Soup Theater

Hubbie Tried To Warn Him!!

Back for our first installment of Soup Theater this new NBA season! And its a fricken doozie!!!! (i said it!). So maybe Melo saw my Chicken Nuggets Number 15 Mcdonalds special video and came back focused to make his mark this season and try to get to the finals. (Kobe and my Lakers are gonna have much to do and say about that). I see you Melo! Good lord!! He wasnt bullshitting… He’s back

He didnt even give it to him with the off arm too tough he just rose up and embarrassed that big ass nigga! Shit!! Hubbie Brown, bless his heart, tried to warm him as he threw it… “BAD PASS BAD PASS!!” Clearly he didnt hear him. Also this dumb fuck Milsap would have jumped even if he was warned. Honesltly, he’ll probably jump again. Hopefully he does.

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Theres always a bigger fish

What if you are a fisherman and you find this shit in your net?

Mind you, that shark thats bitten in half IS a great white. How funny would it be if the shark that bit this shark in half was a never seen before big ass Black shark lol. If it is, I get to name it!!!! He shall be called…. Big Ass Black Shark lol. Mainly because if that shit pops up some where and surprises somebody, thats the first thing they are gonna say… Thats a Big Ass Black shark! What else could you possibly say? lol

link to news story:,2933,569764,00.html

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Wave Fiction

I just got my google wave invite! I came back from lunch/sack run. Checked my email and to my surprise, I see a Google Wave Invite! BANG! Ive been drooling over this thing since i saw it a whole bunch of months back. Not only did I get my invite, but I had a bunch of invites to give out. I cant wait for everybody to get them. I see lots of laughs in the near future. RJ and I already started “The Wave of Soup” which is gonna feature videos and pictures of people getting dunked on. Its gonna be great!  I cant wait for more people to join.

This video here is great as well, it shows what google wave can do, to the audio and dialog of one of the greatest movies of all time, Pulp Fiction.


If youve never even heard of google wave before and that video didnt really clear anything up then go here: and do some detailed reading. lol Im not good at explanations at all lol.

Camera Phone Calamities

In honor of my world champion la lakers

thumbnail image

I have tuned my radio color purple. And not pictured (because in this picture its purple too) the lights up gold.

Sadly as big of a laker fan I am… I don’t really favor purple as a color. I know, I suck lol. Whatever lol. I’m trying to hold out till the first laker victory before I change it. Lol
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Guttie Shit

This is why I watch MSNBC

I remember the day I stopped watching CNN. Out of all the TV I watch, the News would make up about 80% of the tv I tune into. I used to just watch headline news until the wacko shows came on. Then when Obama won Iowa, I switched to CNN. For about 3 weeks. Then I had to be honest with myself and ask my self a question. He didnt really say anything did he? That didnt really make any real sense, did it OJ? My answer to my self (im not going crazy) was, No, he did not. I had to double check with my room mate. Like… Am I too high? Or did he REALLY not say anything? Like I wasnt listening lol. She confirmed. lol

Then earlier this week, The Daily Show put together this brilliant segment lol.

<td style='padding:2px 1px 0px 5px;' colspan='2'CNN Leaves It There
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or the link

Its not all empty talk. But this happens far too often on CNN. I couldnt take it. I searched for another news source and MSNBC came to my rescue. Not only that, but to my delight, MSNBC employs one of the beautiful news anchors there ever was ever….. Tamron Hall. That woman is gourgious. Not only is she fine, but I LOVE the way she talks. I love her voice. I dont sit and oogle at her all day as I work and watch the news lol. Im not that hard up. Its just that my office is set up where the tv is to my back. So when I have The Big Picture on (the show she host) . I just listen. The way she pronounces her words, it sounds better than any accent.With out hyping it far too much lol. Shes just tops lol. Ill leave it there lol.