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Its not just you, Bill hates Windows too.

Well… HATE is clealry too strong of a word if you read the article I read on Which links an article from a Seattle news paper. Which shows a email wrote by aBillie Himself, where he goes on and on and on about how windows is a super pain in the ass basically. Its great.

Sadly though, probably just like Bill. I stil prefer Windows over a Mac. I just do. Macs move too slow for me. Sorry. And no im not talking about the processor speed. I used a mac for 2 years. I have the right to talk shit. And I have 3 macs in my house. So i STILL have the right to talk shit lol.

The articles are kind of interesting, I didnt get a chance to read the longer article all the way through, but it looks like Bill is a bit of a gangster b lol.

On GP (General Purposes)

Why did I just sit through that ?

The next time I sit through the commercials when I’m watching something recorded on my DVR, I think I might cut myself as punishment lol.

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My George Carlin Entry

George Carlin died today and there are millions of people on the internet typing out entries as to how great he was. He was indeed a great comic. I’ve been watching his act since I was like 10. I didnt get some of the jokes of course, but I was a pretty smart kid and I’ve been watching the news since I can remember. So, I kinda kept up.

But I’d just like to point out one thing.

George Carlin died at 71. John McCain, is currently 71 if I’m not mistaken.

I’m just sayin. Let’s just say, God forbid, that we have to live through 8 years of McCain and whoever is his VP. He will be like 80 by the end of his term. I’m taking the over/under on him not seeing the end of his term.

Am I saying dont vote for McCain, because he’s old? No. I’m not. I’m just sayin eye his VP closely. You might have to deal with him in a manner you dont really plan on.

Still not scared? As much as muthafuckas hate Bush, what if somebody would have killed him over being mad at … shit… lets just say 3 dollar fucking gas. Because 2 gotdamn dollars was WAY too fucking high in the fucking first place. Nobody remembers that shit though. Although that sounds pretty fucking great right now.

Anyway. How do you think even ONE gotdamn year of CHENEY would have gone? I have a word I use for such matters like this. Matters that involve an unfathomable amount of bullshit and everything that would basically be as wack as possible. That word? “UNGOOD”.

Thats right. Ungood. When somebody says something is “UNGOOD” to you, even though its not a word. What do you immediately think of? It must be all fuckin bad. No positives at all.
Things have continuously gotten worse for the American public over the last 7 years and some months. No… We are probably at 8 Years, because the 2000 Bush campaign was a bunch of bullshit. Everybody was saying to themselves for months. Nobody is gonna vote for this muthafucka are they?
So as bad as things have gotten, could they get worse? Well. Clearly they could. Although, Cheney did become president breifly once. Bush went under for a surgery or something. And for like 2 hours Cheney was president. Thats probably when gas started going up again from 2 dollars and some change lol. I’m sure he authorized something in that time.

Alright, I’ve said what I had to say. This picture of Cheney looking at me and waving is creeping me the fuck out, I swear. I’m trying not to look at the screen and shit. This is dumb.

RIP George Carlin.

In an unrelated random note. I miss Ruben…

Blowed Thoughts

Ring My Bell

Hilarious. lol

seven7emcees: Shan said “i’m talkin’ planes and boats, cuz i spit shit directly aimed at throats, i got doorbells wit’ REAL bitches singin’ the notes..”
O2thaJ: !
O2thaJ: gotdamn!
seven7emcees: MC Shan is hard B
O2thaJ: with real bitches singin the notes
O2thaJ: thats the one right there lol
seven7emcees: lol haha
O2thaJ: jesus christ lol
seven7emcees: nekkid bitches on the doorstep
O2thaJ: lmao
O2thaJ: that would be wonderful
O2thaJ: imma be thinking about that shit for the rest of the day lmao
seven7emcees: lol he come out with his sheepskin hat
O2thaJ: lmao
seven7emcees: “well who do fuck is it bitch!?”

Gutty material. I could see myself in such a role. lol

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Twit me not… So gotdamn much

I’ve been noticing all over the internet, people complaining that twitter goes down way too much. Word? I’ll just have to take every bodies word for it. I’ve never really seen twitter go down myself. But then again, I dont really browse twitter… like at all. Maybe when I get a notice of some sort. But thats it, and thats rare.

