On GP (General Purposes)

Southern Niggas Is Hard Of Hearing

So i was thinking the other day…

Are niggas from the south hard of hearing? Maybe. Let me present my case….

Exibit A: Lil John…. What?

Exibit B: Mike Jones…. Who?

Exibit C: If another rapper comes out from another southern state repeating “Huh?” or “Can you hear me now?” or “Say Again?” buckwild in a song… we might have to take a look in the water round them parks or something.

this is how I entertain myself on the sometime tip.
( “the sometime tip” ) is crackin me up right now.

On GP (General Purposes)

Guerrila Hypefare

This game of hype between JD, RJ and myself has gotten out of hand. Let me show you…

JD: please god hear my prayers, please let this last 30 minutes go by with the ultimate swiftness
JD: God?
JD: is that you?
OJ: LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JD: Oh its big Juave
OJ: WOW?!?!?!?
JD: I know controlling time is beneath you, you leave things like that up to your apprentice, Jesus, but do you think you can make an exception

Im just glad we havent taken it to our respective bloggers too tuff yet.

It would get bad.

On GP (General Purposes)

Its A Fucking Pandemic

I think bordum has swept the fucking country tonite.

At first, i thought i was a lazy muthafucka. But i hit up various people on my trusty buddy list and they too are just as bored as me. Bored and feeling kinda lazy. sigh… what to do what to do?

Actually, i have a buncha shit i could be doing at the moment.

I got nba live i could be playing.
I have that new star wars game i could be playing.
I have more than a few projects i could be working on.
I could be cleaning up my room.
I could be hitting the weights.
I could be watching the hours of recorded TV on my dvr that i aint even tried to fucking watch.
I could be doing a buncha shit.

Honestly, it took some effort to write this gotdamn blogger entry. i dont know what my problem is.

The only thing ive managed to do is wash a load of clothes. I think that took all my fucking energy. I swear.

This is some bullshit… basiclly whats going on is.

Im being lazy. And because im lazy, i dont wanna do SHIT. And now im not doing shit. But because im not doing shit. Im fucking bored as fuck. Aint that about a bitch? Talk about being your own worse enemy. fuck.

On GP (General Purposes)

Sometimes I Wonder…

…. how successful would i be if i sold roses on the side of the freeway? Or maybe fruit?

what if i decided to change the game and sell candy on the side of the freeway? I wonder how successful i would be then.

just a thought lol.