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Never Say No To The Panda

If you know me, you know I love commercials. I fancy myself a Commercial Critic, even. This shit here?!?!?!?! This is possibly the funniest commercial series there EVER was, EVER in the history of EVER for as long as there is an EVER.

I dont even want to break this video down. Its one of those things that you just have to take in and enjoy. Just remember one thing. Never say no to the panda lol. I love foreign commercials.

Thank You to the person that linked this and uploaded it to the internet, and Your Welcome if this is your first time seeing it or if you havent in a long time or may have just forgotten all about it.

Blowed Thoughts

Dunkin Flat Bread

So Dunkin Donuts has a new egg white flat bread sandwich thats only 300 calories.

When I was sitting there watching this commercial, I thought to myself… What? Why would I want an egg white sandwich from a donut place? Oh… it says for all those people who wanted to eat healthy in the new year. Really? So you mean to tell me, that some person is about to call themselves healthy by strolling into their local dunkin donuts and just by this and maybe some coffee and its going to end there? OF COURSE NOT! They are also gonna take down a donut too.

This is a fuckin trap. Word to Admiral Ackbar… This is a fat person trap lol. You might as well just buy two donuts lol. A damn snickers is just under 300 calories. And all their donuts are at least 300 calories lol. Where are you winning in this situation? Im confused.

This is kinda like selling diet crack. Same high, just not as addictive. You can tell your family youre making steps in the right direction… but youre still doing the same shit lol.


Something Like A Heart Attack

So, 2 days before Xmas, I woke up and noticed a slight pain in my chest. It was enough pain for me to notice, but I thought I was about to catch a cold. I havent been sick in the last year, but i figured.. dah… I guess it was a good run. Let me take something to avoid catching this cold. Took something, kept it moving.

Through out the day, the pain worsened. A LOT.  But I was determined to tough it out. I thought it would go away after a while. By around 3pm though, things go SUPER bad. I was having the most intense chest pain Id ever had in my life. Work outs after smokin a blunt, super deep bong hits, being socked in the chest, nothing compared to this!
I was at my office, I have a couch in here, so I decided to try to lay down, try to take a quick nap and wait for it to subside. Well, I laid down and it seemed like the pain fucking DOUBLED. I decided that was a super bad thing and that I should probably find an urgent care to figure out what the hell the problem is.
I hoped in the damn car and half way to the damn urgent care, I started to wonder if I was actually going to MAKE IT to the urgent care. This place wasnt 2 miles from where I was. I thought to myself…. ok… this is a SUPER bad thing.

I got to the urgent care and I couldnt fill out the check in sheet. I was hurting THAT much. I also could barely breathe. Its not that I couldnt really, its just that it hurt like a muthafucka to take anything other than short breathes.
I saw the doctor, I told him where I was hurting and everything that was going on. He asked me what meds Im on and if I abuse any drugs. Other than weed sir, no. He asked me if i use cocaine or crack. No, I dont. But I thought to myself… why did he ask seprately from the drug question? Next thing I know, Im getting an EKG. Im probably going to fuck up all these medical terms after this, so excuse me lol. So the nurse or whatever kind of other doctor this dude was, did the EKG, looked at it, did it again to double check something, turned his head a little… looked at me and asked. How old are you? 31 I answered. He nodded, told me he would be right back so he could show the doctor. I said “dogg, youre acting like youre seeing something bad” he responds “nah, I dont all the way know, Imma go ask the doctor.”  Then ANOTHER doctor comes in, ask me how old I am, and if I use coke or crack. Nah homie, I dont, whats going on with me? He hands me a plastic cup with two of the smallest pills you ever saw. “Whats this?” It was nitroglycerin. He told me to take them, then informed me they were calling the paramedics.

WHAT?!?!?! WHY?!?!!? He tells me that they believe Im possibly having a heart attack. WHAT IN THE FUCK?!?!?!?!?!?!? HOW?!?!?!?! WHY?!?!? WHAT IN THE FUCK?!?!! So now Im half way panicking. Foreals Player? Are you fucking shitting me?! I eat right, I exercise regularly! I dont do any heart attack drugs! NOTHING! HOW IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME RIGHT NOW! Im asking the doctor if he REALLY had to call the paramedics. He told me there was nothing else they could do for me. OK… this is SUPER bad. Worse than I thought it was. First thing I thought was “…Im about to have open heart surgery, SON OF A BITCH!!! …. I wonder will my insurance cover this?” Yes, this is what I really thought.
It was cold as fuck in this urgent care office, but some how I broke into a very heavy sweat. I was dripping wet out of no where, I had no no shirt, no under shirt, nothing, I was topless. Broke out into a full sweat, like I ran there instead of drove. I was really worried at this point. What in the hell is going on? What the hell did I do to make this happen? Did I eat something? Do I smoke too much weed? Did I smoke some bad with with coke on it or some kind of bad fertilizer or some shit?? What in the fuck dude?!