Benny Gelson – Killer Joe

Earlier today, my nigga Calvin posted a version of this song, redone by quincy jones. Who had the nerve to put muthafuckin tone-locc on the damn song. Its no surprise that he thought it was alright to fuck up which ever Micheal Jackson song that he fucked up. Ive blocked it from my memory. Please dont remind me which song it was. Im begging you. Dont be an asshole lol.

So here is me, getting my Oprah on, sharing my favorite things. This is one of my most favorite songs of all time. I dont remember how I stumbled upon this. But I think it would be a safe bet that my Father played this song for me a long time ago.
I love classic Jazz. I was happy to find a good version of this song on YouTube. AND it was preformed live! Awesome!

Guttie Shit

Clearly Ray Lewis has lead with way too many times

These Ray Lewis Old Spice commercials are on some other shit. How this man agreed to this and was OK with the finished product can only mean that he has lead with his head when tackling A LOT of times. At least he is smart enough to try to not stink. Or so Old Spice would have you believe lol

I still buy the shit, fuck it. lol

Guttie Shit

Snail Joke

One day on The Daily Show or the Colbert Report, I heard this joke and I wanted to share it with you all.

One night, late at night. A man is in his house, in his bed and just when he had gotten comfortable; Out of no where there is a loud knock on the door. The man gets up in a grumpy state and answers the door. Its a snail, and he is selling life insurance. Just as the snail starts into his pitch, the man gets super pissed and KICKS the snail and slams the door!
Two years later, there is knock on the door. Its the snail. And he says “What the fuck was that all about?!”

LMAO!!! that shit CRACKS ME THE FUCK UP!!! I love simple jokes lol
Im not sure if thats how the joke went exactly. For you quote historians that remember every exact word that was ever said that you ever heard, ever. But thats basically it. Shit was hilarious!


What Would Jesus Do?

The other day, My uncle asked on Facebook, “What Would Jesus Do?” And that got me to thinking… What would Jesus do if he came back one day? So I commented with this:
He would probably do the following:

  • Ask everybody who this jesus guy is. And what in the world is a J?
  • Be mad at the catholics for killing him brutally and mocking his death thru pictures and imagery for hundreds of years.
  • Wonder where all these light skinned jews came from. Im sure the holocaust thing would make him super sad tho.
  • After y’all explain what a jesus is, he would then explain to y’all what he really goes by.
  • After that, he would ask for an explanation on what exactly a christian is, because he’s never heard of such a religion. and if they’re getting down in honor of my name (or the 1 y’all made up for him) then why aren’t u all jewish?
  • But he would probably convert to christianity for protection from the mossad and the hebrews. Because im sure they still aren’t cool with the whole “king of the jews” thing.
  • At some point, Im sure he would hear that this book called a Bible talks about him a lot. And when he gets to the part about his birth and what he looks like. Im sure he would then look in the mirror, look at the pictures of his would be image every where, then look in the mirror again. And wonder if anybody actually read the book foreal. “How did they get THIS image from THIS description” Im certain would be on his mind.
  • He would also probably have a problem with the snuff film about his life called “passion of the christ”

Lol sorry uncle, im my dads child. I couldn’t help myself lolol. Happy post sabbith! ūüėÄ
love ya uncle!

— end.

I thought it was pretty funny. I added the last two points because I thought of them just now lol. However, my uncle responded with this:

Love you too nephew! I used to be good at straining gnats too, til my time came. One day that camel chokes every Burrough! ūüėČ

I was confused as fuck by this, so I asked for clarity.

Guttie Shit Live From The Internets

Instruct Me How To Douglass

I made this for negro twitter… There was another graphic like this, that featured some white guy who I didnt bother to find out who he was. Im sure he name was something about a douglas.
But I thought to myself… If I dont know who the fuck this is, there has to be alot of other niggas that dont either.
So I figured Id make something that was more relevant to Negro twitter lol .

Yes, with 2 S’s. Gotta keep it historically accurate for the smart asses lol. Plus with hair like that… you can put an extra S on your name. The extra S is for all the Extra SWAG he was letting lose on niggas back in the day lmao.

I love the look on this mans face. Its like he is keeping an eye on all the white people around thats taking the picture. LOL. Niggas havent been smiling in pictures since them shits were invented lmao.


Micheal Jackson – 1995 MTV

I remember this… it was awesome then. Awesome now.

Although, all this man really did was dance. There was no real song preformed lol. But nobody cares lol.

Snatched from The FeedBack … this man R Micheal Thomas actually had something to say though lol

Blowed Thoughts

I still love you Mary Jane

Fo' Life

Recently, I got my bottom two wisdom teeth removed. So I had to take over a week long hiatus from smoking. Not a problem. Vicodin was a let down. All it did was take away the intense pain and make me HELLA NAUSEOUS! So I spent something like 12 days sober as hell. I was bored as hell. The only real part that sucked about it, is that I was really bored. A lot. I had nothing to do, other than work. I couldnt work out. I had to take that vicodin for like 5 days, so I couldnt drive that whole time.

So since I’m a thinker. I did alot of sober thinking. I wasnt feening to smoke like I’m sure some of my friends reading this think. Of course I wanted to. But I wanted my shit to heal way more than I wanted to smoke basically. So I really wasnt trippin. But I asked myself. Why do I smoke like I do?

What is marijuana doing for me?
Well, I have trouble sleeping. I got HORRIBLE sleep over this sober stint. Ive had trouble sleeping my whole life. At night, its quiet and I lay there and think about any and everything. Its torture. Especially since I love to sleep. I cant sleep when I want to at all. I have to be damn near dog tired to go to sleep. I have a lot of energy naturally, so if I didnt have a long hard day (of if i havent had alot of sex that day lol), Im not going to sleep once I jump in my bed. Im laying there and shifting and thinking. And then some more. Ive tried everything. Nothing works. Sleeping pills scare me to death. I almost died once, it feels VERY similar lol. So thats one of the major roles Marijuana plays in my life.

Another big part I realized Marijuana plays in my life, is the part where I absolutely need to relax. Every human being needs to relax. I just happen to be one of the people who have an extremely hard time doing so. I know a lot of people might think this is total bullshit. But you can ask some of my friends that know me better than others.
When I say relax, I understand that relaxing can mean alot of different things. Some people are relaxed by being in front of a crowd of people. Im talking about the stages of activity a person can be engaged in. There is relaxing, something to do, things you enjoy doing, working and bored. Some people say when they are relaxing by doing something they enjoy, that could mean alot of things. I enjoy what I do for a living, but that certainly isnt relaxing. Some people read a book, watch tv, sew, which or whatever, all kinds of things. To me, thats just something to do. Its not relaxing at all and I may or may not be enjoying myself. Im definitely not resting and taking a break. Im just doing something.
I guess what I mean by relaxing is: being OK and or content with not doing anything.  Or maybe just being ok with what you have going on at the time, to the point were youre not bored or looking for something more.
This is a feeling I have rarely¬†experienced¬†sober. Off the top of my head, I can only think of one time in my life where I was totally happy with something. Other than that, what ever I have in front of me, is usually cool for now. But Im going to need something more later. Or either Im still working for something more in the future. While I feel like I¬†appreciate¬†everything Ive worked very hard for and the things I have and have been blessed with. There is still a very powerful “want” there. No matter what it is. Which could be almost anything. From people, things, me… doesnt matter. It makes me look ungrateful to a lot of people, but I dont think they can see what I see or feel what I feel. Hell, I can barely¬†describe¬†it.