Contrasting Perspectives

My cousin Drew, aka, Con-Drucius says:

Holding on to perspectives; We as a species are forever stuck in a state of intellectual infancy as long as people often name their children Hope or Faith but never Reason or Logic.

OJ Says:

whats wrong with that? somebody gotta do the hard work. fuck the dumb.


We cant all be smart. God doesnt want it that way (according to me and as far as i can tell). Nothing would get done.

On GP (General Purposes)

Rightious Pair

Yesterday I was rolling around the internet. Yes, I say “rolling around the internet(s)” because, I dont fucking surf. The “surfing the net” has always been lame to me.

Anyway, so I found this here…

Chilli Red Air Max 95s!
These shits are fucking dope!

I was just saying I needed more red in my wardrobe. Apparently these are exclusively at Footaction, and there are like 12 per store. Which is wack. Im sure there are no 13’s left no where. I just checked, and they’re arent. fuckin shit. Anyway, Im also cool on paying 250 for these bitches. If I find myself at a mall though, Im going to have to pester somebody. Although, I have no real faith lol. I know two people that would really lose it over these shoes. One of them is my cousin John. The other person doesnt get mentioned lol. Although, I would have sooo copped these for her at one point. dah well!
I remember John used to have a Ford Escort that was the same color red on these shoes. We used to say that it was pink lol. Shit was the guts. But now that these shoes have come out, and I’d wear them. I’d say that John was rolling around a “Chilli Red” Escort lol.

Next, taking marketing to a whole new level. Now I dont really know anything about this movie, and hoenstly, I dont wanna know. I just want to show up and watch the shit. Im sure it will be live. Every since Home Alone, I refuse to watch previews for movies that look super great off the back. Actually, it was after I saw Dusk Till Dawn, and i didnt know SHIT about the movie. I just showed up with my uncle, he was like… this is gonna be live, its a vampire movie, shut up and just watch it. I fucking HATE most vampire movies first of all. But Dusk Till Dawn is still to this day, one of my favorite movies. I wasnt ready for SHIT that happen in that movie. Thats how I prefer things. I like shock and awe in movies. Something I dont know. None the less… Im not trying to see any previews for this movie… im about to talk about lol.

Rightious Kill

Maybe its me, but the poster makes me feel like this movie is gonna be super live. Al and Rob, instant magic first of all. Thats what Hollywood movie making is all about right there lol. Secondly Im mad that I really wanna wear a movie shirt….. That isnt a classic yet at least. lol. Kinda makes me feel like Im in Berlin talking to hella europeans acting like Im president lol. (not that i find anything wrong with that lol)

But here is what the site said that I Jacked this from. Because they tell the tail better than I do lol.

In May 2008, Upper Playground, celebrity tattoo artist Mister Cartoon, and photographer and director Estevan Oriol opened a series of four distinct retail locations in the Skid Row area of Downtown Los Angeles, including a pop up store that features a rotating theme of unique fashion and art concepts for short periods of time.

Beginning on August 14, 2008, the pop up space will be transformed into a tribute to film legends Al Pacino and Robert De Niro as part of their upcoming feature film from Overture Films titled “Righteous Kill.” The film will be released in theaters on September 12, 2008.

SA Studios Global, the creative agency of Oriol and Cartoon, was selected to create the film’s iconic poster, in addition to managing the street and grassroots marketing for the movie. The space will become the exclusive promotional headquarters for “Righteous Kill” and feature a tribute to the film’s stars. Highlights of the space include a customized movie poster wall of all of De Niro and Pacino’s films, and plasma screens throughout the room showcasing Oriol and Cartoon’s favorite scenes from Pacino and De Niro’s film repertoire.

In celebration of the film, SA Studios Global has also collaborated with Upper Playground, to create limited edition “Righteous Kill” apparel.

The “Righteous Kill” promotional space will be open to the public: August 14–September 15, 2008, Tuesday–Saturday from Noon–8 p.m.

The Righteous Kill Space (Next door to Upper Playground & The Last Laugh)
131 East 6th Street
(Located between Los Angeles Street and Main Street in the Santa Fe Loft Building)
Los Angeles, CA 90014

I need to post this on the because Im going to try to show my Black ass up over there some where. I used to go to this after hours spot over there that was pretty live.
Los Angeles residents, are you thinking to your self. Um, Nigga? YOU used to kick it at a AFTER HOURS SPOT around SKID ROW?!

lol yes I did. Had Clever SHOOOOOK the first time we went, that shit was the guts. That nigga never went back out with me on that night again until he was sure I wasnt trying to show up there no more. lol that nigga make his stance clear as fuck. FUCK THAT. lmao.

