On GP (General Purposes)

Pistol Grip Pump

I was raised in the hood called what the diffrence
The brothers in the hood be chivalrous
So I rest defense on my ligaments
Pistol grip pump on my lap, riskin it
Full life living it, never giving it back
Too late for slipping, so slack up
On my lap its on your lips so track shot
A steel dick more clip for pump but
All Im saying there aint no question who the man is
In my civic or in this show biz
I drill the fool, kill the fool
Come on what you say?
I think I can take care of all you muthafuckas dont delay right away

Pistol grip pump on my lap at all times

They can be fucking with other niggas shit, but they cant be fucking with mine

– Pistol Grip Pump – Volume 10.

Sigh, This is one of my favoritest songs ever. I love that shit, the beat is hard as fuck. Volume 10 delivery is fuckin crazy as fuck.
That shit could make the wrong nigga feel like he really got a shotgun on his lap (which is an uncomfortable way to roll around the city by the way), thinkin he hard as shit, mad doggin niggas like… I WISH A NIGGA WOULD! For like 3 whole min, till the song goes off and surprise. No shotty lol.

Anyway. This has been one of my favorites since the first time I heard it. But one day, this song kinda took on a new meaning. Or just reminds me of a time I was scared for my life rather. Everytime, I hear one of my favorite songs.

Why? Well, one sunny day in Fontana, California. Me and my peoples were rolling home from school. I was driving. Mind you, I used to drive a pretty thugged out car. I had a 84 Burgundy Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme. It was my dads car, but around the time I had learned to drive, he let me drive it for months. So I basically drove it most of my senior year in highschool. I used to get gang banged on in this fucking car all the gotdamn time. But whatever.
So on said sunny day, for whatever fucking reason… I decided it was alright for me to pack my car full of muthafuckas. It was me, my sister, natasha, lonnie, kesha, deandre, and dwyane (i could be hella wrong but I know some of them niggas was there). Stuffed the fuck up in this two door car, rollin home, because all of us stayed close to each other, or was going to the same spot. So Im going the normal, expected way to the house. Were all talkin, having a good time and for no reason at all, my black ass decided to turn down a random street. For those of you that may happen to be familar with the layout of Fontana. I was on baseline and I made a random right down palmetto. I dont know why, because there is a girl who stay on that street I dont even fuckin like (still dont like the bitch to this day lol).
I suppose everybody thought it was a bit weird that I turned on this street, but it was on the way, no biggie. Were rollin….

Then all of a sudden, I see this bladhead mexican dude peek and step from behind this big ass van and he has a pistol grip shotgun in his hands and he is ready to get busy. He was dressed in all black. This man was on a fuckin mission. He stepped out into the street and looked right into the car as I was coming down the street. He looked me right in my eyes as I was rolling up and I didnt even have time to be fucking terrified, the only thing I could think of is… fuck stoping… if this nigga points this shit at me im going to murder him with this big ass car, duck and hope for the best. But he didnt point that shit at us, he didnt even look at me like I was on his mind, he was just waiting to cross the street and get live.  But as that man was on the side of me and I was still staring in his face, I was holding my breath… wasnt shit gonna help me if he changed his mind like … SIKE! We was all done for. I dont even remember who all in the car saw ol boy or not. I know a couple of people did and was scared shitless lol. I know my black ass was terrified as the fuck exactly. I thought he was about to try to jack us or something. Or just on some random violence shit.
But as we was coming up on dude I punched it, fuck it. I ran the stop sign on miller n shit lol I was OUT!! But!!!!! A nigga like me… lol as soon as I felt we was far enough away, my dumb ass and pulls over in front of a big ass truck (no strays for me thanks lol) and started looking back and listening for gun shots… sigh lol. I know I know… I took off after I realized how dumb that shit was lol. We all wanted to hear if anything cracked off tho lol fuck it lol we was far enough away lol. Fuck that tho, we left.

We thought we were fuckin done. I know I did, that was one of the more terrifying things Ive been though.

Music Video Reviews You Tube

CHUCK that Soilder Boy!

You can fuck with this bullshit right here if you mutahfuckin want to… but a nigga like me? This gotdamn song makes me wanna cause myself harm.

I remember the first time I heard this bullshit. This very video was playing in the background of some place I was at. I was kinda blowed, so I thought I was trippin. I was wondering if the niggas who sang the song was ever gonna actually START singing the fucking song. But I didnt really pay that much attention to it. Then it felt like a fucking hour passed and they was still on the muthafuckin same ass fucking part.

I just made a new category on here called Music Video Reviews… inspired by my wanting to talk shit about this song publicly because I still feel the fucking effects of that shit being on in the background for what seemed like 10 fucking hours. But not really, because honestly Ive been trying to avoid this gotdamn song and especially the fucking video since that fateful damn day. I didnt know who it was by, I didnt know the name of the fucking song, i didnt know shit. I didnt wanna know shit. But then here comes this nigga Dell, trying to make his point on a joke that (in hindsight) I could have stayed the fuck in the dark for lol. The nigga made the joke, I didnt even ask what the fuck a solider boy was. I thought it the nigga who did the Throw Some D’s shit. (I’ll talk about that shit one day too). But oh no, it was a far worse truth than that. sigh… fuckin shit.

Anyway. Total, id say ive watched maybe 54 full seconds of this video.

OH time the hell out… as im talking shit, Dell links me to the BAY version of this video… lets peep this shit and see if its any better.

… wow… so after actually sitting through THIS shit, Ive watched alot more of this video through proxy, and oh boy…. The only thing this boy is a Solider for is the, Dont Ask Dont Tell Gay Rapper Attempted UnderCover Not-so-Stealthy Crew.  DADTGRAUCNSC… for short? Anyway… Now these niggas have an official dance. And this appears to be it, Hoe-ray nigga. So the next time you see a nigga doing this bullshit in the street, assume the obvious lol.

See, these niggas are giving white people in hiphop a bad name… why you ask? Because alot of people think white people get into hiphop first listening to shit like this lmao.  ( JUST JOKES LMAO)

Please be warned though, dont watch that video if you dont wanna end up actually liking any thing about this song. Because this shit is actually better. This aint the greatest shit ever by any stretch, dont get me wrong. But its so much better than the original, it made me like this version lol. How bout that shit?

Oh well, its too bad the nigga thats trying to get niggas to ‘Aquaman that hoe’ (which is the fucking GUTS by the way lmao) stage name is ‘Ya Boy’. Which might actually be the most rediculious fucking name for a nigga to give himself since a nigga decided to name himself ‘The Game’ . I was floored when I heard a nigga was actually walking around calling himself the game. And fuck was I embarrassed when I heard he was from Compton AND a G-Unitian lmao (I like 50, but G Unit is wack).

Honestly its hard enough for me to even fucking admit I actually like The Game. And I honestly did refuse to fuck with that man because of his name (and the perpetual fucking name dropping, jesus christ). Same goes for Fabulous, just cant fucking do it.

But… YA BOY? as in the end of a ‘HOLLA AT YA BOY’?  So um, im guesing um, what this guy is trying to do is… uhhh Automatically wedge his silly ass into that popular ‘hiphop’ sign off? Be that nigga everybody is talking about when niggas grant each other a farewell?  Sigh…

More niggas need to ask themselves when picking out a stage name… How will white people sound when saying ‘buy this album’ on tv? Im sure everyone seeing “Ya Boy” not going so smooth. No matter what… this shit is gonna sound lame as fuck. But most important thing to that equation is: Does it sound lame enough that even white people wont buy your album? If the answer is yes, Then you might wanna go with something else homie. really lol.  Its a shame too because the nigga aint half bad. But fuck the dumb, I dont think imma renig on this one hear like I did The Game lol. And fucking Starbucks, but thats another story lol.

For now, good luck getting this wack shit out of your head lol.

You Tube

The Black Does Not Rub Off!

I dont know how many people managed to catch the vh1 movie, Totally Awsome. Apparently not that many people lol. Not to say that all yall are missing all THAT much, but what you are missing for sure. But what you are missing for sure is the GUTTY ass character Tracey Morgan played on this shit. WOOOO its worth sitting through the movie. The outtakes are REALLY worth sitting through the movie.


The best line of this whole shit “DO NOT touch me, you understand?!? THE BLACK DOES NOT RUB OFF!!!”  as a nigga that experinced a bunch of culture shock when we moved to Fontana. I can identify with that statement. And it is the gotdamn guts lmao.

On GP (General Purposes)

Oh, Im on the toilet

Have you…. for whatever reason… been yanked out of your peaceful sleep because you had to take a vicious shit? If you havent, lucky you. But this has happen to me several times. And please believe me its wack EVERY single time, no matter the reason you have to take the vicious shit lol.

To add to the wackness. I can think of a few times where thats been a very unsober me. Having to take a mean shit that will probably hurt your ass or your stomach or possibly both at the same time. In the middle of the night, like lets say after a night of partying and drinking and youre already tired as shit. Untold amounts of wackness. Now, if youve never experienced being drunk, and then waking up in the middle of the night, you will probably have NO clue that you could actually wake up just as drunk as you were when you blacked out the first time. Waking up drunk is kinda wack, unless you love being drunk that gotdamn much. But Im sure that even if you DO love being drunk that gotdamn much. Waking up drunk and having to take a shit will definitely be wack to even you (fucking lush lol).
Anyway, depending on how drunk you were that night, hopefully you dont fold yourself trying to stager to the toilet in the dark. I have, it sucks lol. Sigh, anybody that has been to my house, knows sometimes my room just dont be clean lol (FUCK whoever comments that its ever clean in advance, thanks lol) . One time I tripped on something something and then fucked my other foot up on something else and hit the bathroom door molding with my forearm. Fuckin catastrophe. I was on the toilet, stomach all fucked up, taking a terrible shit, trying to imaginaryly rub the pain out of my fucking forearm and feet (we all know rubbing doesnt help shit). Ass exploding n shit. I have ulcers, or HAD… whatever. So every drunken shit for me is a def con 5 event.
I think I woke up drunk AND blowed that night.

Anyway… I did say all that to say and ask this. Have you ever had to take a drunken shit and fell asleep on the toilet? And then woke back up, and had to remember where you were? Like, Oh, im on the toilet. One of those times I actually fell asleep in the middle of taking a shit. That was pretty wack, although I did wake up kinda surprised. I felt like I had reached a high point and a very low point simultaneously some how. I still dont know what those two points were though.

Ive fallen alseep on the toilet like 3 times. I know I cant be the only person out there this has happen to.

There is probably some super alcholic reading this that this must happen to all the time. lol hopefully said person has some tips to share lol.

The wackest of all these situations though is probably having to throw up in that whole mix as well. Especially in the middle of taking a shit. Which im sure has happen to somebody. Not me though. Im not THAT much of a drunk. Ive only given it up twice. I have ulcers though, thats why ive been yanked out of my sleep so many times to have to take a shit.

And I can safely say, as wack as it is having to take a drunken shit in the middle of the night. I think about 90% of those nights were worth it. The other 10% though, might be part of the reason I dont really drink that often anymore lol. Those nights are probably the reason Ive sworn off alot of other shit too though lol. Probably because just when you thought your wack drunken night is over, you have to WAKE UP and take a drunken shit. Which will probably give you time to RE-reflect on how wack your night just was lol. When you thought the shit was over when you hit your pillow the first time. Especially when its two to three drunken shits in one night lol. WOOOOOOOOOOOO that will make you swear off a whole lot of shit you thought was great before that night lol.

I havent taken a drunken shit in a long time actually. But just a month ago, I did have to get up in the middle of the night and take a shit due to me eating a buncha BULLSHIT because I had the munchies lol.

lol that shit happen to you too many times, and youll be eating healthy and organic snacks when you have the munchies lol (if at all fuckin with me lol). Apples and Carrots n shit lol. Unless youre a dumb fuck like me and eat like 3 pounds of carrots and broccoli with hella sour cream based dip lmao.
I was on the toilet thinking to myself… gotdammit, imma fucking idiot. That shit was hella good tho lmao.

Oh, this picture up here is the fucking GUTS by the way, Gotdamn lmao

On GP (General Purposes)

OJ Live On The Platform

The Platform Show

Until monday night, from this current night… You can actually see me live on Internet TV, on The Platform (NSFW) a hip-hop show on PrimetimeUncensored. Put a person to the blog or what have you. You can watch me talk shit, and have a problem sitting still, and laughing way too hard. whatever lol.

You can view the archive of the show I was on here (NSFW). I appear about 35 minutes into the show, I think.

I really dont talk too much about my work on here, but im thinking i might start a little bit.

Which brings me to the next thing i was gonna bring up. But I feel as if im being a bit backwards. Oh well fuck it. One of the many reasons this blogger has fallen the fuck off is because I have been working my ass off. At the moment i work 2.5 / 3 “jobs”. Really. One of those “jobs” is my work over at, which ill elaborate more on at some point in the future.

But as far as The Platform goes… my homeboy Sam has had the site LA Hiphop Calendar for the longest. Hes gets to go to all the live events out here. For free half the time. Bastard lol. So after PTU had been up and running for a month or so. I was blowed in the mall or something and thought hmmm sam has a hiphop site, a hiphop show is certainly the next step. I ran the idea by sam, he was with it. Then I had another idea, this cant be a cock fest. So i suggested to sam that we incorporate a female into the mix. Just so happens that my homeboys wife Chasity is a hiphop head. Blam The Platform Show was born. And it is going pretty thus far.

Imma be the Aaron Spelling of the Internet dammit. As soon as i learn what the fuck im doing lol.

On GP (General Purposes)

Supreme Modation

I was talking to my good friend Dell, who has a similar background as myself, but really didnt stick to the demographic he was born into. kinda like my self. and we were talking about different we were from then to now.

as ive gotten older, and started to make more money and do better shit. i realize more and more how ‘ghetto’ i really am. im not saying i ever thought i was better than the next man. but every black person knows when the next nigga is more ghetto than they are. lol its the truth. ghetto and or country. every body can take themselves and compare themselves to the next black person and assess themselves accordingly. or at least i can lol. maybe im the only nigga that thinks of shit like that? who knows.

the thing is… all this time, it turns out, the people i grew up around and hung out with. i was just the least ghetto of the bunch. oops. lol still id like to point out, in no way do i think im better than any one else because i might be less ‘ghetto’ than they are.

Sadly though, fact of the matter is. The ‘ghetto’ shit that alot of people hold dear to them, aint really the best shit going. and im not talking about just growing up and becoming mature. im talking about the lifestyle one leads when growing up in the ‘ghetto’… for instance, grocery shoping in south central and grocery shopping in porter ranch… two different worlds homie, you wouldnt believe. it is super hard to eat healthy in the hood. shits wack. its gotten to the point to where i cant even stomach alot of shit from where i grew up at. i wont even eat over there. even the mc donalds is greasier in the hood. shits wack. that shit is oppression on the smallest, yet grandest level if you ask me. thats another post tho.
Sigh, i remember the day i figured out that if i ate at Tams again, i was probably gonna fucking die. i was so damn sad. that shit was so gross i wanted to drop kick somebody. that shit used to be SOOOO fucking good.

anyway… thats just one example. but for the last 7 years or so, i feel like everything that people do where i come from, doesnt work for or around the people ive encountered in that time span. and im faced with this shit daily it seems like.

one could say, well oj, maybe youre out of your element. possibly. but guess what. i didnt exactly fit in with my previous element either. ive always known that there was better shit to be had and experienced. and certain things i just refuse to fuck with. and that made me a little too different for some people. and they’d talk shit lol. muthafuckas have even gone as far as to accuse me of not being black. ive heard various brands of this bullshit all while i was growing up. but its whatever… im not bitter and i dont hate nobody really, but fuck them niggas anyway lol. they can be on that shit on their own damn time.

lol however though, picture me fucking befuttled as fuck when i grow up and find out more and more every day how ‘ghetto’ i really am. the fucked up part is, i really did fight off those people who i met after about 2000, who would try to tell me how ghetto i really was… and for a long time i thought they were full of shit. until one day, i was smokin and the truth smacked me right in the face. i had did something earlier that day, that made me realize where i stood in life and who i was exactly. i dont remember what happen or what event took place. i really dont remember when it was exactly either. i just remember i was blowed and saw the truth. then after that, i said fuck it, i dont care, thats just who i am then. if im ghetto, then so be it. love it or hate it. but of course, that only stuck for so long. because when you realize the truth, you can only be ignorant on purpose for so long if you have any sense at all. and well me having sense at and all. i still continue to struggle with what is socially acceptable for the people i current surround my self with.

and every time i realize that residual a perspective from a former lifestyle hold me back in my current lifestyle. its the worst moded feeling there ever was. and ive been pretty moded more than my fair share lol. nothing tops this at all lol.  its a pretty wack feeling. its even wacker when all the would be better solution really sound super wack to you lmao. what the fuck do you do then?! oh its a struggle. sigh. every day damn near. its something.

I had a muthafucka at my door. and we had got into it earlier. and then like less than 30 min later the muthafucka is at my door and wanna talk about it. and of course i was on some fuck you and fuck that shit. and this guy is sitting there just taking it. looking me right in my eye. like im looking at him. i clearly state that i dont give a fuck about whatever he is talking about. but this muthafucka just stand there and doesnt budge. he didnt back down a tiny bit. this, pissed me completely the fuck off.
Now where im from, if there is one person, pissed at another person, and that person is being confronted face to face, eye to eye. somebody has to back down. somebody has to be like, hey i dont want no problems. even if that person, is the person yelling at the other person. ( not that that always works ). now if this doesnt happen, the chances of a fight breaking out are almost guaranteed.
So hear i have this old ass white guy at my door on some punk ass person shit, and im telling him what the fuck i think about him being a punk ass person and he is lookin me in my eye like he want me to whoop his ass basically. i know what he was thinking. the old racist fuck. he was thinking in his younger days he could take me. or either he wanted to sacrifice his well being to piss a nigga off and put another nigga in jail lol. its alright tho, fuck that guy. the point is… even though i didnt step outside and put my foot in his old ass. him not backing down should not have pissed me off as much as it did. no matter if i did or didnt like that muthafucka in the first place AND had walked away from the first confrontation. he was wrong and i was right no matter what. i should have just said what i had to say and kept it moving. or been a real asshole and threated to call the police on his punk ass for even bothering me in the first place ( aint like the muthafuckas would have showed up but still )

but anyway… now looking back on the whole thing… here i feel super moded because essentially i tried to drag an old white man into a nigga moment. lol actually, if he was just a few more degrees red neck or trashy, he would have tried to whoop my ass on the first confrontation lol (where he fucked up in the first place). ive seen old rednecks ready to scrap with anybody, they dont give a fuck. this old whitetrashy white dude pulled a knife on me one night around the corner, lol on another nigga moment actually. lol ill have to write about that shit too lol. fyi… he was in the wrong too, i promise lol.

oh well.  i dont know what my fate is. sometimes i feel like im selling my soul in order to have the finer things in life and to do better shit. but sometimes i feel like its time to move on and accept the things that are better for me and will make me happier in the long run.

being from the ghetto shouldnt mean youre all the way black or that you must always continue to do ghetto ass shit and have no class on purpose. it should just mean you know how to struggle and make it no matter  what.

lol and one day ill take my advice all the way lol. until then, fuck it… at least im trying lol. shit.

On GP (General Purposes)

The Asshole Says

I gotta joke.

One day, on some random guy… his body parts got into a little bit of a debate, that kind of got out of hand. The topic of this debate was “Who should be in charge”.  As in who should be the shot caller of the body. Each body part made their respective cases.

The Brain, naturally you would think had the best case. Stating that, for one, if he goes they all go. They dont even work without the brain. Its crazy  to think the brain shouldnt be in charge. The brain was kinda pissed that this was even a debate. However the other body parts insisted they make thier case.

The Eyes thought they should be in charge because sight is essential to every day functions. even the brain needs the eyes to gather information about what to do with what the body is faced with on the daily. etc etc..

The Arms hands and fingers spoke as a team, and claimed that with out them the body couldnt feed or wash its self. The body would need some one ELSES arms to do those things for them in order to survive if the arms werent there.

The Legs and feet spoke as a team of course, and thought they should be in charge because the arms can only get you from point A to point B for so long. The legs key argument was basically that mobility is key to survival. Getting food, going to get ass to procreate, getting out of danger, etc.

Then out of no where the Asshole says, All of you guys are fucking idiots, im in charge. I dont give a fuck what any of you think.

This of course pissed the other body parts the hell off. They told the Asshole to fuck off and bared him from the debate…. for well… being an asshole. The Asshole took offense to this. And in true Asshole fashion, he barged in the conversation one more time.

Fuck you guys, im tired of dealing with you guys’ shit! And just to prove my point, i wont take your shit anymore. Basically, the Asshole decided to stop working.

The other body parts continued to brush off the Asshole. Until, a few days passed by and the body parts were feeling a bit sluggish. but they didnt notice, because the debate raged on, all while the Asshole sat on the sidelines… not working. Passing no body waste for days. the days turned into a week or so…

By this time, the body hadnt taken a shit in over 5 or so days. The arms and legs began to swell. The eyes were having trouble working. The brain couldnt even think straight, all it could do was think about how it needed to take a shit. All because the Asshole decided to prove a point and shut down.

The other body parts thought the whole situation was pretty fucked up, but what could they do? They all need the asshole to function properly in the end. lol

If you have no eyes, you still need to take a shit, if you have no brain and your a vegatable, you still need to take a shit at the very least lol. if you have no arms, and you need some one else to feed you, you still need to take a shit. if your… well you get the picture.

lol the moral of the story is… The Asshole is always in charge. Remember that shit lol.

On GP (General Purposes) The Pampered Black Man got the hook up!

If you have the fortune of having a Vons in your area. I STRONGLY suggest hitting up

Why? You ask? Ill tell you why my friend. Because they muthafuckin deliver gotdammit! As in, to your door. As in, you can order your food online, and they will deliver the shit! to your door!
Call me what you want… bougie, LATE ( because i think errin was up on this shit when she lived out here ) than a muthafucka… which or whatever… call me easily satisfied and impressed to right along with that if you will. I dont care less. I just found the thing that is about to cure half of the woes in my LIFE!!!

How is that? Because i am the laziest nigga there ever was… but some how im a workaholic at the same time. I swear… ask anybody in my list of links. But lets forget the fact that sounds impossible on paper. And lets try to focus on what that could possibly mean in real life.

It means that work gets in the way of grocery shopping lol. which means the cubbards are bare way more than they should be. which means i dont eat like i should. But i really tend not to notice because im focused on work. Whatever. But now that i can sit here, work and shop at the same damn time!! and then have the food delivered RIGHT to might door.

That means… even if i wasnt fuckin workin, i dont have to get my black ass up, deal with the elements, DRIVE to the muthafuckin store, walk my black ass through the store, isle by damn isle, figure out what i want… dodge kids, old people, other muthafuckas… yap yap yap yap. THEN! Lets not forget about me not having to stand the fuck in line! I HATE STANDING IN LINE! I dont think im too good to stand in line… like some people. lol I just dont fuckin LIKE to stand in line at all. I would not be oppssed to having my own personal check out clerk. ready just for me. turning other muthafuckas in line down. like no… im his check out clerk. Have the bag boy making room n shit. That i could go for. But since that shit aint happening. ill take my black ass to order my food whenever… pick a delivery time for the next day ( or the day after if they busy. but if you time your shit correctly and dont wait till you out of everything you should be straight lol ). Blam. Your food shows up when the fuck you think it should.

I HIGHLY recommend this to people who live in apartment buildings that dont have elevators… shit fuck it, if you dont have a garage, dont even fuckin go to the store. i promise you. its WELL worth it. Unless you absolutley love going to the grocery store like that. Psh, this is the fucking LICK.

Sounds great OJ, how much does it cost?? Well… im glad you asked. 15 muthafuckin dollars. Can you believe that shit? AND you automatically get all the club card discount deals! you dont even have to remember your mamma or your auntie or your homie number who you know gotta vons card you ghetto muthafuckas you! I know there are TONS of niggas who do that shit, because IIIIII Fucking doing that shit!!! LMAO!!! Fuck applying for a card, i aint trying to hold up the line like that, or let my fucking ice cream melt in my basket while im filling that shit out. I already dont wanna be in that bitch in the first damn place! LOL wooo. anyway…
Oh, and if you spend $150, delivery is only like 5 bucks.  It goes down.

Gas is high, 15 dollars aint shit! They bring the shit right to your door. I honestly kinda feel like people who dont use this service are damn near dumb lol. Unless you love going to the market. Me personally, i hate it, i got shit to do. Ill go if i need something in particular. but on the regular, all the time, once every one or two weeks homie? fuck that.

Call me what you want to. This is one of the top 10 things the internet has to fucking offer. This is just as good as being able to make money off the internet and not having to leave the house for days at a time during the winter when its cold as fuck. This is good as being over paid.

You know what? I have a confession. I used to conserve food. because i wanted it to last. because i didnt wanna go to the fucking store sooner than i felt i had to. I used to try to eat all my food so it would all kinda run out at the same time. Im kinda decent at it to tell the truth.  Aint that a muthafuckin shame??? I know. It is. I suck. I can admit it. Fuck… Imma get fuckin fat now. Well… maybe not, maybe ill just gain my fucking weight back. lol Which would crack.

Honestly you know what? I started practicing conserving my food so it would all run out at the same time when i lived in phoenix. lol. A nigga was in school, and i was fuckin broke. But im not really THAT broke these days… so i have no other reason to do that shit, other than the fact that im trying to avoid the super market if i can. Pitiful, yes. Oh well. That was then. is now. OJ is the fucking “Pampered Black Man” according to Yong ( fuck him ) . Ill be that, if that means i can order my shit online more than often. and be at the store as less as possible lol.  Fuck it lol. Shits great.

Oh, let me warn you though. Ordering food online is a TAD muthafuckin tricky, you WILL fuck up if youre blowed and hungry and everything look good, and youre not paying attention to the quantity of shit and shit lol. shit, youll fuck up sober… i did lol. i  fucking ordered ONE bannana. I mean, the picture of them shits was pack of bannanas n shit, lol. So on the amount, i put 1, because i wanted ONE pack like the picture said! Honestly, it probably did say that it was only one. but whatever. I didnt make that mistake twice. fuck the dumb lol. i orderd 10 this time! lol Yes, at the current date, i am on my second go round with Sometimes they are out of stock. sometimes they can sub it. sometimes they cant. Still worth it. its just like if you were there. True… the person shopping for you dont care as much as you do. but still worth it at the end of the day. You CAN send special instructions to the TEE if youre anal like that. And im sure a few people reading this are thinking to themselves… nigga your list must be vicious. Fuck off. its not. i dont even write shit lol. i just order. I dont even bitch when they fuck up im so happy with this shit.

Fuck this imma go eat.


I Came With A Crew Called Self, And Everybody Look Just Like ME

“Now For your your pleasure or entertainment, I came with a crew called self /
And everybody look just like me /
And we agree that we dope, FOOL /
We got flava /
and everyone knows whos the savior… “- Mic Check – Aceyalone

The above photos were taken by Resha. Who i clearly need to hire as my personal photographer lol.

This is my God Daughter Essense. JD’s lil girl. I have a present that i need to give to JD next time i see that nigga.

I dont know who took this picture. I dont even remember taking it. But i know it was on labor day. And i was obviously faded.

On Slauson…

In Compton..

lol please excuse this picture, i was drunk as fuck and hot. I dont know how Drew (on your left) and Ryan (on your right) kept on they jackets. Maybe them niggas was too fucking hot with those jackets on, and thats why they managed to not look at the right camera, whatever lol. Actually, now that i think about it. I was drunk and hot before i even got dressed that night lol. Maybe thats why im lookin all crazy…  Fun night tho!

Yong ( to your left )… i forgot everybody elses name because i was super drunk. I cant remember the dude with the glasses name on right now, but this man is looking like he is ready to rape him a bitch. lmao. Woooo i was fuckin drunk that night too. Gotdamn. Maybe you can tell by lookin? no? maybe you just have to know me to see how drunk i am in my face lol. a few people can lol.

Anyway… i said all that, and posted all these pictures to say:

for those who were concerned, irritated, perturbed, annoyed, worried or whichever fits in that line of thinking about me taking down the O gallery.

Its back up (particularly as a surprise to some one special, i know she been wanting it for a long time. and i cant help but give her what she wants, in some form or fashion lol ). With new pictures. I should have started on the old ones first. Shit, them might not go back up now. But i do have older pictures that werent up before, that i still need to post. But if figured its a step. and i keep saying im trying to just DO shit and let it not be perfect. And everything aint up there, so its not perfect, and im rolling with it. You should too.

Peep Here.

Blowed Thoughts

So What?

“Youre quite confident despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary… fascinating!” – lil tony blair.

That was the the funniest shit ive heard all gotdamn day!!! holy shit!

Lil Bush is the funniest shit on TV. I cant believe the “most powerful man in the world” is sitting by letting these people talk THIS much shit. Everybody has bush jokes, but this is over the top. They got his moms and dad on the cartoon and they talk the most shit about them too!

and we wont even talk about lil cheney. that muthafucka there is completely off the hinges.

How arrogant and rich and “powerful” do you have to be when you let a cartoon like this air all damn week, and be this funny.

I could just imagine their whole thought process on the whole thing.

“So what? I make more money than you, I have everything I want, I can do anything I want… and get away with it. And youll know i was up to no good. Youll talk shit about it. But ill still do it anyway and get away with it. And you cant do shit about it, except for be mad.”

“Youre quite confident despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary”

thats the only explaination.

Must be nice. Cant say i wouldnt sign up for something like that my self under the right circumstances.