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Youre Fucking Up Man

i see what the title says… but it doesnt relate to the fact that i havent posted anything new.

but look at this shit year… these people clearly did not take a note from the good ol Commander In-Cheif G-Dub, and get a good team around them to help them out with shit that might be crucial to thier success as an organization lol.

OJ: this is what happens when you got bad people on your team
OJ: they had the wrong people review that shit…..
OJ: and everybody who let that shit slide is going to hell
Kwasi: LMFAO…..death
Kwasi: please tell me that’s arlington, tx
OJ: LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kwasi: damnit it’s va
OJ: LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OJ: nobody involed in this project fucks with porn

gotdamn shame.

hella funny tho lol.

On GP (General Purposes)

Mase Can You Please Stop Smokin La La

Mase Can You Please Stop Smokin La La
Puff why try…I’m a thug, I’m a die high

you remember that shit? that old puff and mase shit? everybody thought mase said puff wha imma ug immadahhah. well at least i did… because i never really tried to hear what that nigga was saying, because every time i heard the gotdamn song… i didnt want to hear it. every single time. even still, i couldnt help but ask my self… what in the fuck is immadahhah?!

but a few years ago the homie was telling me that mase be saying some shit ( at a closer listen… he does ). then he actually typed out that line for me and i was like DAMN!!! thats what that nigga be saying?! i woulda never fucking guessed!!!

at that moment i stoped hating mase all the way. it was more like… eehhh i dont hate him, but i still aint trying to hear that shit. whatever.

Anyway… i bring that shit up for a few reasons…

intially…. ummm mase a thug? yea alright lol i mean… it could be possible on some kinda level. because you can never tell with some niggas. people think that nigga is slow… i say he just take his time maybe lol. but hell… the nigga could really be slower than a dyslexic turtle. who knows… who cares…

secondly tho… people ask me sometimes… OJ, you think you could ever just stop smoking. or even just stop smoking for like 2 weeks or even a month. at this point id like to remind the muthafuckin masses that i only smoke on the weekends most of the time… twice during the week is alot for me. Anyway…
I reply… yea i could. But why would i? i have absolutley NO reason to not smoke. i dont smoke to get away from shit to escape my problems or make me a better person. i smoke because i like to fuckin smoke. end of story. shits great to me. i dont want to feel like that all the time. i dont smoke to have a good time. Although, i cant say its easy to have a fucked up time when youre blowed lol. But believe it or not… im realativly the same nigga when im blowed. there are differences… some big some not so big… you can hardly even tell when im blowed. Youd have to really know me to know that im fucked up. and still might have a hard time then. i dont look it on my face… my eyes dont get super low or red, and i have the same deminer for the most part. Youd have to really be up on my sober tendances AND my blowed behaviors to tell.
Honestly… some of the shit people laugh at that ive written on this blogger… i was completely sober when i had the thought, or when i did some shit that im writing about.
I have mastered my high… i cant say i had that shit under control right off the back… but eventually… after smoking long enough. i got the hang of the shit.

