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The Best Flow Chart Ever

When top level guys look down, they see only shit heads;
When bottom level guys look up, they see only assholes…

LMAO!!!! My cousin sent this to me in an email today. Fuckin HILARIOUS!!!!!!


When and where I became a DubStep fan

Rarely it is caught on camera when something comes into your life and changes it forever. That probably sounds a lot more serious than this event was for me. But still… how many times has the moment when you became a fan of something caught on camera. Or in this case, some what caught on camera.

Recently, Ive been come a fan of DubStep. If you dont know what it is… Im not going to explain. Lets just say its something like rave or house music. But a lot more listenable. Even though, Ill fuck with some rave music. But I wont bump it on my own, or even in my car. But DubStep. Yes. I love bass. DubStep is VERY bass heavy. Its great. Its some shit you just turn up and let it rattle your immediate surroundings.

The day and moment when I became a DubStep fan just happen to be caught on camera and thank GOD for that! Some friends an I were at the New Over (The Do Over on New Years day) at Janes house, this past New Years. We got there kind of late, but I wasnt really trippin about going. Lately The Do Over had been playing Gay Indian Porn Background Music. I only went once this last summer. But since there were going to be a buncha people that knew going, fuck it. Lets roll. We get there towards the end. Around 8, and it was jumpin! They where FINALLY playing reggae and hiphop again… which is how the Do Over USED to be. But for whatever reason, they had to close it down at 10pm. So at 10, they are about to kick people out.

They are playing this old executioners (i think thats what it was) but we are still posted waiting for people to leave. But it sounded like they were going to keep it going. The crowd was cheering for an encore. But we started the process of pushing through the crowd to slide out. Then….. some song comes on I dont recognize but all these weird hippy types got all excited, I was convinced I had a good time and that it was time to roll out at that moment. So did the people I was with. If this video wasnt so dark, you could see me right by the DJ booth about to head out with a train of my friends behind me. It sounded like it was about to get really Ravey in that bitch. But then that bass line dropped in. Shout Out to @Diplo, if it wasnt for him, I wouldnt know shit about DubStep. His whole set was live anyway, but this shit here? Yea, thanks sir.

Until this VERY MOMENT, I had never heard any Dubstep anything. This shit stopped me DEAD in my tracks! I damn near didnt want to leave. This shit was beating so hard. This camera phone or whatever this is, isnt picking up the bass at all. All this different kind of music started to play I had never heard before. I got kind of excited. But I was really worried that I’d never find out the name of these songs. And the people I asked didnt know.

Luckly for me, some body took this video that I was linked to about a week or so later. I posted it to my facebook page and my diverse group of friends knew what was playing and helped me out. Particularly my dearest internet play sister Megan. She was propley rewarded with 2 million cool points for knowing what this song was. Its called Hold On (feat. Amber Coffman) (Sub Focus Remix) by Rusko. Your speaker game has to be right to appreciate the bass with most Dubstep tracks. Since I found this song, Ive gone through a few of this dude Ruskos tracks and I can say that I am a fan. Digging through the tracks on youtube and going through some itunes radio stations, I am definitely diggin the whole genre. This is my new shit. You can expect to see me posting more Dubstep music to this here blog.

Your Welcome!


Music Song of the Moment

Walking In L.A. – Missing Persons

Nobody walks in L.A.

Out of towners find this out the hard way, every damn day. I have friends from all over the world, who all end up in L.A. at SOME point. And most of them have found out the hard way… Its damn near impossible to get around Los Angeles with out a car.

Sometimes people hit me up.. like “OJ, we should kick it” etc. Which is usually awesome. Until I end up being a taxi. If you dont have car in LA, youre basically STUCK as fuck. Depending on where you stay, it might even be hard to get food. So that means, if I come to kick it with said person, chances are we arent gonna meet at a bar or some place where something is going on. Imma have to pick this person up. Drive them to where ever we decide to go. Which means Im going to have to come up with a place to kick it that this out of towner MAY or MAY NOT enjoy. Then depending on the person, this has happen to me hella times, they arent gonna want to go to just one place (mostly with relatives). Theyre gonna wanna see shit. No matter what that thing may be, it all equals out to, Im going to be driving a lot more than I wanted to in the first place lol. Then, at the end of that, Im going to have to take them back to where they are staying. God forbid they are staying with a relative or friend. Then that might an extra circumstance to hurdle.

