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These are the funniest fucking commercials I’ve seen all damn month. One day, Im minding my own damn business. Blowed. Watching some program that was either News, Basketball or some kind of sporting event or a combination of both…. Sports Center lol And then THIS shit comes on.

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Get some bling with Master P-Nut?? lmao what? Peep how when everything broke, the little white boy, broke the fuck out lmao. Extra smooth though lol. It was the walk off white people do when they know they can get any ethic person near by to take the fall for some shit they probably had something to do with. But if they just walk away and dont turn around, it will all go away because they’re white. A white guy actually told me thats a real thing white people do. I was rollin.

Usually when they air this commercial, This shit follows it immediately and doesnt give you a chance to process the first one.


I thought i was gonna suffocate myself to death laughing at this shit. I was rolling around on the floor and everything. I had to rewind that shit like 4 times. Patrick Chewing?! Firstly, how do you get caught slippin SO bad?! He stood there and took it. I dont know about you. But this looked like revenge to me. For what? I cant possibly imagine lmao. Its either that or Patrick Ewing … excuse me, Chewing is a fucked up ass person who dunks on people randomly. These two commercials were clearly blowed ideas. There is no other way to explain it. Which brings me to my next point, that inspired a 30 minute conversation between my cousin and I. However sadly, I have lost this conversation. But it was about the most killer thing about this whole commercial. No, not the fact that he dunked on this man and the backboard exploded. Not his short ass basketball shorts and gutty old man basketball get up. But his tragic ass head of slavery naps!!!!!! WHAT IN THE FUCK is going on here?! That shit looks like stacks of fucking sulfur!!! It looks like he refused to comb his hair as long as Bush was in office, and then just forgot all about that shit. JD said it looks like he combs his hair with his hands… LMAO!!!! Nigga what in the fuck is your gotdamn problem? Hair that nappy automatically makes you look like showering is not your thing. Not only that but you probably smell like liquor and or piss or a unfortunately combination of the two and the problems and aromas that come with said situation.
To the credit of the naps in relation to the commercial though. A nigga who walks around with naps on his head like that. Does look like he would run up and dunk on a random snickers eater for no reason. Backboard exploding, shorts, knee pad… all not a surprise at all. The naps told the tail before hand. Of course somebody with naps like that would be up to no good, such as. LOL

This is one of those situations where some one was going For The Win. But the L that was taken was completely over shawdowed by on lookers.

What an asshole. This guy clearly never watched 24 and watched Jack Bauer take out some random terrorist who thought he was gonna go for shine and took one to the head. Lucky him, he gets to make that mistake twice lol. Or hell even a 5th and 84th time. Id assume after time… at least 8…. he would be a little better at seeking cover from fire lol Good lord. Although, I have to admit, this could have EASILY been my Black ass… thinking I could dodge slow ass paint ball bullets. Clearly they arent THAT slow lol. Because this guy is laid the FUCK out lol

Snatched from: Hail Mary Jane

Hilarious. Is it that gotdamn good? I used to kill these damn donuts. They are far too sweet for me though. Which is saying a whole lot for me. I dont see how people can eat these in mass. I can do two at the most, then i feel like my mouth is numb for the rest of the day. Cant taste shit else afterwards.

I couldnt personally see going the cock sucker route for a Donut though. Im from california. If my donut isnt made by an asian, it kinda dont taste right lol.

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lol this shit is the GUTS to me, every time I see it! Its fuckin great. So yea, that is my name on the PS3 Network.Feel free to add me. But usually what Im doing is battling my cousin JD in NBA 2k9. Its the only thing Ive been playing since the basketball season started and I beat GTA IV. Im actually looking for other people to play other than my cousin JD, because I’ve been taking some L’s to this man and I need somebody to beat up on and work on my game lol. Actually, now that I think about it. JD is the only person who has beat me in a while. But then again, thats the only person Ive really played lol.

Alot of people dont understand the level of competition going between JD and myself. We compete in damn near EVERYTHING. At one point. We had a competition to see who could send who the most junk mail. I promise. We made up aliases to keep track of who was winning. But me and this nigga here lol. Are aliases… OJ = Slick Johnson and JD = Pookie Jankens. Yup, thats right… “Jankens”. So what we used to do is… there are commercials that advertise shit, this was before spam, and you could call a 1-800 number for more information. What they would do is, take your name and information and send you a packet of bullshit about what they were trying to sell. Resulting in Junk Mail. Needless to say, our parents werent happy about the shit. But we thought it was fucking hilarious. Not only that. But we would call up to these places with accents and all kinds of shit. But the super duper kicker for me was. I got to tell the person on the other end of the phone, that my name was Pookie Jankens. And I would spell that shit out, just like that. Id make sure they had it right and everything. One time, I made up a story about how and why I had to change my name to spell out like that. I think I said something super ignorant like (in a super country ass voice) “Well, I was thankin one day. And I said self… wahy is it that mah nayme is spelled Jenkins when I says it, “Jankens”. So I changed it to hows Is says it!” That shit was the fucking guts. Im sure that isnt exactly what I said. But I promise it went something just like that. It was something about thats how it sound so I spell it that way. I just remember the person on the phone sounding like “they had officially heard it all”. I remember pulling it off. Dont remember how I held my fucking laugh in. lol woo. I half way hope somebody I told that bullshit to reads this lol like I KNEW HE WAS BULLSHITING!
Who won this stupid ass contest? Kinda hard to say. We agreed that I won in terms of bulk. But this nigga here. He sent me some info package from a company that made some kind of special lawn mower. I would get BIG ASS tree murdering pamphlets from these people!! It was fucking retarded. IT WAS JUST A LAWN MOWER! Well it was kinda special, like it chopped shit up and did a bunch of shit and would do you good if you were somebody like Hank Hill n shit. These fools sent me videos and cd’s all kinds of shit. For a LONG ass time. I bet they are still sending shit to that address. If they havent gone under from there questionable ass marketing skills.

We compete in damn near everything and we make practice of taking shit WAY too far because both of us AINT SHIT at ALL. LOL my Ex used to call us the “Aint Shit’s” which has transformed to W.A.S. amoungst me and this nigga. Anyway. We are looking for a new game to do battle in. Something that doesnt take all day to play. No longer than 30 minutes a game. We both bought Civilization and will battle all fucking day. Some one has to win. There can only be one. lol We have to battle till somebody wins lol.