Uhmah Park

Month: June 2008

Im So Mad I Have To Take These Back

Dammit. I really like these shoes, but they HURT like a muthafucka. No matter what kinda socks I wear. It’s fucking terrible. These are Cole Haan’s with the Nike Air bottoms or whatever. HYPE! So on friday, these go back to Nordstroms. I’m so sad. They are so fresh for like 10 min or 50 steps then everything goes to shit. It’s fucked up. I wore these out to some where in Pasadena with some friends of mine. I cant even remember what happen right now a nigga was in so much fucking pain. I felt like some of the […]

Im Famous B!

The back of OJ’s Head, now featured at the Smoking Section. For the record… I didnt get caught with all that bullshit in my hand. Just big four lol. I did score a dub tho… although I dont think it was in this game. I had to take a lap on that one. lol Whats in the bottles? Afghani Kush, and Neon God (some good ass purp). Here goes my Smoking Section lol. Props to P for that logo, that shit is dope. I need to purchase another bong to put those  sticker shits on. Anyway, these pictures ( not […]

What In The Hell Is Goin On In The WWE These Days

I havent watched the WWE in years. Every since the Rock left, it just got super lame. It was already lame as hell, but I dont know, the Rock made that shit watchable. This shit here tho, I hope its funny to me tomorrow. Because I’m pretty blowed right now, and this shit has me on the floor foreal laughing gasping for air and shit. Jesus Christ!!!! First of all, speaking OF the Rock, This nigga here was the head of the lil wwe gang that the Rock came in under. The Nation of Domination. They was on some Black […]