And Im not complaining. Its cool. Ive been that guy, a lot of times. And have had several memorable great great times. However, it IS awkward if you dont know that person all that well. And youre stuck in the car with this person. Im all over the place and can talk with some one about multiple subjects. And if I dont know anything about which or whatever. Most times Im at least curious to listen and learn. But there are some people who dont have shit to say or talk about lol. You may be doing most of the talking, and they just respond. No additions to the comments or subject. Nothing. Just… “Yea, I do that at home sometimes” or some shit like that. And thats REALLY all they have to add. Im not talking shit about anybody OR complaining. All im saying is, sometimes it can be a BIT fucking awkward lol.

Things usually work out for the best when you can just meet up with this out of towner and yall just go some where. See how shit works out from there. lol The out of towner isnt depending on you. And if they dont have the best time, they are already out and can call some body else to kick it with………. and visa versa lol.

If you know this out of towner very well and maybe have kicked it with them before, its usually not a problem at all. Its just a matter of IF you can bring your self to do a good amount of driving. Nobody walks out here for a reason. The city is spread out. Even if everything is 15 minutes away, going and coming back is 30 minutes of your time. Which can QUICKLY and EASILY turn into 2 hours. Trust me lol. Not that theres anything wrong with that lol. Thats just the reality of the situation.

As for me, dont be mad if you dont see me when you come to LA. If you dont come out here when its warm, or Im not busy…. and by busy, I mean making money, watching a Laker game, or getting some ass. Its your fault as far as Im concerned lol. I cant be held responsible for your bad planning and timing lol. Of course I say MOST of this in jest.

But in short… When visiting Los Angles, to ensure that you have the best time possible, make sure you have a car rental in your budget. Or at least a friend or family member who is willing to drive you around to do shit. And make sure they know that you wanna do hella shit. Or you might find that it may be kind of hard for you to have a swell time out here lol. Im just sayin lol

Lastly, I forget the girls name on the vocals (and im too lazy to look it up). But a lot of people who know about this band claim that Gwen Stefani swager jacked this girl something AWFUL. Its kinda hard to say she didnt once you listen to a few Missing Person songs and look at a few pictures. Dah well.

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Daniel Tosh goes in on Paul Peirce

When I first saw this on Tosh.0 I was in tears, Ive been looking for it on YouTube every since. Finally found it. It was super short, but it was a lot of hilarity jam packed in that shit.

For the record… I AM a Los Angeles Laker Fan. And we bang on the Celtics year round. Even in the off season. Los Angles has a gang bang culture. If youre on the wrong side… well thats yo ass lol. All day every day. It dont stop.

Guttie Shit

Bitch We Grow Our Food!!!

This shit here is the fucking GUTS. Id spend some time watching the original video this her vlog is about. But eeeehhhhh, I hear enough girl and white people generalizations all day.

1. Asians ARE hella racist. And they are super covert with it. Its hilarious.
3. U C A LOT OF ASIANS LMAO!!!!!!!!! — thats the fucking truth though. Asians and Jewish kids.
4. “In America we do not talk on our cell phones in the library” — youre a lying bitch and you know it
5. High Im from england, and here goes a blanket with small pox — LMAO!!!

This was funny as fuck.

Music Song of the Moment

Mausberg – Shut Up!!

Alot of people dont know about Mausberg… A lot of people dont know about the album this song was featured on. Its called Konnected Project, VOL. I.Its super rare, but most of the people who know about this album believe its a classic. Including yours truly (me… for the slow people). I love this album.

I remember how I came up on this album. One day, my auntie came over to the house with a boy friend of hers. It just so happens he was some kind of A&R.  It just so happens that I was standing outside with a friend when him and Aunt were about to leave. I think my Aunt mentioned something like he had an album coming out soon and that ol boy should let us hear it. Well this dude, for whatever reason was kind of reluctant to come up off the CD or even hype us up on the album. He wasnt trying to fuck with us at all actually. I didnt really care about this dude either way, however, him not being all that willing to give up this CD made me want it all of a sudden. I stood there and looked this dude in the face like… um, sir… I looked at my auntie, looked at him again… sir? Thanks! Nigga… lol He so didnt want to give it to me. And I so didnt give a fuck. It really made the whole thing better that he didnt want to give it to me. I dont know why, he had a few with him. Whatever.

