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Bob Ley’s Jay-Z cover

LOL this was awesome. He even tried to add some drama at the end after fumbling over his words. He was flowing with it for a second though lol.

I bet Jay wont be making another song this fucking year though. Lebron has been BLOWING IT! The one time Im routing for this dude and he’s no where to be found! Good thing I was always a bigger D.Wade fan.

commercial reviews Song of the Moment


I remember a lot of commercials Ive seen over the years randomly. The other day, out of the clear blue, I remembered this very awesome rock band made up by Burger King called Coq Roq; I FUCKING LOVE THEM!!!! They rocked way too fucking hard to be a fictitious band lol. They had two commercials, both with very live songs and music videos. There was “Cross The Road” and “Bob Your Head”; On the BK website, they offered both tracks for download. I used to have them both of them and rocked out to them regularly… in my car… in front of people. This shit goes so hard. I need to find those mp3s again. The hard drive that had those songs on it crashed and died a horrific death. I shed many tears. I had over 100 gigs of music on that drive. I was soooo pissed. I had all kinds of music that Ill never hear again on that drive. Anyway… Here is the other video they made, Bob Your Head.

For whatever reason I feel like the “album version” of Bob your head is different. Dah well.

commercial reviews

Free Doritos?

This commercial is hilarious! “Promotion?? Not in your future!”

Gutty material!