Here are the two links I stole this from lol:

Rightious Kill Space info:

Chilli Red Air Max 95:

Blowed Thoughts

George Bush Is one of my Heros

I know what alot of people are saying to themselves right now, He cant possibly mean that. Especially with him posting a picture of this jack ass holding the flag backwards. Yes, I mean it, and let me explain why.

Most people see The President of the United States holding the flag of the country he presides over, fucking backwards lol. At first site, this picture is FUCKING HILARIOUS! The look on his face alone, my God. Then the girl to the right, looking like she knows something is wrong but she is wondering how to go about telling this man that he is blowing it, SUPER bad lmao.
Laura Bush looks like the fucking bride of Ronald McDonald n shit lol. The super old lady in the front.. I mean, how many corpse jokes can one tell? So what I’ll say is, She looks like Mac Tonites Grand Ma. She has a tall ass face. With a long ass neck to boot. I have a long neck, but she has be beat by far. It looks like she has the woman version of the super man hair cut. She kinda look the Ellen fish in Finding Nemo. Mean while, the guy next to her has absolutly no neck what so ever. He looks like Chet from Weird Science when he turned into that pile of shit. The guy on the other side of her looks like a old fat Mexican kebler elf.

Anyway, looking at this picture says alot more than that to me. Keith Olberman said it perfectly on his show. ( its about a minute in if you dont care to watch )

This shit was the guts lol.

Everything is fine from this mans perspective. He isnt stupid. As far as he’s concerned, when he held that flag up, he held it up correctly. He looked at it, and it was fine as far as he was concerned lol. Then he proceeded to hold it up with pride and glee with that famous smirk. But this smirk, if you notice, isnt his normal “full of shit – but youre buying it, youre buying it” smirk. This is a “GO AMERICA! ALLLLRIIIIGHT!” smirk. So he is really feeling his self in this photo right here. I dont see him blowing it really. I think he held this up this way not because he is dumb, but because all he is concerned with is how things look to him. Fuck what everybody else thinks. Thats the last thing on his mind. Until somebody reminds his ass, that while it might look alright to him, its FUCKED UP to everybody else. For the sake of the lead picture of this post, I’ll say its BACKWARDS for everybody else. lol. Fuck it, its FUCKED UP and BACKWARDS.

I refuse to believe that anybody elected to be President of this country is THAT fucking dumb. Seriously, I just refuse to believe it. I think he is just SOOOO bad at bullshiting, that he comes off as an idiot. Not only that, but sometimes it just looks like he is hella irritated that he has to explain his bullshit to everybody else. Then take questions that poke super big holes in his bullshit. So then he is left to make up a word or use a word that doesnt really mean what he is using it for, to help YALL, who are the true idiots. Because either youre buying it, or you HAVE to buy it. Either way, he is going to get to do what the fuck he wants to for the most part.
There is even a cartoon dedicated to the fuck ups of his Presidency. That hasnt been pulled off the air! Thats amazing to me. To me, if this guy was dumb. You cant talk about any stupid muthafuckas Mamma and expect to get away with it. Especially the kind of dumb guy they pass GW off to be. ( no, dont give me that he’s too stupid to know he’s being talking about. fucking spare me ). Anybody that wants to go to war all willy nilly, is gonna fuck you up for talking about they mamma. Especially the way they do on the lil bush show. Shits cold. My favorite quote came from lil tony blair’s featured appearance on the lil bush show. He said about lil bush “Youre quite confident despite over whelming evidence to the contrary”. LOL greatest shit ever said lol.

Gorge Bush is a gangster. He does what the fuck he wants to do. No matter who doesnt like it. I mean, at some point you have to stop being mad, and think back to all the shit he has gotten away with over these last, going on 8 years. I personally think its amazing. I should probably note that playing devils advocate is kinda my thing. I kinda cant help it lol. It often serves me a disadvantage. It sucks lol.
Fuck the fact that gas is high. Fuck the fact that he started wars and what not… I understand all thats foul and everything, and I agree. But what Im saying is. He is still walking the streets!! he did it in front of everybody damn near. No impeachment, nothing, just a bunch of tough talk. Noooo real action. Nobody has even tried to shoot this man. As much Bush hate as there is. Alot of people liked JFK, and he got his head blown off for his troubles. Thats all I’m saying. People compair him to Hitler all the time. But he essentially got jumped, and died as a result. Saddam even. He did some pretty amazing bullshit. But look where he is right now. G dub is still walking these streets, homie. Freely, Flying to China n shit. Holding up flags backwards lol.