i remember the first time i smoked some chronic… i was in pheonix at this party with some of my coworkers n shit. i took ONE good hit of that shit…. and thought i was fuckin super nigga. i didnt think i could do any damn thing… i just THOUGHT i wasnt high. key word… thought. i was like the second nigga to hit the shit. and by the time it got to the 4th person… the person before me and the two people after me are all like… OH im COOL! im pretty high. and here go super nigga ( me ) on some… damn really? im not even blowed! but… i was… because what i failed to fucking realize at the time was that i was STUMBLING to my left. like… my whole person would slightly tilt to the left and i would have to catch my self. i did not realize this shit tho. at all.
so after i say im not blowed at all. the other three guys kinda look at each other like… … really?
guess not… so the homie albert says… smoke the rest then!
i took two more hits of that shit and it was done… at this point anybody reading this shit with a decent reading comprehension score is going to think to themselves… hmm… ok… if one hit did him like that… then what did three hits total do?
Well… my leaning to the left got WAY WORSE! like… damn near fall over bad. Me and these other three dudes is all standing around in a circle just shootin the shit. and i promise you yall… the gotdamn world started to lean from left high to low right, i still remember that shit clearly lol. and here go my black ass trying to tilt my body and my head to even the world out as i see it. and of course… im still stumbling because im leaning like a MUTHAFUCKA now! like i was totally devoid of all the neturients that V8 fills ones body with ( remember those commercials? with the white people walkin all titled to the side n shit). kinda like the micheal jackson smooth criminal video… but like to the left instead of straight forward. and OF FUCKING COURSE this is phyically impossible… so im stumbling BAD at this point… trying to hold it together. so im talkin n shit… stumbling… and i dont know… nobody really noticed……… until i decided to show them how blowed i was. at this point i was fucking confused and was ASBOLUTLY sure something was up. so i asked my three partners in inbreation “Say… umm… is the world leaning to yall?”
these muthafuckas all three at the same time STOPED asking themselves.. what in the fuck did he just say.
I saw this in thier eyes… so i asked again lol. but this time… id be more clear. “… like… the earth… is it tilting n shit. because im looking at the ground and its like… slanted to the left.”
These muthafuckas fell the fuck out laughing at me.
then i knew… oh… i must be REALLY FUCKING BLOWED!!!
i was so high them niggas didnt wanna let me drive home until like an hour later ( yes ive been too high to drive more than 10 times… anyway… ). the dudes i was smokin with was mexican… and after these niggas finished laughing at me… or caught they breath… the homie albert was like… i was wondering why you kept sliding over ay!?
i said, what?
he goes on and explains to me… yea… every since your first hit… youve been taking steps to your left and then coming back… then youd keep going… like you wanted to tip over or something. i was wondering what the fuck was wrong with you.
This fool was pretty blowed his self so he didnt really catch on at first.
Anyway… i didnt mean to get into all that. lol. but that was my first ever Chornic High. the first time i smoked and got blowed tho… some whole different shit happen. i guess ill post that another time.

The third reason why i bring up this old mase quote is because this nigga JD ( Juave Diaz ) has posted another entry to the chronic-ils about his attempts on quitting mary jane.
… now that i think about it. this nigga has a hard time getting away from any girl, that he’s EVER been with lol. but thats why he’s a Juave! the ladies love him and cant get enough of him. they tie thier undergarments to his windshield wipers when he parks his car in public places.
JD, actually, is the teller of all truths. rather really true or true because he wants it to be. JD is really short for JeDi. im convinced. this nigga be using the force on females. them old JeDi mind tricks n shit… waving his hand with some new truth for muthafuckas. this nigga has been COLD BUSTED by a girl… the girl had the PROOF in her muthafuckin HAND! PHYICALLY!!! and to make a long story short… this nigga JD got her to believe that the evidence she had IN HER HAND and SAW WITH HER OWN TWO EYES… was basiclly false. and yea… she believed him and it was all good afterwards. she put it down, he snatched it… never to be seen again. but it didnt matter, because a NEW TRUTH had been manifested and thats what it was and was gone be. PERIOD! So sayith the truth himself… Juave Diaz. aka The Golden Boy. because the truth is good as gold! JD is the truth and the light and his word can not be disputed OR quested! anybody who goes against the word of The Truth himself is obviously a gotdamn Liar, and is not to be trusted at all. Which im sure he will make me out to be if he ever reads this. but i mean hey… i guess ill be that.

Im pretty sure somebody out there is saying to themselves… why is this nigga talking about JD like this? JD, RJ and I have a lil thing we do called “Hype” ( thats how we came up with “Juave”, talkin about RJ ass lol ) and basiclly what we do is we make anybody around us look super great to divert attention away from ourselves, and super put that person on blast, on the spot, and anything else that has to do with way too much attention that any one person would ever want. no matter how much spot light they was after. even micheal jackson would be uncomfortable, let niggas start talkin on him lol.
im not sure… but i think the way this started out is… niggas was attempting to mask thier triffles and tried to out some one else in an attempt to divert attention away from them selves. actually… it could be anything from something skanless a nigga did… to something super great a nigga is into to something a nigga aint really SUPPOSE to be doing, but did it anyway because he could. but niggas is shy and modest about they shit sometime, so we try to down play shit and talk on somebody else. like when wendell went and coped that 700 dollar belt made of panda hide, there are only 73 belts like this in the entire world ( Jay Z has one, so does Russel Simmons ) because they are crafted by 3 Chinese people in a small villiage in the middle of china some where. like this place aint even on a map… you gotta ask like 7 people how to get there from place to place n shit. and there are so few because its illegal to hunt pandas, so you gotta wait for one to die and then make the belt and shoes… yes there are shoes… wendells is on back order. but he will get his before brad pitt n shit. they only got the left one made… they waiting to find another dead panda to make the right. i dont know how true this is… but they might make him a jacket to match his whole shit, dont tell nobody tho. after niggas found out, this nigga tried to start talkin about other niggas n shit ( inside joke from new years!! )
As you can probably tell… some of the hype is untrue… some of it hella true… some of it is a BIT stretched… and some of it is HELLA stretched… with my friends tho, youd never really know. Please note that Wendell really does have a white and black belt with very soft fine hair on it.
LMAO!!! anyway…
if JD ever gets around to reading this… i know the response is gonna be the fucking GUTS ( shit wendell too now lol )… but let me cast the first stone on this internet platform. on some premeptive (sp) strike shit lol. (high five G-DUB!) We always said that if one nigga started crackin jokes on the other one ( like the bumble bee story wasnt intially bad enough lol ) then we would have a full out joke war on each other. lol so i think im probably up for that Joke Fatwah now… but fuck it. its all fun and games till somebody has there business a lil TOO MUCH aired out lol. lol thats happen more than a few times lol.

man… this entry was kinda like a simpsons episode… started off on one thing… and ends on another… yet its still all kinda tied together.

On GP (General Purposes)


“tough times dont last, but tough people do”

i heard that some where a few weeks ago. i cant remember where for shit. but when i heard it, i said to my self… well damn, that is the damn truth.

when i heard that… everything was pointing in the direction of being all good. but now… the last couple of days. ehhh. i dont know. shit could be worse, way the fuck worse… but shit aint great either. toped off by the bullshit today. i had to fucking to go fucking church. i can not stand that shit. ive been secertly pissed off about that shit all week.

However… this might be the last time i have to go. the next time wont be for a church service really, it will probably be a funeral. which sucks.


alot of times when shit aint going so well… and i talk to somebody about it. they tell me “well im going thru this or that…” or “you think you got it bad? well this or that happen to me or some other person they know” or anything else conserning people that aint me. my dad mainly does that. he normally says “boy you think you got it bad?” and continues on into something about somebody that aint me. i hate that shit. i had to tell him the other day… you know… i dont care about anybody elses bad time except for mine. because i can only live my life. what some one else is going thru isnt gonna make me feel any better when im bogged down with whatever is going on with me. so what im not that only one suffering? i realize that im not, but how does that help me? it doesnt. honestly, in my eyes, that is some backwards ass thinking. is it suppose to distract me from my problems? i need to focus on my problems and how to fix them shits… and get over what im going thru.

eh… but whatever…

so yea… i wrote that quote out, that i heard some weeks ago, in hopes that maybe somebody else needed to hear it. id rather hear a good word, than how im not the only person with problems.

On GP (General Purposes)

Thanks Alot, You Fat FUCK!

i am irritated. henceforth i will speak as such.
if you are a person who finds your self offended at the message that the following text offers, please… i invite you to click on that muthafuckin red x in the corner of your web browsing application, and immediately stop reading what i have to say. As for i could care less about you being offended. and if you are offended. i hope youre as offened as possible. i hope its the worst shit youve ever been offended by ever in your fucking life. i hope you never fucking forget it. and i hope it sticks with you through the afterlife or whatever you may believe. i hope that it consumes you to the point you have to link back to the shit talking shit on your OWN peice of web space, telling people how horrible of a muthafuckin person i am. Hate me. loathe me. IGNORE ME YOU FUCKING IDIOT!


