Guttie Shit

Is Wayne Brady gonna have to take it to the bridge on a bitch?!

YES!!! HE IS!!!!!!

Every Little Step with Mike Tyson & Wayne Brady from Mike Tyson

This is the greatest most random shit the internet has seen in a while!!! Bobby Brown even showed his ass up! This is the most shared video on facebook ive ever seen. Mike Tyson makes this video everything it can be and more. This nigga pulled off the most pathetic running man ive ever seen lol. Im really wondering who the third is though lol. That man didnt even get a solo.
For whatever reason, Im starting to believe that Bobby Browns gap is getting wider lol but I could be trippin lol.

Right when the video started and I saw Mike Tyson, I wondered if Wanye Brady would have to shoot Mike Tyson a WTF look. His running man didnt do it. But the wavey moonwalk at 2:45 did it lol. This shit is great. This video needs to be on some all time list of great shit. Well I suppose me putting it on my site would be a start. So there.


Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake get funky one time!

This was great. They take it to the bridge, rock the mic, get jiggy with it. All that

The Roots get way too live. They even have a nigga with a tuba in the band. You cant beat that!

Video Blog

OJ’s First Video Blog

I clearly dont know what the fuck Im doing on proper video blog etiquette. But enjoy my rambling none the less. Im open to all criticism, although i might tell you to kiss my black ass. lol
Im gonna be doing video blog entries to help me get used to talking in front of a camera. Every time a camera is put in my face. I freeze. Its dumb. Unless Im drunk, Im not gonna have too much to say. Its wack.

Watching this over, I see a lot fuck ups. Im sitting here like, nigga did I really say that shit? I fuckin blew it. But I aint editing shit! lol Fuck it.

commercial reviews

Foreals Player???


If you dont know by now, I fancy myself a critic of commercials. No Im not in marketing or advertising… not really at least. But I love a good commercial.

Clearly the apex of this commercial for me is when the white guy goes “Foreals Player???” Every time I think about that shit, I laugh. The look on this mans face as he says it is fuckin pricesless!!! But whats damn near just as funny, is that I feel that who ever put this commercial together, named the main character “Lawrence” on purpose. You cant take all your dirty racist insensitive jokes from here. Im just pointing out things that really happen in the commercial lol. But to be honest, the whole name thing wasnt funny until the “Foreals Player??” part, then the rest of the explanation behind the set up and what have you. Gotdamn this shit is the fucking GUTS!!!
Oh, and lets not forget about soccer… rehearsal lmao.

I need to come up wit h some kind of awesome Dylan scale of hot fire hotness for Commercials. Stay Tuned!


The Working Stiffed

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Working Stiffed
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So I was watching the Daily Show the other day and this skit comes on. I couldnt believe what I was seeing. I cant believe this dude actually agreed to this interview and let it be aired lol. This right here! Nigga this shit right here! Is what America is all about! Be mad at somebody for the same exact thing youre doing! THEN! Blame them for it!

This couldnt be anymore hilarious. This was perfect lmao. I know alot of people say skits are edited a certain way to make them look bad. But youre gonna have a tough time getting me to believe this guy and situation could be edited to look any worse!!

Aasif Mandvi is the man for this shit right here. This was funny as fuck.


This is why I’m a Raider Fan

We applaud shit like this. Fuck the penalty. You step on that field, youre liable to get fucked up!

McClain fucked this man up! He body slammed the fuck out of him! This was fucking awesome. Fuck Fox and CBS for not airing the damn game. Im so mad I didnt see this live.

You see all those Raider fans cheering? You hear that punk ass announcer talking shit? Youre right punk ass announcer, this isnt the WWF, this is Raider Footbal!!! OVERStand it!!


Colin Powell Is A Gangster

Colin Powell was on Meet The Press (Link To Full Show – that also featured Bill Clinton) this last sunday. In my opinion, he is a Republican worth listening to. And since I was listening, something he said stood out to me regarding Iran and their potential Nuclear weapon.

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He basically said, it would be dumb for Iran to create a nuclear weapon, they dont want it with us… AT ALL. Which I think is true. They have alot of land, but none of it is near anything. We have troops on both sides of the country. Whos mission would be to kill everybody. Iraq wouldnt exactly be mad about Iran getting bombed. The US would march in there and take what they wanted then after. Oh, and dont forget about Afghanistan. We’d be taking everything from there too. They are sitting on TONS of natural resources. It would be ugly… but these kind of things always are. Dont fuck up, so you dont get fucked up, is what Iran is facing. No matter how much tough talk they talkin. Iranian government is like a bunch of rappers who talk big, but nothing ever happens except a wack diss song here and there.

commercial reviews

The White Trash version of Billy D Williams

There is a White Trash version of this Billy D Williams…

His name? … His name is Keith Stone… Keith Stone?

Thats right… so smooth. Just like Billy D. Pushing some liquor… just like Billy D. With ridiculous ass hair… just like Billy D. (I dont give a fuck what year it was or is, or what the trend is, a gotdamn jheri curl will ALWAYS been ridiculous!)

These commercials are fucking hilarious to me lol.

Guttie Shit

Think Pink


This is what my cousin Drew says when he see’s me. For whatever reason, this nigga thinks I resemble the Pink Panther. Not just by the way I look, but my demeaner and every about me. Especially when I’ve been smoking. Shits hilarious. I’ve dissmissed this notion so much, that he really doesnt do it until I really do something he thinks is Pink Panther-esque. But I ran across these pictures the other day and I had to post them lol. This man even did one of those 5 min photoshoppings to a few pictures to illustrate his vision.

Niggas is dumb… lmao. Here are the rest of the pictures and the original. I was like 21 in the original picture.

Fuck it…. Think Pink Muthafuckas. lol

commercial reviews

Simulated bad sportsmanship, do not attempt

This commercial is the fucking GUTS. Mainly because I could see this happening in real life lol. If any one of my friends tried this shit, there would be a fucking fight. Same goes if I did it to one of them. I’d never hear the end of it. These dudes would swear I was the foulest cheating bastard there EVER was. They also would ALLLLL LAUGH THEIR ASSES COMPLETELY THE FUCK OFF!!! Except for the guy that got tazzed lol ( DONT TAZE ME BRO!! )

Theres no way, this is not funny if it doesnt happen to you!

In the corner, near the end of the commercial, it says “Simulated Bad Sportsmanship. Do Not Attempt” LMAO! Which makes this commercial even fucking greater!