tubbys Badness Dub started to play. I had never heard it before; and at the time I really didnt enjoy slower reggae music. I had never heard reggae dub before, ever.

I was REALLY blowed, and when this song started to play, I instantly felt it. It was like it was speaking to how blowed I was. Ive been a fan of reggae dub music every since. This song got me to digging most forms of reggae. for years I could only mess with dance hall. I LOVE dance hall, by the way.

Thank you for making such awesome music King Tubby. Which is an awesome name by the way.