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Yo Cuz!!

This was way too awesome not to be posted forever on this site. First of all, I tell people all the time, Las Vegas is where old Crips go to retire lol. There and Lancaster/Palmdale. Secondly, you have to be from LA to appreciate this fully.

The only thing that would make this better is if there was an old Crip with a penalton, loccs, and some corn rows with a plate of sample meatballs talkin about “AYE YO CUZZ! these the best muthafuckin meat balls you ever gone have in yo muthafuckin life cuzz! I put that on the hood! Try these tho! Im tellin cuh, Im tellin you… on the hood cuh!!” – That would be his sales pitch, to passers by.

These were my first thoughts when I seen this shit lol. Shout out of the homie @Pworldwide for taking this picture.

Soup Theater

Kobe Bryant: Act 1

This is the moment when Kobe shot to the top of my favorite Lakers (who were active at the time) list. There was already a bunch of hype. But the public wasnt sure about him just yet. Then in preseason, he does this. I saw this game live. I felt like I was one of the players on the bench, I jumped up and lost my mind. I was so hype! This was over Ben Wallace. The same Ben Wallace that would go on to win Defensive Player of the year. After this game, I thought to myself… I hope he keeps on doing shit like this.

Oh boy.

Guttie Shit

Lick The Screen Trick!

I love April Fools jokes. This here is CLASSIC!

lmao she licked the damn glass! LMAO! Then the ipad laughed at her though.

The anchorman looks like Liz’s doctor boyfriend from 30Rock and or a modern Clark Kent.

The anchor woman has a nice rack. Giggidy!!

Perspective Politics

For 90 years we’ve been trying to get more black men on TV

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Since I got a new gig that doesnt have its own office and TV, I’m forced to watch @TamronHall and my @MSNBC news over the net at the office. Quick Disclaimer, I love Tamron Hall, she is the whole reason I even discovered MSNBC. Anyway. The first 30 seconds of this video was HILARIOUS! Here they are talking about jails vs education spending, and most of the panel are Black men.

As out of breath Ben Jealous is, he brings up some really good points lol. This man needs to hit the track so he cant make an easier to hear point lol.

But no foreal… knowledge is power. The more money spent on education, the less criminals there will. Criminals are criminals because they’re dumb. Theres no such thing as a smart criminals. Because in order for you to be a criminal, you have to get caught. If youre too smart to get caught, that means youre not a criminal. Just a law breaker lol.

Will education make you a better law breaker? Depends on if you want to be a lawyer, work on wall street, or become a politician. Ironic lol.

Guttie Shit

Tracy Morgan tries to kill Conan

This shit was so damn funny Conan could barely keep it together. When he slammed his mic though, I lost it.  I love when Tracy Morgan does interviews. Theyre always CLASSIC. Conan and Andy were going nuts!

30Rock though, has been reruns for the past couple of weeks. I cant take it anymore. I needs my show! I promise you its the best show on tv since Seinfeld.

Guttie Shit


This is one of those things Im laughing really hard at, on the inside. I cant laugh out loud about it, because if I do, I fear I may never stop laughing. Hoetron!?! Foreals Player?  Aaron is fucking hilarious for this. Jesus Christ.

I put this on my blogger because I feel like this needs to live on forever.

Lastly, I too, have always wondered why groupies get mad about other groupies being around. I know girls are haters, by nature (be mad, you know its true). But I really dont think they are thinking the situation all the way through.

The way I see things. Thats some what admitting that you, the groupie, feels that if you were one of the only women around, that the probability of you being chose is higher. And thats because youre the only thing around to fuck with. Which says something. Also, by getting mad and hating, youre essentially conceding to the fact that you are the inferior individual in said situation. lol

Sadly, we will never see a real live Hoetron formed for this reason. Oh well lol

Guttie Shit Music

Friday is for Fun Fun Fun Fun Fun

Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Falon put on the best performances… they should go on the road or something. I’d watch it. This was great.

If you look closely, you can see everybody has to count with their fingers or some kind of way to get how many times fun runs in a row. At the moment, Im not sober enough to bother to attempt to make an effort to really count myself. So Im just gonna go with five. Which is ridiculous. Bitch we get it! lol