as i said before. a nigga like me is irritated. i am irritated and a lil buzzed… but i speak with a clear mind and raw tounge! i have mulled this topic over for a lil over a month, letting my fustration, anger and irritation marinate… to eventually reach this point here.
So yes… i am irritated with fat people. not every fat person. but those fat useless son of a bitches that thought it would be a good idea to come with a law suit against mc donalds because they feel that Mc Donalds is the reason behind them being fat. Ive heard alot about… oh america is fat. americans are obesse. Obeasity runs rampid in america. it probably does. but guess what? everybody who is fat, chooses to be fat. yes i said it. if you are fat, that is your fucking choice. there are no excuses.
dont try that Oh im big boned shit with me. yes you can be big boned but you are clearly also always fucking hungry. these two factors have no relation to each other. being a naturally big person is fine. but being a big person and being a fat muthafucka are two different things. if you have a stomach that has a crease, youre fucking fat. im sorry, there is no way around that shit. that shit is unatural.
but anyway… this is really not my point. i dont mean to get on all fat people. i honestly could care less about who is fat and who is not, if youre fat, so what? you could probably be a Good Great Fat Person…… or whatever? ive met and know a few. anyway, like i said previously. i am pissed off with the muthafuckas that SUED McDonalds because THEY are fat, because THEY ate there… BY CHOICE!!!! How in the fuck are you going to blame fucking mc donalds on you being fat?
You stupid fat chunky fuck!!! EVERYBODY KNOWS FAST FOOD AINT THE HEALTHIEST SHIT OUT!!!!!! this is common fucking knowledge… how are you fucking oblivious to this gotdamn fact?!?!?!?!?!? is it because you CAN NOT HEAR the news or other muthafuckas… or PLAIN AND SIMPLE FUCKING LOGIC over you chewing on varoius fucking snacks and the like?!
Thats like blameing the dope man on your addiction to drugs… the dope man dont put a gun to your fucking head and say…HEY! SMOKE THIS OR IMMA SMOKE YOU! YOU find the dope man and then YOU choose to buy drugs and then YOU choose to fuckin smoke that shit. and now… youre fucking addicted! Congratulations, you gotdamn cluck! Welcome to junkydom!

so… now its mc donalds fault because youre fat huh? ok… let me ask you fat fuckers this tho… is mc donalds the only muthafuckin place you fat nasty son of a bitches EVER eat?! NO! chances are if youre fat… you NEVER eat healthy. you are that asshole eating a snack before bed n shit…. never exersising in the least bit. eating all kinds of pies, cakes, cookies and all kinds of other desserts. and you know what? if you eat at mc donalnds twice or ONCE a day, every day… guess what? you and your gotdamn kids deserve to be fat. dumb fuck.
i refuse to believe eating at mc donalds or any fast food spot moderatly will make you fat…. ESPECIALLY if you fucking exersise. there is no way.
You fat muthafuckas… if you say NO to mc donalds. and NOT buy they food. you wouldnt have these fucking problems. like if muthafuckas didnt smoke… they wouldnt lung cancer n shit. its common knowledge that cigs will fuck you up. but muthafuckas be mad and trying they hardest to stay alive when the years of smoking catches up with they asses. its really fucking simple i promise.

What it is though… people are weak. Weak and irresponsible. so they make excuses and blame others for THIER OWN FAULTS! dragging other people down with them. making THEM responsible for shit they fell victim to. when all they had to do was show some gotdamn restraint in the fucking first place.