However though, I do have a twitter account and what not. I just had to know what the rave was all about. Still really haven’t seen it. Althought it is the guts from time to time. When I first signed up though. I just followed anybody that followed me. LOL My mistake. Little did I know that if you put your phone number into your twitter account, that shit will start to send you text messages every time one of the people you are following updates their shit. Which really wouldnt be a huge problem except for some people are really into twitter and keeping up with their twitter account. Not only keeping up with it. But updating their twitter account with what they are doing, every five to ten minutes. Not only that, but read what everybody is doing, and then basically texting back and forth for everybody thats following these muthafuckas to read. Great.

But um, anybody ever think, maybe thats why that shit constantly goes down. Because some of you muthafuckas feel the need to updates muthafuckas on your every fucking move. When twitter asked “what are you doing” I’m pretty sure they didnt mean, What are you doing… now…. now … now… and now… maybe now… what about now…. now too. and now?

How about just letting muthafuckas know when you do something worth wild with your life? And not every right turn and every last change of emotion you go through. I dont understand how that doesnt make sense. Maybe it wouldnt go down so much then?

All I’m saying is, when you wake up in the morning, and start your day. If one of the things you think you have to do is say whasup to your peoples on twitter. You might want to think twice about complaining that twitter goes down.

Regardless of how the technology of twitter could be better or not. If people wouldnt spam their friends with their every gotdamn movement, the shit probably wouldnt be such a huge problem.

But maybe I’m trippin lol.

I had to turn my phone notifications off though. Being distrubed and having to check my phone when I recive a text message.  Just to read what somebody has to say, that more than likely isnt talking directly to me. I’m just saying, I got shit to do.

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A Nigga Just Be Confused

I only spelled it out “confused” for search engine (and my purposes if I ever need to search the shit out myself). But this nigga really said was fucking “confRUsed” LMAO

“… A nigga just be conFRUSed *wemper – weap*”

Ok, I dont like Young Buck. Not just because he is a wack on the mic. But I have a cousin who HATES this nigga because he put his hands on her in a disrepectful manner. So before, I just thought he was wack in general. But now its fuck that nigga.

So… lol if youre gonna call a nigga and beg for your job back. lol dont cry, talking about niggas be confusing you puttin batteries in your back. Fuck is your problem? No wonder this punk ass nigga is going around hitting girls. Bitch. Somebody probably told that nigga to do that shit too. Bitch ass nigga.

If you dont know the whole Young Buck / G-Unit story. Actually… you know what… I dont know all the way myself. But from what I’ve gathered. Young Buck either left or got kicked out of G-Unit twice. And I guess inbetween times, Young Buck called 50 trying to set the record straight to some degree for some reason lol.

I’ve seen people say 50 is a snake for taping his phone calls on some watergate shit. LOL But honestly, I dont fault that man for 2 reasons. First of all, ALOT of rappers in the industry and the muthafuckas surrounding them are some lying bitch ass people. Period. That shit feels like High School on tv, hyped all out of control. The rap industry is like a Niggafied ass soap oprea. I really do feel for the non bitch ass people in the rap industry who have to deal with these people regularly. Its exhausting.
Secondly, how much beef has this nigga been involved in? How much he said she said? I would have BEEN taping phone calls with niggas after some shit went down. Not all my gotdamn phone calls obviously. But in situations like this?! fuck yea lol. Niggas is hoes, and not to be trusted! Gotdamn.

So yea, I said all that, just to play the phone call. Its like 16 minutes of shame lol. Shits hilarious.

Thisis50 – Full Conversation Between 50 Cent And Young Buck
by Thisis50-tv
A nigga just be confrused…. best line of the whole shit lmao.
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The World Famous Bumble Bee Story

I dont know what the fuck my problem is. For whatever reason, I’ve never posted the Bumble Bee story on my blogger. I have no clue why. Oh well. Anyway. “The Bumble Bee Story”, will now be referred to as The World “Famous Bumble Bee Story”. Why? Well, because I said so. Sounds like its great as it really is. Also because I’ve gotten all kinds of emails from people all over telling me about how they laugh and laugh at this story. I feel like I’ve done some kind of disserivce to my reading public or something by not posting this. Not really though, “a reading public,” might be putting too much on it. lol But none the less, I feel like I’ve half stepped.

WELL NO LONGER! I wrote this shit years ago, before blogging was invinted and you had to do everything by hand. Yes, I’ve actually been blogging since before before. 10 years lol. I just dont have all of them. They used to be on my Black Planet page back in the day. Before Myspace lol. I’ll give some of you time to wrap your head around that shit if you have to. In the mean time and inbetween time tho, a little back ground. Me, JD and Super Cuzz … our homie Adrion, who had a Blue blazer with a gray canvas top, chromed up with 18 inch Gold Daytons with 4 15 inch subs in the back. That shit was so fucking hard lol. So one day we are chilling at my house not doing shit. This nigga Adrion was like. “Nigga, I found this old ass blunt in my car, I thought I lost this shit months ago! I was high as fuck when I rolled it, and then I fuckin lost it. I was cleaning out my shit the other day. And I found it! Lets smoke this bitch!”

Me and this nigga JD was like COOL! We smoked that shit and was DONE! We were high as fuck. Somebody suggested we take a trip to HomeTown Buffet and just eat until we couldnt no more because we was so fucking high and hungry. Might as well. So then we got up and went to Home Town Buffet. We werent sitting down for more than 15 min when this shit happen. So we were still fresh and high as hell. Then…..


Our Story begins on 4.20.00, National get high day. The time, it was around dinner time. The setting, Home Town Buffet. The restaurant was full, and niggas was hungry. Who all was there? JD, Adrion and OJ ( me ). Midway through our meal, Adrion got up to get more food ( we was at a buffet ) as OJ sits and tears into some of what seemed like the best food ever, he notices a bit of uneasiness across the table on the part of his cousin JD. Wondering what in the fuck was going on, OJ takes a quick look around and notices that there is a guy in a Bumble Bee costume. Thinking more of his cousin, he says to his self “I know this nigga is not shook by this fuckin bumble bee over here” . OJ ask his cousin ” Nigga, what in the fuck is wrong with you?!? ”
JD answers in a very tense voice ” NIGGA DO YOU SEE THAT BIG ASS MONSTER OVER THERE!!!”
OJ replies ” Nigga? What monster? THAT BUMBLE BEE!?!?”
“NIGGA YES!!!” JD says with a strong hint of terror in his voice.

As the Bumble Bee makes his way through the isles of the restaurant and nears JD and OJ’s table, JD grows more and more nervous. At one point he even gave his self a small pep-talk to calm his nerves. All the while,  OJ sits across the table in absolute disbelief that his cousin could be so scared of some dude in a costume. What in the hell is a guy in a Bumble Bee costume doing in a buffet anyway? Well, apparently, the “mascot” for HomeTown Buffet is a Bumble Bee. I suppose his job is to bring joy to the children in the restaurant ( because there were plenty at dinner time … and its a family place i guess ). So this guy in a costume comes out every hour to say hi to the kids and sort of entertain and give out little goodies or whatever. Then all of a sudden, the Bumble Bee is now in the adjacent isle. So now JD has a monster prowling the isle’s and one very plotting OJ; with a cold ass – yet brilliant idea sitting right in front of him. However, JD is really only aware of the “Monster ass Bumble Bee.”

As the Bumble Bee makes his way down the isle OJ and JD are sitting, JD stares down nervously at his plate. Tossing his food around, not taking a bite. Just waiting.  As the seconds tick by, and the Bumble Bee steps closer and closer to OJ and JD’s table, the smell of FEAR has covered up any aroma of food that was in the air. Did OJ catch a wif of it? YOU BETTER DAMN BELIEVE IT!!! Is that a good thing? NOT FOR JD!!

How unfortunate that JD’s back was towards the Bumble Bee and he had no real idea of the exact location of this so called monster that had him very uneasy and making half assed attempts at taking a bite out of his dinner roll. I do believe JD was aware that he lost the exact location of the bumble bee and that made him way more nervous than he already was. How unfortunate for JD, he was too nervous to remember that OJ is going to look to take advantage of this situation, in respects to his delight, since he doesnt respect JD’s fear of this guy in a costume at all. How unfortunate for JD, he had no clue what he was truly in for. Maybe he was hoping to just tremble in fear hold his breath and wait for the Monster to pass.

As the Bumble Bee approaches OJ and JD’s table, the second it is by JD’s seat OJ jumps up in a flurry and shouts “HEY BUMBLE BEE!! HEY MR BUMBLE BEE!!!! COME TAKE A PICTURE WITH MY COUSIN!!!”
For absolutely NO REASON at all, OJ brought along his camera, not knowing what could possibly transpire. Furiously upset, JD lashes out at his then perceived evil bastard of a cousin “AHHHH SHIT!!?!?!?!?!?!?! FUCK YOU NIGGA!! THATS FUCKED UP!!!”

Pictured here is JD. Scared as shit, stuck as fuck, and with positively no where to go. Except for fucking nuts. Which he did with no hesitation at all. This picture was taken at the beginning of the insinuating TERROR that JD was about to endure.

Wasting no time for the photo opportunity. The Bumble Bee LEAPS into the seat with JD, ready to pose for OJ’s camera and pump FEAR through JD’s veins. As tha Bumble Bee sits, JD screams out desperately “GET THA FUCK AWAY FROM ME!!! OHH SHIT THIS SUCKS!!! PLEASE SOMEBODY FUCKIN HELP!!! HELL NAW!!! UGH OH SHIT OH SHIT!!! PLEASE GET THA FUCK AWAY FROM ME!!! I FUCKIN HATE YOU!!! NOOOOO!!!!! GOD NOOOOO!!!! OH MY FUCKIN GOD!!! GET AWAY GET THA FUCK AWAY!! I CAN NOT BELIEVE THIS SHIT!!”

As JD proceeded to scream his ass off. More and more people started to notice. Pointed out in the picture to the left, and with the technology of “Gut-O-Vision”. Highlighted  you will notice two little kids laughin they ass off at JD’s vaginal behavior. However, these were not the only people whom where laughing as this nigga screaming because of his false fear for his life. There was a party of about 10 Asian foreigners next to us who also found the whole event overwhelmingly funny as hell. Mean while our petrified pal JD grows increasingly frustrated as he notices that no one is coming to his aid and his bastard of a no good son of a bitch cousin OJ is still pressing the Bumble Bee to take more pictures. But as JD continues to be terrorized, his frustration is quickly abandoned in exchange for plenty of TERROR and Helplessness. This is because the Bumble Bee is tryin to wedge it self into the seat with JD to… ummm… shit… i dunno. For the sake of the story, let’s just say the Bumble Bee is trying to “brighten JD’s day.” But, JD does not give a flying fuck. JD continues to loose his fucking mind because some how he thinks that “Mr. Muthafuckin Bumble Bee is trying to fucking Kill me.” So JD continues to yell and scream and plea for his young life. JD starts to yell out ” PLEASE GET THA FUCK AWAY FROM ME!!! I DO NOT FUCKING LIKE YOU!!! YOU FUCKIN SUCK!!! OH MY GOD!!! FUCK YOU GOTDAMMIT!!! OH GOD THIS SUCKS!!

Here we finally get a glemps of the infamous Bumble Bee. And I know most of you are saying to your self. IS THAT IT?!?! Yes, my friends, that is it. The Bumble Bee JD is still cussing at with all he has to give.

And now JD is starting to draw a curious crowd. By this time the Bumble Bee is well aware of the situation and more than likely can smell the FEAR pouring out of JD’s pore’s. And if shit couldn’t get any more fucked up for JD, or any more funnier than it already was for OJ. The Bumble Bee, obviously on the same page as OJ starts to put on a show!

A show you ask? YES! A gotdamn show! The Bumble Bee edges closer and starts to pat JD. Not only does he pat JD… THE MUTHAFUCKA STARTED MAKING SOUNDS!!! The Bumble Bee let out a lil “EEEEE EEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEE EEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEE EEE E E EE EEEEEEEE EEE E EEEEEE EEEE” .
At this point JD really let loose and really screamed; the nigga yelped out a loud “OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” JD is in absolute disbelief that shit could really go down the tubes more so. And to check if he really was going crazy he checks with his cousin who cant believe how funny this shit is. JD, with a look of that would certify him as the most horrified man on the planet, looks over to OJ and ask ” NIGGA DO YOU HEAR THIS SHIT!!!! THIS MUTHAFUCKA IS TRYIN TO FUCKIN KILL ME!! OH MY GOD THIS SHIT IS WACK!!! BACK THA FUCK UP!! I HATE YOU I FUCKIN HATE YOU!!! NIGGA THIS MUTHAFUCKA IS MAKIN SOUNDS!!! NIGGA DO YOU HEAR THIS MUTHAFUCKIN SHIT!!! OH MY GOD!!!

Is this JD laughing? Hell muthfuckin NO! That is the look of sheer terror on the face of a person that is too gotdamn high and too terrified for his own good.
Is that the bumble bee trying to soften the obviously shaken JD up by givin him a smooch? FUCK NO! according to JD at this moment the Bumble Bee was telling JD that he plans to kill his Black ass. And also how he was going to “suffer a horrible death.” ( cant forget that part lol )

We will never know the whole truth… even tho OJ was there, He says he was laughing his ass off gasping for air… “shit i didnt even see this shit happen i was bent over crying laughin with my hand in the air snaping pictures!” But whatever the turth is, its is painfully obvious that JD is on the brink of losing his fuckin mind.

But, forever frozen in time, we have the moment in which the Bumble Bee began to make sounds and really really SCARE tha shit out of poor, victimized, scared as fuck JD. I do believe shortly after this photograph was taken JD gave his final plea of mercy to his Asshole of a cousin OJ, asking desperately


Unfortunately for poor JD, OJ could not find the kindness in his heart to help his cousin in his time of need. Not only because he wanted to make light of JD’s fear, but was weakened with laughter by JD’s final plea for mercy. Regrettably this is the last picture OJ was able to snap, as he was over come by laughter and almost pissed on his self in front of everybody. Good thing he held it. Or we would have two muhfuckas to laugh at instead of just JD.

After a couple more seconds of fucking over JD’s day. The Bumble Bee continues on his way. And everybody, especially OJ, has had themselves a real good laugh at JD’s expense. Everyone returns to eating. JD is now super pissed off cusses OJ all the way the fuck out. All OJ can do is laugh which pisses JD off even more and now JD refuses to speak to OJ for the next five minutes. After their meal was done, they all left the restaurant and still laugh about the event to this day.

The End.

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The Exchange 002 – Teenage Love Affair

I’ve been waiting around all day for Liz to make this damn post lol.

I’m so fucking lazy lmao.


Welcome back for the second installment of The Exchange (explanation here for the late folks). This week our theme is Teenage Love Affair. Playlist and Who’s Who:
George | Can We Talk – Tevin Campbell
Liz | My Heart Belongs to You – Jodeci
Eyejammy | She’s Playing Hard to Get – Hi-Five
Kate | Treehouse – I’m From Barcelona
Ouxu | Crazy Love – Brian McKnight
Panama | Let’s Chill – Guy
Cye | Knockin the Boots – H-Town
OJ | Kissing You – Total
Marcia | Computer Love – Zapp & Roger
Blazey | Playground Love – Air
Jen | Weak – SWV
Sam | You’re Unbelivable – EMF

As always:
Download the set here
Stream the set in your browser over at our Muxtape


Kissing You is one of my all time favorite songs, ever made ever. Its too bad my all time favorite girl hates total and doesn’t like the song lol. Her bad. This song is great. I dont care if Total aint the best vocalist. They make great ass songs. Both their albums are classics to me. There might be a volume 2 for this one right here I’m hearing. I already got my pick. This song here though. This song… makes me think about a time when I was just smitten with my love. Then it turned into love. This song also makes me think about a time when you think you just love somebody, and then the next thing you know. You look up and you’re in love for the very first time.

This song reminds me of everything thats good about being in a relationship with somebody you really really love, like, adore, respect, cherish all that shit.

Sigh, maybe again one day. Hopefully I’ll get it right this time.

But until then.

Good fucking luck (not really).

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The Exchange

So the other day, the homie Jen decides to start a mixtape group called the exchange.

I’d say more but it appears that Liz has done all the hard work. So Imma just copy and paste her shit. HA!


12 Fresh People. 12 Fresh Tracks. The Exchange.

Today I am happy to introduce to you a weekly podcasting-ish/mixtape collabo project that I am apart of. It’s called The Exchange and it’s composed of me and 11 of the freshest people on the Internets. Every week we pick a theme, submit a track, and put it all together for you and yours.

Who are the 12 Freshest People On The Internets?

Glad you asked. For the record:

Why is it called The Exchange?
Because it’s a dope name, and because we are all friends (and/or friends of friends) strewn across the world but we all connect digitally, daily, in many different locations online.

What’s the first edition?
Say My Name.

What’s the tracklist, and who chose what?
Sam | Jazzy Belle (remix) – Outkast feat. Babyface
Marcia | Black Stacey – Saul Williams
Kate | Helen – The Cave Singers
Ouxu | Mary Jane (All Night Long) – Mary J. Blige
Cye | Saigon Meets Just Blaze – Saigon
Eyejammy | Mona Lisa – Slick Rick
Jen | Renee – Lost Boyz
OJ | Makeba – Aceyalone
Liz | Poor Georgie – MC Lyte
Panama | Hey There Delilah – Plain White T’s
Brandon | Adam – Me’Shell Ndegéocello
George | Mona Lisa – Nat King Cole

Where can I cop your freshness?
You can download the zip file here. When Muxtape gets some Ack Rite, we’ll have a link for you there.

Big thanks to Marcia and my superfly homegirl Jen for organizing and executing this for everyone.


Hm, I hope Liz does this every week so I can just copy and paste it. That was pretty great lol.

I can only vouch for the freshness of 2 and a half people in this group. Thats only because I’ve never met that nigga Panama Jackson aka Doube O Negro – Double Agent for the Black man and The Man! (lol he probably doesnt remember that).

Thought I was gonna submit some kinda weed-esque Mary Jane song didnt you?

Makeba. I can remember so many painfully sober late night trips between compton, los angeles, fontana, upland, rancho cucamonga, gardena, torrance, el segundo, pomona, montcliar, ontario, rialto, san barnardino and every place inbetween. I’ve probably heard this song and every last one of those cities plus more… more than three times in each place. Rolling around in the escort…. with that nigga John lol. Oh the countless missions and the tapes thats was dubs of dubs still bumpin them subs lol. And then…. the mini disk player lmao (inside joke). Not all the missions were sober. Just most of them… for me… back then lol.

Anyway… Imma tell you about this girl I know… or this girl I used to know. Sigh (listen to the song). This girl I used to be hella stuck on. I was convinced she was the girl for me for a long time. But I never saw my self actually being with this girl lol. Something always told me in the back of my head that I wouldn’t have been happy with her after a while. LOL I used to sweat her SOOO bad lol. Gotdamn lol. You should never sweat anybody like that. Somebody you have NO real intentions on having a real relationship with and you know that shit lol. A relationship between me and this girl was super unrealistic. For alot of reasons. Timing, our tempers (you think mine is bad now? wooo), situations and circumstances that are too many to name.
She was one of my best friends though. She was super down for me. I was super down for her. We got in enough trouble together. We almost got killed together more than twice. We almost got arrested together more than twice lol. Fights, thieft, sex, lies. A buncha shit.  She never abandoned a nigga. And when I fucked her girlfriend… she didnt even get mad at me. She beat her girlfriend ASS though lmao. Gooootdamn that was some rough shit. Yes… you read that right, its a long story. I’ll tell that triffling ass tale another time.
I didnt super simp out for this girl or nothing. I wasnt on no Steve Erkel shit or nothing like that. We never went on a date. The whole time I knew her, we only spent maybe an 8th of that time alone together. We did have some pretty good gotdamn sex a few times though, shit. Now that I think about it, she was probably the first girl I really gave good dick to. However, we were nothing close to a couple. We didnt even look like one. I just thought she was the greatest girl I had ever met lol… at the time. Lucky me, I’ve met alot of other females since then. Anyway. I was so lying to myself if I ever thought we would have worked out. Like I said, I kinda knew that. But, that was the best life had shown me at that time. Not to say that she aint now that I’ve grown up. I just know what I want exactly in somebody I wanna be with now. And me and her wouldnt have worked. Although I wanted it to lol. Like a jackass. Thinking back on it, I fucked up with her PLENTY of times. Just being shy and not believing somebody as pretty as her would be interested in me at all (didnt make that mistake twice lol). I was such an asshole back then. LOL damn lol. I over looked alot of shit. Even though I could read her like a book. She didnt even have to say anything to me. Oh well.
God was looking out for me. Because it always seemed like something was in the way with me and her. Even after we had lost touch for a little while, saw each other again and everything was perfect that one time. At least it seemed lol. I honestly, just dropped the ball. But for whatever reason.. like I said.. I was super reluctant to pick that ball up. Especially this time im talking about though. Because by then, I had met some one (a few somebodies actually) who showed me how things are really suppose to be when two people are into each other.

No regrets. We dont talk now because her husband doesnt like me lol. Ive never met this man. But there was some kind of incident where she called my name in her sleep, or she adopted some 100% truth policy (which really didnt used to be like her, but I can see why she would have changed her ways) and she told her husband something like she dont trust her self around me. And she know I aint shit at all lol (cant say that shit aint true). So now we cant be friends.
For a long time I used to hold that against her. lol Honestly, probably until just about… eehh… 5 minutes ago? LOL Hadn’t really thought about it too much for a while now. Typing this out and looking back on things, I kind of see things differently. Some things for maybe what they are or wasnt or whatever.
Whatever. if I’m not mistaken, at the time, her man had every right not to trust my Black ass lol. Maybe I’m just not holding a grudge. Who knows, who cares. Whats done is done, and she is just a memory now. But that song always makes me think of her. Just the memories though. I mean, I hope everything is all good with her and all, you know. But it’s really all relative. “Indiffer-ass-ant” is what they call me.

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Charlie In Brentwood!

I cant believe Dave had these hats in his fuckin house. This is like me growing cotton and watermelon in my backyard.

But good thing these guys are good drunken sports for the photo!

These fools was hella faded way before we even left Dave’s spot to bar hop! When we hit the streets it was a fuckin WRAP! lmao. (yes thats a white belt… shhhh. no its not a karate belt.)
So as drunk as these fools was, we hit some street in Santa Monica that I’ve only been to twice and I was drunk as fuck both times (this was the second time lol). Dave bought the first round, and when I purchased drinks, Dave passed his off! I was kinda insulted lol. So I had to let him know that its not cool to pass off liquor thats been purchased for you. EVEN if you’re too drunk (in most cases). At least share the shit! No, this muhfucka Dave just abandon the drink! But after a talking to, he saw the light and then probably triple from the double he was already seeing, which is why he passed off the drink. Did I know that? I did lol. Dave was SUPER done lol. He didnt puke tho, and we didnt have to carry him to the car. And we drank more after that! Yong on the other hand lol. He got his drunken master stumble on for a cool minute. It was amazing.

The end of the nigh ended with us passing a car that looked like… fuck it… just imagine what the car looked like from the top of this son of a bitch.

Fuckin ridiculous. But Vu is the guts for this shit here, gotdamn. We put nothing on that car except for Vu and the cigarette lol. Are those shoes next to his elbow?! YUP! You know what, now that I think about it. I think somebody may have been sleep in there. Dah well. He didnt want to get out and have a problem any how lol. For his own safety lol.

This is the night I wore my shoes that I’ll be taking back that whooped my ass. There would have been more drunken gutty pictures, but I couldnt stop thinking about how bad my shits was fucking hurting.