Uhmah Park

Month: June 2010

OJ Got Too Low

So, back in my drunken partying days lol, anytime “Get Low” came on, I’d stop what I was doing and start dancing. So this one time, I was drunk at the homie house. That shit comes on. And I started dancing with the chair. I guess I got a little too rough with it, and I snapped that bitch in half. It was a flimsy ass chair anyway lol. Some how, Clever got pictures of said event. And thats the only proof that exists. Other than me confirming the story. But its really all here say as far as I’m […]

Ron Artest Is On A Wheaties Box!

So my Los Angeles Lakers have repeated as NBA Champions for the who knows how manyith time ( like 6th ). Here I sit basking in Victory. Reeking of Revenge. Im pretty big on Revenge. I love it. I love it so much. I had to look for something more than that. I like to call it Pre-Venge. An Idea I got from George Bush lol. We went to The Rack in Woodland Hills to watch the game. The place filled up 30 minutes before tip off. The fire marshalls showed up and everything. They stop letting people in. It […]

The Sultans Pipe

My cousin King Juave got me this pipe for my Birthday. It is a pipe only fit for a Sultan. But he gave it to me instead. I have a whole crazy story about how this pipe was created and got to me. But you all are lame and wouldnt undertand. lol There is alot of back story to the Hyperbole me and JD go through lol. Im not explaining lol. But this pipe right here gets me waaaaay too blowed. I only pull it out for special occastions. It has the hugest bowl. You can fit damn near a […]

Eminem Lookin Like His Old Self

This man is back to killin shit. Never heard of this Mr Porter guy. Im not the biggest Royce fan. But I AM an Eminem fan. I havent be en feelin his last few albums. And apparently he wasnt either according to ‘Recovery’. An album which I liked. Em is back on the freestyle circut out shinin fools for no gotdamn reason. Shits retarded!

Wings of the Lethargic

What if people were blessed with wings? How far would be too far to fly to a destination? People always say, that's too far to walk. What would be too far to fly? If you did decide to fly, would it be something like running? Or could we fly at a stroll like pace? A pace where we wouldn't work up a sweat at all. If people had wings and could fly, would it be feasible, as a safety precaution, to wear parachutes when you leave the house? You know. Just in case you get knocked out of the air […]