im pretty sure anybody with a onuce of fucking sense is asking themselves by now: Well OJ, i understand what you are saying, but how does this affect you and why do you speak so strongly on it?
Well the answer is simple.
I am so muthafuckin mad because, due to these fat worthless irresponsible son of a bitches, mc donalds has discountinued thier super sizing of shit! and fuck!! i LOVE super sized fries and a drink with my damn 20 peice nuggets! i absolutly love french fries. especially mc donalds french fries.
Now im not a total dumb ass… i do realize that through these fucking idiots bringing this law suit, that mc donalds has gotten slightly healthier with thier menu… the mc nuggets are made from real chicken ( honestly, i didnt fucking care what they was made out of before… it tasted like chicken, fuck it… let me believe that shit ) and they use vegatable oil for thier grease n shit… yap yap yap… THE SHIT IS STILL JUST AS FUCKING UNHEALTHY AS EVER THOUGH!!!! it may be a lil bit more heathly, but guess what?! you can eat at mc donalds five days a week… and before the end of the year… your fat ass will barely be able to sit in one of the gotdamn chairs IN the fuckin place!!! so what have you fat muthafuckas accomplished by getting the fucking super sized options taken away?!
you managed to piss me off and have me lash back at your puggy frail ass ego. congratulations you fucking fat fuck.
and guess what? with you fat fucks being so gotdamn dumb… you stupid muthafuckas played into thier gotdamn hands… now fucking mc donalds charge the SAME for a super sized french fry as they do the Large french fry now… so basiclly… its less frys for the same price. AND… AND… AND!!!! if its less fries… that means… when you porkly dumb fucks waddle your swollen ass frame up to the counter of mc doanlds… unjustly punishing your fat ass ankles and order that LARGE fry… guess what? your Fat person logic will kick in and say… hmmmm you know… that large fry wasnt doing it for me before… maybe i should get an ADDITIONAL medium ( or small… depending on how much of a fat fuck you are ) so i can be full. so now you end up spending way more money and possibly getting fatter.
Just because mc donalds doesnt offer super sized shit no more… doesnt mean this will stop people from eating less. they will just order more. which is actually a better situation for mc donalds, they end up making more money. and yes… ive actually seen fat muthafuckas SQEEZE they fat ass into a booth at mc donalds with a large fry and a small fry on the side of that shit.

Now i am well aware that my opinion is just mine, rather anybody else shares it or not. and im not saying its the holy doctorine, or that anybody reading this has to give a fuck about me or my opinion after they finish reading this shit. But with that said. id like to say to anybody behind the law suit that caused mc donalds to stop serving supersized shit…. Thanks Alot, You Fat FUCK! you worthless lazy irresonible pathtic human being. You are a fucking waste of skin and air. you are trifflin and flagrantly unless. you are good for nothing more than consuming food and being fat. you are also good for a good laugh, when people see you and talk about how fat you are. i hope you are very unhappy and stay unhappy for the rest of your fat ass life. “i hope all the bad things in life, happen to you, and no one else”

Honestly, this isnt about fat people… this is about pathtic muthafuckas in this world that blame OTHER people for shit they can help. like muthafuckas who are fat and blame mc donalds for them being fat. like people who run into some sort of life trouble and think just because they know you that thier problems are now YOUR fucking problems and have the MUTHAFUCKIN NERVE to be mad at you for not helping them, when THEY FEEL you can. not giving a fuck about YOU or YOUR life or what you may have going on in YOUR OWN LIFE! shit that dont got shit to do with them. i cant stand muthafuckas like that. muthafuckas that be extra quick to try to get you to do some shit for them and start off like “cant you just…” NO! ok… i cant just do shit!!! leave me the fuck alone bitch! muthafuckas dont really care about you or your life or your schedule at all. all they care about is thier bottom line. selfish sons of bitches….

And this is not to be confused with those individuals that feel that black people blame “the white man” for everything. while ill admit all day long. alot of shit isnt “the white mans” fault, conserning black people, and some black people are QUICK to point the finger…. Alot of shit is out of our control. like the fact that we are black, and the fact that in SOME instances and in SOME arenas we are treated differently because of this fact…. something we can not change. but i guess ill write about that some other time.

