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The Only Xmas Song I Can Tolerate

You may or may not know this about me. But I hate Christmas. I used to celebrate xmas when I was little. But I havent participated since the 4th grade. Around that time, my father joined the Nation Of Islam. So Ive been cool on Xmas for a while.
Over the years Ive developed a strong hatred towards everything xmas related. At least for a while. Ive gone to anger management and therapy (for 2 years) so now I dont let it get to me. Its whatever. If anything I enjoy seeing the worst come out of people and all the commerce of the season . But before the only thing I could deal with possibly was a girl in something skimpy xmas related, me getting a present and this song right here:

I think Die Hard being one of my favorite movies might have a lot to do with this. It doesnt matter where Im at, I will start to do a little jig to this. The jig is awesome by the way.


The GOP has pissed Jon Stewart ALL the way off this time

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Ive been watching the daily show for a while. No matter what the subject, usually Jon Stewart will crack some sort of smile. He didnt smile any once he got to talking about this 9/11 first responders bill… AT ALL. He seemed pretty pissed off. Which I dont blame him for. This is the biggest “Fuck Off” Ive seen since…. I dont know when. I cant believe anybody who would wave an American Flag (or make a BIG FUCKING FUSS over any one who didnt wear an American flag pin) would vote against this bill.

Im damn near willing to bet that Osama Bin Laden himself would vote for this damn bill. This has to be the most heartless shit to happen in a while. This is down right inhumane. If I was republican, Id have to go Independent after this shit. Anybody who thinks this is OK for any reason is a huge asshole.
If you just so happen to be rich and dont want your taxes to go up a record breaking, mind blowing THREE PERCENT… yes, 3 as in the number 3…. from 36% to 39%. I can seriously understand that. But to vote no on this bill in order to accomplish that? That makes you a fucking terrorist as far as Im concerned. This has turned into a hostage situation.
“Give us our tax cuts or the 9/11 first responders GET IT!”

Where the hell is Sarah Palin on this issue? Honestly, Im not one of those Hate The GOP guys because they are on the other side. I honestly believe those people, in their heads, have the best intentions for this country as they see fit. I may not see eye to eye with any of these people. But I wouldnt say they hate america or are unpatriotic. Until now. This is down right unamerican. Whats next? Are they gonna bring back Jim Crow?! Yea, sounds crazy… But these people already told Gay people to fuck off. Told Mexicans to fuck the fuck off, in so many different ways. Now they are telling 9/11 responders to fuck off. Black people HAVE to be next!
Maybe us Blacks can skate by with the GOP not reelecting Micheal Steele. Lets cross our fingers. These people are clearly capable of anything.


Cavs Fans Are Jack Wagons

Ok, not all Cavs fans. But there is a new site up called Cavs Chants. A site that calls on Cleveland Cavaliers fans to try to make Lebron James return to Cleveland as miserable as possible.

Let me tell you why this is the most pathetic shit Ive seen this week. Its not because there is an organized movement that calls for fans attending the game to laugh when Lebron is introduced. Not because they have a bunch of organized chants that mocks the shit out of Lebron. Not because the fans are obviously super butt hurt over him leaving the team. All that is understandable. They have the right to be mad and what not. Fuck it, they even have the right to burn his old jerseys…… that they paid money for. But whatever.

Here is why Cavs fans are fucking Jack Wagons. How are you going to try to mock some one with the same points you (all cavs fans) used to defend to the death. Lets go over some of these chants….

NO-Ring-King (To the beat of “Lets-Go-Cavs”)
Lakers have been saying this since Lebron won MVP the first time. King what? Kings have rings! He has none. This is the very city that TOLD HIM HE WAS KING! You assholes gave him that name! And if you didnt, but the media did…. YOU ALL WENT WITH IT!! LOL!! So how are yall going to mock him with this chant? Thats fucking backwards lol.
Ak-Ron Hates-You (Clap, Clap, ClapClapClap)
Im having a hard time believing this one. Mainly because there are tons of reports that Akron people dont fuck with Cleveland or even like Clevelanders to begin with lol.
Wit-Nessed Noth-Ing (Clap, Clap, ClapClapClap)
lmao Seriously? For years yall thought you were all witnessing something super awesome and anybody who didnt call this man King, was being a hater lolol. Yall did witness something. Him leaving. With a smirk on his face and a epsn special to boot.
Sideeeee-Kick Sideeee-Kick (No Claps, derisive singing)
OK… this one is fucking funny lmao. AS HELL lol.
Start of Third Quarter:
To the tune of “My Country Tis of Thee”
Our King he betrayed Thee
Couldn’t play any ‘D’
He has no RING!
Playoffs He Barely Tried
Embarassed Akrons Pride
No Doubt he really lied
(Repeat as Necessary)
First of all, how do you betray a whole city by deciding to leave it? As far as Im concerned, this man didnt owe Cleveland a damn thing. Cleveland owes HIM everything! The fact of the matter is…. Lebron was gonna be this big WHERE EVER HE WENT! (Except LA, even if he was a Clipper. He would have to wait till Kobe retired to be the main attraction out here). If there was no Lerbon in Cleveland, that downtown area would have never been shit. There would have been no playoffs. No banners and hype. No espn in Cleveland, even if they fired the coach. Economy would have been uber shitty, instead of just plain shitty.
The man didnt even say he was gonna stay UNTIL he brought a ring to Cleveland. He said that was his GOAL. Maybe he promised, but thats still a big difference. If anything he shouldnt have promise such an impossible feat. But when a buncha mfs are calling you King. You are kinda obligated to tell them youre gonna take them to the promised land.
This no D thing? LOL There wasnt a Cavs fan who would have admitted to that bullshit last year. They were all ready to give him Defensive player of the year. But this man really has super limited on ball D. Kobe and Carmelo have their way this him constantly. If you dont believe me. Remember the Cavs/Nuggets game from last year? Melo hit a jumper over this man like he wasnt even standing there for GAME. It was almost painful to watch lol.
Scott-ie Pip-pen (Clap, Clap, ClapClapClap) Apologies to Pip
This WOULD be funny, except for thats fucking Scottie Pippen!!!!!!!!! He has nothing to do with this!! Thats unfair to Pip. He was awesome. And he had way more D than Lebron ever will. Pippen and Lebron should never be compared to one another… that goes double for the Deuce Tray as well. Which is another thing Cavs fans thought was OK to do until he left lolol (that argument does have legs though)
Traiiii-tor Traiiii-tor (No Claps, Derisive Singing)
Eh, I think this is dumb too. He would have been a traitor if he went to a rival team. Like the Bulls. Like he should have. Cavs fans dont hate the heat like LA vs Boston. If Kobe was to ever LEAVE the Lakers under his own will, money on the table, with or with out an espn special… for the…… fuck that im not typing that shit out. But if went over to that punk ass place who love that twat team in green. Then yea… we would call him a traitor. Because there is history there.  A LOT OF IT. Cavs most historical moment comes from being on the wrong side of a Micheal Jordan last second jumper. They have gone deep into the playoffs a few times, but hell, even when Lebron was there… at best, they were just a hurdle to a ring for another team. lol
De-Lon-Te! De-Lon-Te! (To the beat of “Lets-Go-Cavs”)
LMAOLMAOLMAO LMAOLMAOLMAO LMAOLMAOLMAOLMAO FUCKING SHIT LMAOLMAOLMAO. You know why this is funny outside of the obvious. Things are SOOOO Bad in cleveland… that they have to bring a former player in the mix. Who now plays for the team that put them out the playoffs. Who you said Lebron quit against. This same team has put the cavs out of the playoffs and beat them up plenty of times. Thats the fucking GUTS
Cleve-land Rocks!
Cleve-land Rocks!
…. foreals player? You expect me to believe that shit? Yall just finished offering a Black man over 100 Million dollars to stay out there. But he turned it down to take less money, in a city with a higher cost of living, where he dont run shit… in order to leave Cleveland. And you want me to believe that Cleveland Rocks? lol no it doesnt. Cleveland sucks. Yall might have good people. But you muthafuckas are clearly not doing much for the city lol.
This is the same place thats referred to  as “The Mistake By The Lake” … I dont care how much you hype your city up. That shit there tells the real story lol
Cavs fans… do you know who you should really be mad at? Carlos Boozer. The homie Calvin pointed out to me earlier that Boozer shook Gordon Gund’s hand on a contract extention. Then they let him out of his contract to sign the new contract. First thing Boozer does before he is suppose to sign the new contract? Sign with Utah instead. So basically Carlos Boozer renigged on a handshake…. WITH A BLIND MAN! He couldnt even see the dirty liar that Boozer is in his eyes! HE CANT SEE! How you renigg on a hand shake with a blind dude. Its already one thing to renigg on a hand shake in the first place. But with a blind man?  Thats just low LOL. But clearly Boozer saw a way out of Cleveland and didnt give a fuck on what it was gonna look like at the end of the day. So not only would a person not accept over 100 million dollars to live in Cleveland. But people are so desperate to leave, they will renigg on a hand shake with a blind man and go back on their word and look like a humongous dick all at the same time…. just to leave Cleveland.
Maybe Clevelanders need to do some introspect. Maybe the problem is YALL lol
If Boozer would have stayed… Cleveland would have won at least ONE championship with both Boozer and Lebron. LOL but he saw a way out and TOOK that shit lol. Terrible lol
Lastly. I think that Dan Gilbert is behind this. If you peep the pdf on the site, the whole thing is written in comic sans! LMAO!!! And we all know how this man publishes his documents lol. And with the way he addressed Lebron after he left. All these lame ass chants with points other fans were bringing up about Lebron…. the SAME damn points he brought up in that letter, really lead me to believe he wrote this. Or is behind it in some way.
I really do hope to see him trying to start these chants lol. This is gonna be so great lol. I love shit like this lol.
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Killer Mike feat T.I. – Ready Set GO!

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So yea, you can catch me in the valley or greater Los Angeles area banging this shit loud as fuck. This was on the T.I. Fuck A Mix tape… Mixtape…… right. This is my shit. Ive been bumpin this since it came out, it as an instant favorite. I just happen to see the video posted to earlier today. I was alright a light weight TI fan. But my last trip to Atlanta made me a full TI fan. When that mans last album came out, thats all niggas was playing out there for like 2 years lol. Anyway Doe…. You might be asking how a Killer Mike track was on TI’s mixtape. I have no clue. But after this shit was over, I wasnt askin questions. Shits bangin!! I fucks with the video too.
A link to the song can be found on at the link.