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Loochie Ice – Rap Money

Money Money Money! CASH CASH CASH!!! Rap Like This, cuz its my Contract! We made this in 1999 and the same shit is STILL going on today. It could be me, but this shit doesnt sound dated at all lmao. It never has lol. This shit could have been made yesterday and be just as relevant.

So if you dont know the OG Locc Em Down story, you should probably get familar. Because on another random day, I dont think my nigga Prophet didnt even called. Him and RJ show up to my house wanting me to record another track. But not a gangster one. Something different. This time I was working off 2 hours sleep lol

But this time, Prophet wanted to see how fast he could make a beat on the spot. I didnt know what the fuck I wanted to do, so I had to write something down. In the midst of this, my sister comes down stairs with a big gulp cup full of paul mason and sprite I think. Whatever it was, it was a big gulp full of mostly liquor. It was 8am.  By the time 8:30 rolled around, the beat was done, I was done writing and Yoni (my sister) and RJ are fucking DRUNK lmao.

Im not a rapper, I dont know how to rap. So I wrote down this song with no real idea how it was gonna flow out, because when I was writing it, there wasnt really a beat. So to make a long story short, I recorded this bar by bar. It was NOT fluid at all. Prophet is a genius. I dont know how he manged to make this shit sound as smooth as it did. The whole 90 minutes it took to do this song were epic.

I dont know where this voice came from. I dont know where RJ got, “Ta Da Shakith” from. But I wasnt saying it right and this nigga RJ yelling at me to sang that shit right like his name was fuckin Joe Jackson or Ike Turner or some shit. Eventually, he ended up doin it his self lol. He had a vision, I had my blinders on apparently. The girl on the track is my sister. After the track was finished being recorded, there was a one sided ass fist fight up stairs in my sisters room that we all heard but didnt wanna go see because it sounded hella violent. The fight was 50% my fault lolol. THAT is a very trifflin story for another time. But I basically thought Id be fighting a girl after the first fight was over. Turns out I didnt have to for whatever reason. Afterwards tho, I had to take the victim of the beating to work! She was SOOOOO fucking mad at me. “Youre fucked up OJ… just fucked up. You coulda lied. Youre so fucked up OJ!” Gotdamn there was so much tension in the car lmao. Well, on her end. Not mine. I wasnt mad, I didnt get my ass beat and had to roll to work looking like I JUST got my ass freshly whooped. I was trying my hardest not to pull over and laugh in this girls face. That shit was way too funny. Actually, to tell the truth. That situation was like 5% my fault. I could have said no. But thats not really my thing lol.

This song is really popular amongst my friends. But its still my second favorite lol. I swear I’ll shoot a video for this too.

At the end of the song my sister calls me out for laughin and fuckin up her groove. She was doin this drunken shake ya boo-tay dance. I was done lmao.

Guttie Shit

The OG Locc Em Down Freestyle

Way back in 1996 / 97, during my senior year of high school, I only have 4 classes all year. But instead of going home all the time, I’d go hang out in one of the homies classes to shoot the shit. I had all electives my senior year. I had nothing to do.

One day I rolled up in my cousins John and JD’s newspaper class. And I dont know who’s idea it was, but for whatever reason. When I’d go in there, we would jot down some studio gangster lyrics. Studio gangsterism was fresh then and mockery is what we like to do. At lunch we would buss our studio gangster raps. There were laughs all around.

After we graduated high school, a long time friend of mine, Prophet (dont stop it) got into music and became a rapper his self. He had been rapping since high school. When he started to learn how to make his own beats. One morning this nigga calls me up and says… “yo O, I got this beat that would be perfect for one of your studio gangster raps! And I got this new mic I wanna fuck with.” Mind you it was like 7 in the morning, I had only been sleep for like 3 or 4 hours. He comes to the house, wakes me up. We hook up the mic and equipment to my computer and he plays this beat lol.

I didnt have any of my old studio gangster lyrics from my senior year. So this nigga said… nigga buss a freestyle! And do it in a Thug ass nigga voice. So this is what came out. I was 19, working off 3 hours of sleep lol, after a long night of chatting on yahoo lol. We did the voice overs or whatever and put out this master piece! I love this fucking song lol

I remember stepping up to the mic, not knowing what the fuck I was gonna say. But when I started, this nigga Prophet started laughin. So I just kept sayin shit to make this nigga laugh. While some how holding back my laugh. The reason it ended where it ended is because this nigga Prophet (dont stop it) finally couldnt take no more and feel over laughing, which made me laugh.