Anyway… i guess i am also annoyed because i was talkin to a friend of mine today. and we were watching tv, and this commercial comes on… its a local fast food resturant n shit… and they are advertising a new sandwich / burger… whatever. and she says some shit like… oh, just contributing to the reasons why americans are so fat.
Then i say… well… if americans ate healthier, then they wouldnt be fat.
then she says… well if they didnt serve food that made you fat…
i had to interupt… well if muthafuckas didnt CHOOSE TO BUY IT, they STILL wouldnt have that gotdamn problem.
she continues on with that americans are fat shit
and i say… well americans should cook at home or just CHOOSE to eat healthier.
she kept on…
sigh… i was done at this point… and said to her: congratulations on getting your opinions from tv… i hope that shit takes you far in life.
then… i couldnt believe it… she said to me… HUH?! what is that suppose to mean??? what does that have to do with americans being fat?!!
i just didnt say shit else after that… i wanted to be like man… YOURE IN COLLEGE!!!! YOURE SUPPOSE TO BE SMARTER THAN THAT!!! gotdamn. oh well. muthafuckas wonder why i dont constantly have a girlfriend and shit like that? shit like this. i cant stand it. yes… not everybody is like this. but enough people are i cant stand it. shit will make me IMMEDATLEY COOL on a muthafucka… they will all of a sudden be not so attractive in some instances.
i was talkin to calvin about this shit earlier.
sometimes im almost afriad to talk to people about thier opinions because i feel that i might respect them less and less as i find out more about them.
I am very well aware that i could be on the otherside of the fence one day, but honestly, im secure enough in my opinions to not give a fuck.

So in closeing… id like to say…. Thanks again to the stupid fat muthafuckas that fucked up the supersizing for every one. youve technically accomplished nothing. youve actually manged to take a counter productive ass step backwards… but i guess what you fat irresponsible muthafuckas are all about. achivements in counter productivity. youve eatten your self into obeasity and now manage to inconvince the fuck out of people who arent as irresponsible with thier eatting habbits as you are. youve still done absolutley nothing, but be fat and irresponsible. pat your selves on the back… or how ever far back you can reach… no… those rolls you feel on the back of your head isnt hotdogs, its your fucking neck.

On GP (General Purposes)

The Crunk Cruise

This was the Guckin Futz!!

Kwasi : gotdamn i hate black ppl
Kwasi : this muhfucca was just in front of the cops or some shit
Kwasi : was him looking into the camera cuffed and shit
Kwasi : talking bout…i’m a drug dealer..i’m not a bank robber
Kwasi : i’m a fuckin drug dealer
Kwasi : i’m not a bank robber
Kwasi : wtf is wrong with the world
OJ : lol i wonder what he was thinking
OJ : oh theyll understand….
Kwasi : lol…like he was being honorable as hell
OJ : you know?
Kwasi : that bank robbin shit is just wrong
Kwasi : i sell drugs
OJ : im better than bank robbers
OJ : those people are SCUM!
Kwasi : lol
OJ : i sell crack to kids…
OJ : i deserve medles n shit
OJ : bank robbers are tearing apart the american family!
Kwasi : haha…like he one first place in a track meet
Kwasi : er won
Kwasi : i helped build this community….them fuckin bank robbers are takers
Kwasi : they just take take take
Kwasi : i’m givin back…dont i make u muhfuccas feel good
Kwasi : who was there for u when u lost ur job??? ME
OJ : LMAO!!!!!!!
Kwasi : it wasnt no fuckin bank robber
OJ : LMAO!!!!!!!!!!
Kwasi : damn…i’m gonna have to start the sinktheboattoafrica watchlist
Kwasi : just all the muhfuccas u wanna trick like get on the boat we goin for a trip
Kwasi : and then just sink that shit
OJ : LMAO!!!
Kwasi : set em back 500 yrs or so
OJ : SHIT!!!!!!!!
Kwasi : u know u got some candidates
OJ : hell muthafuckin yea lol
OJ : everybody do lol
OJ : lol it would be the guts, all the niggas at the dock waving n shit….
Kwasi : and we can send em shit like it came from ed macmahon
OJ : lol
OJ : if the qualify to be on the boat, chances are they would fall for it lol
Kwasi : but it gotta come from someone respectable that these muhfuccas would believe it came from
Kwasi : like you just won a trip on the lil jon crunk cruise
OJ : LMAO!!!
Kwasi : sponsored by kool aid
OJ : LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! GOTDAMMIT!!
Kwasi : i’m gonna have to ask baby jesus to hook a brotha up wit that
OJ : LMAO!!!!
Kwasi : to finance the whole operation we’ll sell tapes
OJ : this is being pasted dogg lol
Kwasi : lmao
OJ : tapes?
Kwasi : u know muhfuccas wanna see the show
Kwasi : we wont show where the shit sank
Kwasi : lol
OJ : LMAO!!!
Kwasi : that shit gets cut
OJ : sink that bitch in the middle of the atlantic…
Kwasi : it’ll be a crunk cruise to bermuda
OJ : damn, speaking of janky shit tho….
OJ : im about to go snatch syls dvd burner out of her computer lol
OJ : and give her my dvd rom
Kwasi : u goin covert
OJ : sho nuff
Kwasi : LMAO
Kwasi : greeeeat
OJ : lol
Kwasi : when i get back to work i’m snatchin someone’s memory
OJ : lmao
Kwasi : my box has 256 in it and i be thoroughly pissed
OJ : fuck
OJ : i bet’