I wish I could get away with that much bullshit. I feel pretty blessed to be able to do what I do, do and have done and have yet to do lol. I hope one day that I could get away with bullshit on that scale. I cant say that I’d go the Bush route. You know, killing muthafuckas, reign of terror and all that shit. But I dont know, they are making alot of money over there, doing what the hell they want to do. No matter what. Thats why Bush is my hero. Because he is making money doing what he wants to do, no matter what. I admire that. He is stead fast and wont be shaken. No matter how much shit everybody talks. No matter what his approval ratting is. No matter how stupid he look. He is gonna do what the fuck he wants to do lol. Bush on down. Especially Darth Cheney.

I honestly think the “they” have actually been doing what they want and selling bullshit for a cool minute. Its just that “they” got a screw ball thrown at them called the internet and the digital age, and “they” didnt plan for that. And not enough of them understand, so “they” keep getting busted. All this truth clashing with all the truthiness going on. All the snitching going on aint helping the cause either Im sure. lol. But, everybody gets tired of bullshit eventually.

I think Im on some Bush is my hero shit because Im high on ( wait for it … not the obvious ) the fact that I just paid $3.99 for gas at costco on van nuys blvd! Well, I guess technically I didnt. A membership to costco cost $45 bucks. So, the gas is $3.99 a gallon, but if you factor in the $45 dollar membership. Divide it by everything youve ever bought. Im not trying to do the math with everything Ive ever bought, but even if it breaks down to $0.000001 you still paid over #3.99 for gas. Well kinda. Whatever lol. Im sure my point has been made.

Of course Bush isnt my only hero, or really even all that tough. I just find arrogant people amazing. My number 1 hero is Oprah. I love her. Oprah, you could say is the complete opposite of Bush.Oprah has power only a Black woman could have. Im sure she could have women cutting off dicks at night or some other wild shit lol. But no, what does she do? She stimulates the economy by promoting shit on her show, if its on her show, people will buy it. This is fact lol. She puts people in college. She started a school for girls, and when there was trouble. Did she bullshit on showing up to fix shit? Nope! Does she start a war to make money? No. Even when she gets dissed?!! No. Oprah is gracious! However.. Oprah givith, Oprah taketh. As many people she have made money. We’ve all seen what a Oprah boycott can do. She got fat white people to fucking boycott food. That was bad for them. AMAZING! Maybe I just impress easy.

Oprah is tops.
Bush is a thug.


John Edwards – Whats on your Ipod?

Today John Edwards admitted he was fucking around on his wife, around 1996 or so. Apparently his wife and his family knew about it, and they had resolved the issue a long time ago. But he has been lying about the shit since 2007. His bad. lol But good ol John is defending his baby daddy status to Rielle Hunter’s baby. He has even volunteered to go on Mauray and put this all to rest.

After his announcement, some how he left his ipod behind, and come to find out John Edwards is a big Rick Ross fan. How bout that? In past interviews Edwards has said that he did identify with the Miami Rapper. When asked how he identified to a fat Black muthafucka who raps about drugs and bitches. Edwards simply answers “I just can.” He goes on to explain in that famous southern drawl. “well you know, he does alot of community events you know. There is just something i hear in his voice that tells me, he’s my kinda guy!”

Whic Rick Ross tracks are Edwards favorites?

“Cross that line”, “For da Low” , “Get Away” ,“This Is The Life” , “This Me” , “Here I am”, and of course “Im Only Human”. Now if I can borrow a line from another lying muthafucka… John McCain lol. “Ill let the Amercian people decide, Good Day.”


Mellow Yellows

Blog post for the fuck of it.

Liz has a great lens on her camera. I need to get up on it. I already steal her Blogger entries. lol Shes lucky I dont have a Nikon or I would have pocketed that shit lol.

I also posted these because I have a Flickr account now. I tried not to believe in that shit for a long time. But fuck it lol.