When my nigga Dell heard this shit, he said he was gonna play this shit at his wedding and crip walk down the isle. That didnt happen, I was light weight disappointed. Im sure ill get one of my friends to do that shit one day lol…

We made this shit way back in 1999. I dont know WHY its taken me so long to post it. But your welcome muthafuckas. I swear we are gonna make a video for this shit one day lol

On GP (General Purposes) Sports

Fuck Preseason Football

I hear its necessary, but I hate it. I can’t wait to get to the regular season. Although Im not a football person. I didnt play football. So I dont know everything thats going on, on the field, so preseason isnt all that great to me. I need the damn season to start. I’m anxious to see how my Raiders are gonna get busy this year.

I start off every Raider season pretty optimistic. Even with Jamarcuss at QB. I dont care. Thats just who I am. I ride with my team. I dont care what the Raiders are going through, or if Al Davis doesnt want to die or give up control of the team. I dont care. its Win Lose or Tie Raiders till I DIE! But I’m super anxious to see our team with a new and better QB. Hopefully Al doesnt make those calls to the sideline this year. We have a few backs who can get busy. Im convinced we are going to the playoffs this year. Especially if we can stop the run. We are going to be unstoppable. I dont give a fuck what anybody else thinks, or their punk ass facts or whatever.

We are the best franchise in league. We will be on top again!!

In other news… I also want to see hits like this!


I remember watching this game. That shit was great.

Music Song of the Moment

Power Remix – Kanye, Jay-Z, Swizz Beats

Download | Via 2DopeBoyz

This shit is BANGIN. If I didnt know any better, it kinda sounds like Jay and Ye are on some “Yeah I Said It” shit. The truth is, YES! Beyonce made the best video of all time!!!! Fuck what yall talkin about. lol awesome.

The artwork for this song (I think this is for the original song) is super fuckin dope. I like it. Id hang that up some where.


Rap Music isnt only affecting our youth

Do I have to mention that the driver is missing a whole LOT of teeth? The driver has “Summer Teeth”. Some are here, some are there lol. Her mouth looks like a haunted graveyard There is nothing good in this whole video, except that its hilarious overall lol. This has to be one of the worse things Ive ever seen on the internet. Ever lol. You cant make shit like this up. At all.

Camera Phone Calamities

Team Lame

Your probably thinking to your self, is that a casket in the back of that dirty ass truck? It is. I’m walking around lowes (as I type this) to see if I can spot the owner by being judgmental.

I want to feel like this is a direct result of all the wack ass vampire shows and movies out. Fuck it. I will, and sir, your a lame fuck lol. His plates even say vampires or some shit like that. There is following trends and then there is taking shit too far. Which this guy is clearly doing. I hope all your lame friends think your cool homie. Because I watched a lot of people walk out of lowes lookinh the way I was. Like what in the fuck is this about.

Its about being wack. But cool in your eyes lol fuck how many people don’t respect me lol Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry


New Layout: 700 Series – 10th Anniversary Uhmah Special Edition

In April my best friend and business partner Sylvia, bought me this domain for my birthday in 2001. We had just started our web design company and she had her own domain and personal site: So did all the other cool people in the industry, so of course, Im fresh in, I wanna be cool too!! But I need a domain name. Long story short, I figured my site would be about me as much as possible, so I told Syl, if I ever got my own site I’d get Because thats my birthday, May 27, 1979. Awesome right? I thought so. However, I didnt buy the domain when I came up with the name. I forgot way. I do know I have a bit of a problem doing things for myself. So that could have been it. Im not sure.

But for my 22nd birthday, Sylvia surprises with an email saying had been purchased and it was mine! I was happy as fuck lol. Best $20 present Ive ever gotten! Yea, domains used to cost that much back then. Yall dont know anything about that lol. Actually… I think they used to cost more. Them shits could have cost $100 to $50 now that I think about it. Domains used to be pretty expensive. Im not sure about the exact price. But it was a big deal to me no matter how much it cost. I was super happy. Sylvia is a pretty great gift giver.