On GP (General Purposes)

I can do the robot!

sigh… for like the last two weeks… or so? lol all i have been hearing from like half the people i know that actually read this shit is the following:

— Are you gonna stop blogging??

lol its funny how like at least 10 people can only ask or say a variety of 4 different phrases pertaining to one event lol. well not verbatum of course, but something along those lines.

Anyway… no im not gonna stop blogging, and the reason i havnt is because… well. fuck i didnt fucking feel like it. ok? a nigga had other shit to do. imma busy person. i work. shit. lol i work alot.
true… i do make my living runing internet based businesses… so i could understand how one would be inclined to think that well since you work on the net, it should be easy for you to post something to your blogger! to that i say: youd fucking think so huh? but that really aint the case. truth be told… im on this gotdamn computer all day… and i try to escape the rays of this screen when i get a chance. if i spend however much time writing up a blog entry, that means i have free time to NOT be in front of this screen. but ehh… whatever. SOME people need to understand… i dont type out blogger entries to entertain. while what i have to say might be entertaining or whatever… im not a muthafuckin preformer lol. and if i was… best believe id be charging niggas!!!
The shit i publish to this site are stories and or thoughts that i tell to my friends or whom ever, that i dont feel like repeating again and again. i cant begin to count how many times ive told some of the shit ive been through to people on my buddy list or to somebody over the phone or in person. over and over again. this shit here is an easy way to just say the shit once, and provide niggas with a link lol. i suppose you can think of this as sort of an “OJ Newsletter” lol. with various updates on the thoughts that pass through my mind, and of course myself. (Althought i never write about me, or anything super personal. Think about it… what do you really know about me from reading this shit?)
even still with that… only about 30% of the shit i think about, or the stories ive told to my friends about some shit actually make it to the site. alot of times i just fuckin forget to put it up here, or dont think its all that interesting… or i just be like fuck it and get lazy and never do it lol.
Ive gone back and read some of the entries ive published and its like im reading it for the first time sometimes… i forget alot of the shit i say. it may be funny to some one else, or somebody might always remember some shit i said for whatever reason, but to me, im just talkin. its kind of like trying to remember EVERYTHING youve ever said, in any respects. alot of the times i dont say shit to be funny or mean or whatever on purpose. thats really how a nigga is, its just me talkin. i probably can only remember… ummm less than a quarter of the shit ive written on here. ( but i bet if i see that shit some where else ill remember! dont fuck with me! lol thivin ass muthafuckas lol )

so i guess what im saying is… untill muthafuckas start paying me to write blog entries… anybody anxious to read a new entry from me, or even will take it upon themselves to actually REQUEST that i write a new blogger entry…. is at the mercey of my mood, schedule, and lazyness… which all fluxuate with out warning. and thats what it is. sorry… ( not really lol )

i dont mean to come across on some diva like shit or like im special or anything. but ive really been asked… by more than a few people… and more than once. so here is my answer, that i dont plan on repeating.

so blam… i wrote something.

and oh yes… the title has absolutley nothing to do with the actual content of this entry. lol i just thought that it would be funny for somebody to actually read the whole damn entry, waiting for me to talk about how i can buss the robot.