I think that whole situation made this CD sound super great to me at first. Then I realized how great it actually was. This shit here? Is a fucking classic. Hands down. If youre a DJ Quik, Suga Free, AMG or Mausberg fan? You absolutely NEED to have this album. It goes so so so hard. Trust me on that. Everybody I know, that knows about this album, LOVES it.

R.I.P. Mausberg. This man was murdered in his own neighborhood. Super shady situation. Niggas is foul. He was gonna be the next great Compton rapper of his time. He was more than likely hated on. It be’s like that in compton sometimes.

Guttie Shit Perspective

Louis C.K. WAS going to say that the Pope fucks boys

This was probably one of the most HILARIOUS interviews I’ve seen on The Daily Show. It also just so happens, that Louis C.K. has a stand up called “Hilarious”… which lived up to its title. This interview, on the other hand, it started off funny as hell and ended even funnier! I cant believe I didnt post this when I first saw. But maybe I did, who knows. Anyway… towards the end of the interview, Louis wants to fit in that he wanted to say that the Pope fucks boys. Made Jon Stewart some what uncomfortable. But I think he was more worried about the legality of it all more than anything. Because he was laughing his ass off.
Here was Louis’ point though:


Theres only two kinds of people. There are people who are horrified and reviled by child touching with penises. And then theres the people who cant stop having sex with children. Theres no in between. Theres nobody whos like… I dont do it, but I get it. You know…


Hilarious! … and very true. Shame on you The Pope. But Im sure you know that already lol

Song of the Moment

Maputo – Bob James and David Sanborn

One day, when I was a young lad, I remember seeing a commercial for this new radio station in Los Angeles called 94.7 The Wave. There was a song that played on the commercial, the first time I heard it, I feel in love with it. I had to ask my Dad (a frequent jazz listener) what the song was, since there was no logging on to the internet and doing some research on your own in those days lol. He told me that the song was called Maputo. He informed me that not only was it the name of that song, but it was also the name of the capital of Mozambique. I think he told me why the song was named after the capital, but I dont remember that story.

This is still one of my favorite songs of all time! OF ALL TIME!!! word to Kanye lol. The funny thing about this is, I really dont like Contemporary Jazz. But this is still one of my favorite songs.


The 25 Most Essential Raekwon Tracks

Recently Complex Magazine did an interview with Raekwon about his favorite songs he’s put out over the years.
I LOVE most of these tracks… until after Duck Seazon. I really only like one track after that, and thats Surgical Gloves. Thats my shit right there, one of my favorite tracks off the Cuban Linx 2 album. A banger for sure.
I always find it interesting to know what an artist was doing and going through at the time of creating a classic. Rae has a lot of classics under his belt.  He’s killed so many damn beats. There are definitely some classics left off this list. But I guess these are the tracks are the tracks he feels are important to his success… or maybe the stand outs.

Id sit up and name my favorite Raekwon tracks, but I’d be up here all day long.

Raekwon recently released a new album, Shaolin vs Wu-tang, which is why they did the interview. A pretty decent record. However, if you heard Cuban Linx 2… Ill tell you straight up, its not OBCL2. But its still pretty dope. I fux with it.

Of course I went with this picture of The Chef… Smoking a blunt with Rae would be kinda dope, I’m sure. Hell, smoking a blunt with OJ is pretty awesome in its self, so I hear lol. This needs to happen.

My Car

Milestone Fumble


Only certain people think stuff like this is cool. Cool enough to look and perhaps snap a picture. Anyway, I’ve put a few miles on my car. When I bought it, it already had 80k miles on it. I’ve had it for less than 3 years.
Where’s the cool part? Not in this first photo, that’s for sure. That strip of a display can change from the total miles to miles for trip a etc or to the temperature where you are. I keep that display on the thermometer mostly. I just happen to check the miles on my car one day, and saw that I had JUST missed watching my car hit 111,111 miles. I JUST missed it! I was so let down lol.

But then a week or so later, I peek at the mileage and I see that its at 111,222 miles. Awesome. Not as cool as 111,111 miles. But whatever. Ill take it. I would have thought it was cool if I would’ve actually saw the 111,111 mile mark too. But still lol.


Like I said, not everybody is gonna think stuff like this isn’t worth mentioning. I like stuff like this for some reason lol… naysayers, fuck off lol.