So now, I have a domain…. and I really dont know what to do with it. lol. There was no such things as bloggers back then. Designers and web professionals mainly just showed off their work to some degree. Well, I had just started in the business and I didnt know shit from shit really lol. All I had was hella drive and motivation. I wanted to be the fuck out of my mamma house for good lol. I hardly any experience. I used to make AngleFire pages for my internet yahoo chat friends, but that was really it. Sylvia basically taught me every thing she knew about web design and photoshop. Since I learn super fast, this wasnt really a hurdle. In no time, I was ready to start learning things on my own.

One day I decided I wanted to learn flash, because I wanted to be able to offer it to my clients. So I needed some place to practice. What better place than my own domain right? So, like I said, I learn super fast. The second flash movie I made, I liked it so much, I started off my site with it. This was my first site. I couldnt believe I actually made that. I had a vision and I just kinda went with it. Like dude in Hustle and Flow lol. It just came out. What I really wanted to do was make the movie full screen. But that was way past me at that point.
The average reader isnt going to notice. But that flash movie DOES NOT have a loader lol! I didnt know how to make one back then lol. But my next few flash movies have them. They are linked through that site different places, click around, that site was awesome lol. I loved it.

Back then, not just any jack ass with a punk ass opinion couldnt make a site with out a web designer and some doe in hand. Or something else of value to barter. These days, you can get a wordpress account, by a theme and bam. You have a website. There were no such things as bloggers or content management system. PHP wasnt as evolved as it is now. So everybody who dropped doe for a domain name and hosting on a their personal site was a web designer. All theses people were artist, so your personal site was an expression of you and what youre about. An artistic expression. Not a blogger. Like it is now lol.

People would name their site, Version 2 and 3 and 8.432b and shit like that. I didnt really wanna follow suit. So I bit BMW and named my sites in series. My first one was the 100 series, then it went from there. I went with series because I change my mind so fucking much. Id be half way done with a site, then change my mind and do something else. Dont ask me why. Thats just who I am. I work on it all the time. Its gotten way better since then. But… it happens still lol. So to prove my point, the 200 series changed a few times. I was SO busy with work when I was trying to get put it up and I was so ridiculous about things being perfect, I forget why none of these sites ever went live, but none of them did.

200 – This is what I started with. Then I felt that wasnt the right look before I was all the way done with the Navigation.

201 – This site is basically done. Why it never went live? I do not remember AT ALL. It looks pretty much done to me. Maybe I thought all the sections needed to be done. I dont know. But I remember working pretty hard on it. Way back when (Im starting to feel like Bill Cosby) I made this site, loud ass music was acceptable when a site loaded lol. And since Im a big Public Enemy fan, that site was kinda PE themed, one could say. I liked this site. I dont know what the fuck I was thinking. I still like it. Its dated, but I still like it lol.

225e – Never finished this shit at all. LOL I dont know how i went from the last site to this, but I did. I dont know.I do know I wanted this movie to switch scenes and backgrounds like 201 but this is as far as I got. lol I dont remember why I never finished this.  But it didnt happen.

A site that did go live was the 300 series. I forgot all about this site until I looked around on the server. This was the last site before bloggers and CMS became more practical for having a personal site. The sound as the site loads is from E-40’s Sideways.

When christmas come ask santa, Do you know E-40?
I bet you that nigga say, Yea thats my homie!

THIS IS MY MUTHAFUCKIN SHIT RIGHT HERE! This song came on when I started in on that site and then I just kept it movin from there. The whole time I was designing that site, this song was playing in my head. It took me fucking forever to finish. Im a workaholic. I go where the money goes. I dont make money off this site. So it was never a real priority. But eventually I got it up.

