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How I Became Six Feet, Six Inches Tall

This a true story. Told by a drunk me. lol


President Obama on The Daily Show

I feel like this is the realest interview Ive ever heard the president give. Meanwhile, Jon Stewart seemed unintimidated and didnt let the president get away with simple answers. I also liked the fact that he some what mocked Obamas answers and things he was saying. Like the lady in North Carolina or whatever. Hilarious

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I cant wait to see all the reaction from the news outlets. There was some real talk in this interview.

part 2:–2

part 3:–3

Camera Phone Calamities

Wifi From The Hood

So a few months back, I was commissioned to help my auntie with some computer problems he had been having. So I helped out. Cool. She was having trouble getting on the net. So I opened up her windows xp old ass laptop, open up the wifi connections situation or whatever its called. Then I see this!

I instantly felt like I got some kind of 2 for 1 special. I feel like I posted this shit some where before. But fuck it. Here it goes again, in all its absolute glory. They shoulda never gave you niggas WiFi!!

Oh, and lets not forget the mfs who lightweight bit a niggas domain name. Dont even try to think that not everybody knows me. BECAUSE THEY DO! lol this is the most popular and best website you have ever dared (or accidental) visited in your life!!

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What Happen To Your Ankle Girl? Gotdamn!

Last week at the gym. I witnessed some very awful occurrence. This is the story in “Vlog” form.

Get better sweetheart!