I never wanted this site to be just a blogger. Ive had a blogger on this site though since the 100 series. It looked different from the front of the site. I wanted the site to be multifacted like me. Im interested in a wide range of things. And I wanted my site to be a bunch of mini sites with different looks and types, so I could get my practice on. For my first blogger I used a CMS called Grey Matter. If you dont know what that is, dont worry about it. Its not around anymore. Some guy made it for free and things have REALLY evolved since then. As far as I know, that is where the blogging craze started. It wasnt called a blogger back then. Comments for that thing were fucking complicated to say the least. From there I converted to Moveabletype. Which I eventually grew to fucking hate. Because I hate CGI. Then came wordpress. I converted to wordpress and used it for years. After years of using wordpress, I converted to Expression Engine. For reasons I wont go into. But here I am back at wordpress and happy. WordPress has come VERY far lol. Every time I converted to a new site, I had different layouts and series, etc. But I dont feel like looking for them to display them. Ill look for them one day.

But on to this new layout. I just recently converted this site back to wordpress. And in April, I will had this site for 10 years. So I wanted to do something kind of special. I was kind of content with having a plain site. Then a month or so back, I realized that Ive had this site for going on 10 years. And I started to reminice on how I got the site, the first layouts and what not. So I wanted to do something like I used to do when I was just practicing. I havent done anything “artistic” in a very long time. So I decided to go for it, kinda.

This picture is from a bootleg panoramic picture I took one day (2008?) at Venice beach. I turned to my left and started clicking. When I was looking through my pictures for something to use for this site, I came across the pictures I’d taken and remembered that I never pieced them together. So, I pieced them together and I was really diggin it. It looks just like I remembered that day. Peep:

Its big as fuck. The original file is almost 8mb. Free for you to download if you want. I dont think I cropped any  of the original pictures, I just lined them all up. I want to get it printed. And put it above my couch, TV or bed. I dont know yet lol.

Originally I wanted to use the whole thing but its just too wide. So I tried to fit as much as possible that would fit in my HD monitor lol. This background is 1920 by 1080…. not the one im using on the site, I cropped it (height wise) to make it as small as possible file wise. The thumbnail at the top, is. When I started piecing this together, I didnt think I was going to use it for this site. I thought I was going to use it as a background for my HD monitor at the office and for my PS3. I wanted to see this big on my TV. Another thing I didnt get to do was make a bottom half like I wanted to. When I figured out I would only really be able to fit a piece of this picture with in 1920 pixels, I figured Id use the most interesting part of the picture, and then make a bottom half of something else. But as I went on, I thought it would be perfect for this site. Depending on the size of your monitor or browser window will dictate how much of it you see. It takes a while to load. But fuck it. I like it. When I was taking this picture, the old guy to the right cheesed and posed for the picture. He’s great lol.

Although the background picture isnt all the way finished to me. This is probably one of the my favorite things I’ve ever made. Usually I hate what I do lol. Im actually happy with the way this site turned out this time. I think its my best one. Which to me is fitting, because the current model of the 7 series BMWs are my favorite cars on the road right now. The 750Li is what I want and is what I will have eventually one day. The sooner the better. I cant wait.

And here is the end of this entry, because Im tired. lol

Song of the Moment

M.I.A. – XXXO Remix Feat. Jay-Z

Alot of people have this album and havent heard this song. Alot of people havent heard this song at all actually. I also hear alot of people dont like this album. Yall are all blowing it. lol

This shit is bangin. I been bangin for the last month. Im diggin the album as well.


Kanye West – See Me Now

Kanye West – See Me Now feat. Beyonce and Uncle Charlie Wilson.

I like this song, except for the beat, Beyonce and Charlie Wilson. I like all three artist respectively. But on this track together? no. They cant all be hits, I guess lol.I think its the beat more than anything. The words of the song are great. Everything else… eh.

As for the cover? I hope Kanye did this his self. Or one of his assistants or something. Or maybe he found somebody on twitter to do it for him. Whatever the case is. I hope he didnt pay for it. But if some lucky designer did get paid for this, fuck it. I hope he/she got over paid lol.


via KanyeUniverseCity

Guttie Shit

I love it when people dont realize theyre being mocked.

Hide Ya Kids Hide Ya Wife…

So this guy Antoine Dodson helps his sister fight off a rapist after the rapist climbed through her window in the middle of the night. The news shows up and whats to interview this man about what happen. This is how it turned out:

Awesome right? Well alot of other people thought so too. Not only did he help his sister not get raped, but he also managed to make it funny as fuck. Now there are hella songs using the transcripts from the interview. This is the best one so far: