On GP (General Purposes)

Everybody In The Chair Gettin Tipsy

Id like to start this shit off by saying. that i know alot of people think i aint shit. lol. so?
but, if some shit is fucking funny… its just fuckin funny. i dont care what the situation is. Anyway… i was talking to Resha the other day, and she reminded me of some funny shit that happen long time ago. (11:04:49 AM) : really what?
Resha (11:05:03 AM) : nevermind timmy (11:05:58 AM) : hey hey hey… (11:06:08 AM) : none of that… lol i told you im sleepy lol (11:06:17 AM) : you need to spot a nigga 20 extra points lol
Resha (11:06:21 AM) : u still timmy LOL (11:06:43 AM) : lol ill run into your ankels with my wheel chair!
Resha (11:07:13 AM) : ROFLMAO
Resha (11:07:15 AM) : hellnaw (11:07:23 AM) : you know how much that shit hurts?
Resha (11:07:38 AM) : i can imagine (11:07:43 AM) : i had this homeboy in the 7th grade (11:07:48 AM) : sigh…. man (11:07:52 AM) : that nigga was MEAN (11:08:01 AM) : i dont know what the fuck happen to him (11:08:11 AM) : but he could only move one arm (11:08:15 AM) : and barely move the other one (11:08:23 AM) : he was mexican (11:08:29 AM) : and he was a lil vato loco… (11:08:35 AM) : he didnt get shot or no shit (11:08:38 AM) : thats the way he was born (11:08:46 AM) : but he could draw like a muthafucka (11:24:34 AM) : lol man…. i wonder how dude is doing (11:24:38 AM) : he was hella little (11:24:50 AM) : if you stood him up… he woulda been no taller than the table..
Resha (11:24:57 AM) : LMAO
Resha (11:24:59 AM) : oh shit (11:25:02 AM) : he used to have on lil nike cortez n shit (11:25:49 AM) : lil ass raider jerseys n shit lol (11:25:59 AM) : well no.. them shits was outlawed at my jr high… (11:26:10 AM) : he used to wear them mesh jerseys
Resha (11:26:57 AM) : ROFLMAO
Resha (11:26:57 AM) : awwwwwwwwwww
Resha (11:27:03 AM) : the visual is killin me (11:27:10 AM) : you have no idea… trust me (11:08:51 AM) : anyway lol (11:08:56 AM) : the lil nigga was mean (11:09:01 AM) : and if he was mad at you (11:09:10 AM) : he would really hit you with his wheel chair (11:09:20 AM) : it was one of them ones with a lil push stick… (11:09:29 AM) : like a joy stick for him to guide that muhfucka (11:09:35 AM) : it was automattic n shit (11:09:39 AM) : man (11:09:43 AM) : that shit used to fuckin HURT (11:09:47 AM) : and what was you gonna do? (11:09:52 AM) : beat his ass?!?!? (11:09:54 AM) : NO! (11:10:05 AM) : that nigga was in a wheel chair and barely had use of his arms!!!
Resha (11:10:14 AM) : LMAO (11:10:19 AM) : he was fucking cold lol (11:10:30 AM) : he was a mean lil muhfuckas too (11:10:39 AM) : his name was alphonzo (11:10:45 AM) : alfonzo (11:11:01 AM) : lol i remember one day lol (11:11:03 AM) : in foods lol (11:11:10 AM) : because that was the class i had him in… (11:11:15 AM) : i dont know WHY he had foods (11:11:18 AM) : he never helped cook (11:11:22 AM) : … he couldnt (11:11:25 AM) : but still lol (11:11:34 AM) : he would just fuckin eat lol (11:11:38 AM) : but one day
Resha (11:11:40 AM) : ROFLMAO (11:11:46 AM) : the teacher was out of the class room… (11:11:59 AM) : and we was like… man (11:12:05 AM) : is that thing fun to roll around in?
Resha (11:12:13 AM) : ROFLMAO OMG
Resha (11:12:19 AM) : LMAOOOOOOOO
Resha (11:12:20 AM) : so wrong (11:12:24 AM) : and… i dont know how the questioning got around to this… (11:12:33 AM) : but he agreed to let us take him out his chair… (11:12:39 AM) : sit him in a regular chair (11:12:44 AM) : and let muthafuckas roll around in his shit (11:12:56 AM) : mind you (11:13:11 AM) : tihs nigga had NO control over ANYTHING but his arms (11:13:19 AM) : and head (11:13:22 AM) : and barely them two (11:13:28 AM) : or maybe he did… (11:13:32 AM) : i dont know (11:13:34 AM) : but anyway…. (11:13:48 AM) : so they got him out his shit… sat him down, in a regular ass chair… (11:14:02 AM) : and hoped in his shit…. (11:14:12 AM) : and was rollin around the class room (11:14:20 AM) : fuckin shit up… runin into shit
Resha (11:14:33 AM) : oh shit (11:14:34 AM) : im just sittin at the table like oh hell naw… these muthafuckas is on that shit
Resha (11:14:34 AM) : stop it
Resha (11:14:36 AM) : i cant breathe (11:14:49 AM) : it was some white boys who actually asked him…
Resha (11:14:59 AM) : oj stop it
Resha (11:15:01 AM) : im at work!!!!!!!! (11:15:02 AM) : some white dudes and some other mexican dude…
Resha (11:15:04 AM) : u gon get me fired (11:15:13 AM) : but man….
Resha (11:15:42 AM) : oh shit
Resha (11:16:00 AM) : fuckin comedy (11:16:03 AM) : lol (11:16:11 AM) : so alfonzo is sittin there… (11:16:22 AM) : laughin like a muthafucka… because these dudes is fuckin shit up!!
Resha (11:16:22 AM) : im answerin the phone tryna hold back my laughter, i done let the phone ring a good 8 times cuz i cant answer it (11:16:29 AM) : LOL!!! (11:16:46 AM) : then… i dont know… he was doin good for a lil while… (11:16:55 AM) : but i think he was laughin too hard (11:17:12 AM) : because, he started to fuckin tilt to the right
Resha (11:17:20 AM) : oh shit
Resha (11:17:20 AM) : ..
Resha (11:17:20 AM) : dont (11:17:21 AM) : and im lookin at him… like ???
Resha (11:17:22 AM) : FUCKING DONT SAY IT (11:17:41 AM) : and then… he REALIZED he was tilting to the fuckin right… (11:17:53 AM) : and he STOPED LAUGHING! (11:17:59 AM) : his eyes got big as fuck… (11:18:01 AM) : like OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo (11:18:03 AM) : OOOOOOOOOOOOOO (11:18:09 AM) : RICHIE!!! RICHIE!!!!! (11:18:17 AM) : he was reaching out for that table… (11:18:20 AM) : for richie (11:18:23 AM) : or something or somebody…. (11:18:37 AM) : his eyes got BIG AS FUCK lol he was scared as hell…
Resha (11:18:41 AM) : i fucking hate you (11:18:43 AM) : because if he would have hit the ground… (11:18:52 AM) : he would have busted his shit lol (11:19:07 AM) : i hoped up lol and the other white boy hoped up all quick and caught him
Resha (11:19:16 AM) : LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (11:19:19 AM) : just in time… he was damn near gone and all the way feel ovedr
Resha (11:19:20 AM) : OHHHH FUCK (11:19:36 AM) : MAN!!!! (11:19:45 AM) : i was teared the fuck up (11:19:59 AM) : i couldnt hold that shit back once we caught him (11:20:09 AM) : we almost fuckin droped him again from laughin so gotdamn hard (11:20:24 AM) : he was tuff shit till he damn near fell out the chair lol
Resha (11:20:25 AM) : whyyyyyyyyyyy dont u ever post these kinda stories (11:20:37 AM) : lol i just remembered it right now lol (11:21:06 AM) : anyway… (11:21:18 AM) : that nigga got mad and was like GIMMIE BACK MY CHAIR HOLMES!!!!!
Resha (11:21:20 AM) : woooooooooooooooooo SHIT
Resha (11:21:35 AM) : LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO i am soooooooooo fuckin mad at you right now!!! (11:21:50 AM) : lol he laughed about it later… much later… but gotdamn that shit was funny for 2 months (11:22:01 AM) : “thats why you almost fell in the chair!” (11:22:19 AM) : muthafuckas didnt care lol… they was taklin all kinda shit to him, when he tried to say ANYTHING lol (11:22:22 AM) : shit was the guts lmao
Resha (11:22:34 AM) : LMAO (11:22:58 AM) : it was the Guckin Futs!
Resha (11:23:14 AM) : u are dumb
Resha (11:23:22 AM) : wooo shit, i had to put the phone on nite service
Resha (11:23:24 AM) : cuz i cant answer that shit (11:23:28 AM) : lmao

On GP (General Purposes)

Little Shit Ive Noticed.

these are a few things ive noticed, and i would like to point out.

Do you know the way to use ebay?

Have you seen that commercial? you know the ebay commercial with the female in the glasses with carpel tunnel?
First of all…. how did she get carpel tunnel? browsing ebay obsesively?? lol or did she trip and fall and fuck her wrist up practicing that lame ass dance. lol anyway… back to what i orginally wanted to talk about.
The commercial starts off with ol girls husband asking her how to use ebay… and then she breaks into a song that SHOULD be about HOW to use ebay. but if you listen to the the song… its really about what you can get on ebay, and oddly enough… tottally DEVOID of any ebay browsing instructions. why? thats not how the shit started off? that aint what dude ask for! i hope somebody lost their gotdamn job for that shit lol. dumb asses.

Weekend Insperation

On sundays, all gotdamn day… BET, airs a show they call Weekend Insperation. this is the SAME gotdamn station with a show called Uncut, where they play music video soft porn. honestly… what kinda shit is that? the only thing more backwards than this shit here, would be G dub voting for Kerry (lol you know that nigga is gonna need all the votes he can get lol). does anybody else see a problem with this? i mean gotdamn… if youre gonna fuck up. fuck it… fuck up all the way! play uncut all gotdamn day on sunday! does the program manager think by showing gospel and church all sunday, that they can make make right all the bullshit they show during the week AND saturday?! youre gonna have to try harder than that holmes!


Just once, would i like to meet one of them assholes that call those fuckin hot talk bullshit lines, lookin for to hook up with somebody that might possibly resemble those crate models that be in the commercials. lol fuckin losers. i wonder who would honestly fess up to that shit. like yea i call the Party Night Life line all the time… and oh boy is it fun!

You ugly, you ugly… yo mamma said you FUGLEH!

Janet Reno might be the UGLIEST goverment offical in all of history. like… really. even if she was a man, she has strom thurman beat by far. this bitch looks like The Terminator and the fuckin DESCALED Swamp Things Child of lust. i know she has gills… she has to. lol she should be in the fuckin smithonian some where lol. “Here, stands the ugliest bitch possible”. lol bitch get some botox! somethin, gotdamn! i know youre not happy with the way you look! that shit is written all over your face! lol you dont have to say a muthafuckin word! get some extra skin on your neck! it dont look like this muthafucka can turn her head 8 degrees in either direction! im glad i dont know her personally. i would have asked her to stop being so gotdamn ugly, more than twice. i dont think i could eat around her at all. she’d make me slam my subway down… like FUCK! janets here, and has kicked my appitite to hell. thank you… you ugly muthafucka you! fuck! she looks like she snacks on bolts to me for some reason. it looks like her lip stick is tatood on her too lol. uggghhh. anyway….

Missed Oppertunity…

did you hear about the dude from Iran, a would be competitor in judo… droped out because his first round opponent was from isreal? lol thas some true hate for that ass! he didnt wanna fight dude because, iran doesnt reconize isreal as a real country. lol you cant make that shit there up lol. but im sayin… YOU’D FUCKING THINK…. that any arab that got a chance to beat up on a jew in hand to hand contact would fucking jump at the oppertunity! why do i say that he would get to beat up on him? the dude from iran was the favorite for a gold medal!! the dude from isreal, nobody knew him! he was gonna get his ass kicked!!! i bet some judo master in palistine or iraq is sittin up there CUSSIN… like FUCK! youre blowing it!! WHOOP HIS ASS!!! DO IT FOR ME!!! FUCK! lol man… i would have stoped fuckin to see that shit lol. oh well lol. dick head lol. i guess they really dont like isreal tho. muthafucks will finance a car bomb. but physical combat? no no no, fuck that!! thats too gotdamn much for them! they wouldnt DARE! lol i dont understand lol. ok… so they dont reconize isreal as a country. this guy had damn near NO chance of losing to ol boy from is-it-real. he could have taken that cold jihad warm up and went on his way to his medal lol. loser!

This is exactly what you DONT want to do!

has anybody else noticed… that every since Tiger Woods started fuckin with that white girl… his game has been OFF. Then once he married her ass… he really fell the fuck off lol. now he is on the verge of losing his number 1 golfer in the world spot. this nigga has E true hollywood story written ALL thru his future! congradulations nigga! way to go! lol he couldnt find a nice lil asian girl like his daddy did? lol somethin lol. oh well lol.

thats it for now lol.
i got shit to do.

On GP (General Purposes)

Offending You On Purpose

if youve been to the homie Dell’s blogger… you may have caught the watermelon convo…
but… theres more lol.

at this moment… id like to point out the X on the top right on your browser. this conversation was hella ruff, mean and very insensitive lol. you DONT have to read the shit… but if you fuck around and get offended. and keep on reading, and get offended some more? lol so? your bad. yo
Dell : what cracks nigga : shit
Dell : maurbey for vince?
Dell : would you do it : watchin the xgames : ehhh i dont know
Dell : yeah i was watchin that shit earlier
today : depends on the rest of the team
Dell : i wouldnt do that shit
Dell : that nigga vince has a knee that
is more suspect than 7-11 clerks with fireworks : lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : nigga you almost made me choke on my panda
Dell : lol
Dell : orange chicken nigga? : hell yea : lol
Dell : damn
Dell : even the asians know how to market
to us : lmao
Dell : next thing you know them niggas will
have some watermelon sauce for them shits : LMAOOOOOO
Dell : yuu whaa watamewen souse? LMAO HELL NNAWWW LMAO
Dell : muhfuccahs
Dell : lol : i wouldnt fuck with that shit : i dont like watermelon lol
Dell : me neither nigga
Dell : niggas think its mental for me : id be talkin shit about niggas who purchased
that shit
Dell : like i dont want to succumb to the
sterotype : mean muggin em n shit… shakin my head…
Dell : LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dell : hell naw : like nigga… what the fuck are you doing?
Dell : LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : lol naw nigga.. i just dont like the taste
of watermelon lol : plus that shit attract flies lol
Dell : that shit is nasty nigga
Dell : that any honeydew : lol
Dell : nigga why they stick us with watermelon? : lol : i couldnt tell you nigga lol
Dell : they was eatin that shit before we
even got here : maybe they had extra
Dell : naw why do we get that sterotype?
Dell : we ate what we was given
Dell : an we was slavin in the hot ass sun
all day
Dell : why not WATER? : LMAO
Dell : fuck watermelon, give me some water : because it was food too i suppose : oh im with that shit…
Dell : niggas like water : nigga id rather have some pinnapple my
self lol
Dell : right
Dell : have a nigga in minstrel paint drinkin
water : watermelon aint even sweet : LMAO!!!!
Dell : niggas is luck i cant draw all spiff : lmao : shit nigga, me too lol
Dell : i might have to photoshop me a pic
Dell : with the caption
Dell : …fuck watermelon, we want some
water!!! LMAO!!! : hell yea… : but niggas would disown you lol
Dell : masa ass niggas : some niggas really like that shit lol
Dell : fuck em
Dell : they do what they are told
Dell : im the nat turner of this watermelon
shit : LOL!!! : LMAO!!!!!! : this nigga here lmao
Dell : bibles too nigga
Dell : im sure them slaves would have much
rather had porno mags : LMAO!!!
Dell : slavin in the hot ass sun then they
have to be subjected to more brainwashing
Dell : i want to see some nekkid bitches
Dell: niggas cuold have upped they cotton
Dell : another caption
Dell : …fuck jesus, we want pussy : im sayin lol : niggas would have been fuckin in the heat
Dell : exactly
Dell : they could have had more slave offspring : all in between the cotton n shit lol
Dell : lol
Dell : im pretty scanless for that last
statement : you are nigga lol : lol im glad you called your self out,
before i had to
Dell : fuck you buddy
Dell : guilt by assosiation
Dell : your far from innocent in this shit
Dell : god is gonna ask you why you contibuted
to this shit : :L<AP!!!!!!!!!! : hell muthafuckin naw lol i never tried to relinquish my self of
any skanlessness… : its just important that you realize that
i aint going down alone lol : neither are you lol
Dell : shit would hav been feeble
Dell : i know this
Dell : think of the jokes we will be gettin
in hell nigga : shit lol
Dell : richard pryor will be there : lmao : LOL!!!
Dell : robin harris : LMAO!!!!!!
Dell : rick james
Dell : was that a low blow? : LOL : shit… its the truth lol
Dell : since the nigga just died and all : i mean…. : at that nigga funeral… nigga, nobody
is even ONCE gonna say: : Rick is up there… looking down on us
from heaven….
Dell : LMATFO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dell : yous a cold nigga
Dell : cold as ice : muthafuckas is gonna be like : “…where evvvvvver you are rick… we
miss ya!”
Dell : hell naw!!!!
Dell : LMAO : LMAO!!!!
Dell : damn nigga
Dell : i wonder if hitler has jokes?

Dell : he might have some pretty witty racial
humor : right lol : i bet that muthafucka there has mad jewish
Dell: im sure youll find out when your
ass is chillin wit em : LOL this nigga
Dell : your level of hell will have to be
lower than mine : lol did you do that level of hell test??!?
Dell: i am not as scanless as you
Dell : yeah : where was you at?
Dell : my shit was very fucking high
Dell : like 8 i think LMAO!! : MINE TOO!
Dell : nigga i demand a recount : LMAO
Dell : you shit HAS to be like 10 LOL
Dell : 9.5 : there is only 9 nigga lol
Dell : ill give you a little bit
Dell : your off the scale nigga : LMAO!!! : thats fucked up lol
Dell : you chill with the nigga downstairs
Dell : did you watch the usa game
Dell : that nigga wade made a nigga fall YES!!!
Dell : then tried to dunk on a nigga : you didnt see the message i sent?!?!?!
Dell ) : naw : nigga that shit was ICE cold lol
Dell : indeed it was
Dell : i wis he would have made that dunk
nigga : that nigga was on some stumble stumble
Dell : i would have been able to enjoy that
shit for years to come : hell yea nigga… i wish he would have
gut that shit YES! : that shit was the guts lmao
Dell : that nigga lamar odom is shitty : LMAO!
Dell : he got dunked on the other day man… he aint worth any doe niggas is
given him lol… : NO!?! : word?>!?!?!
Dell : yes!!!
Dell : i was talkin shit about him
Dell : throwin shit at the screen (Narriator commentary: this
nigga Dell REALLY does throw shit at the tv screen, i promise! lol)
Dell : then the next play that bitch get
yummed on : HELL NAW
Dell : yes nigga
Dell: the lakers need to trade that bitch : im sayin
Dell : nigga!!!! : they need a second scoring option
Dell : what up with the wack ass payton
Dell : the gm should be murked on tv : internatial tv
Dell : not even on pay per view
Dell : right after a friends rerun or some
sht : hell yea : prime time…. : live
Dell : hell yeah
Dell: what is that nigga doin?
Dell : i miss j west
Dell : that nigga is lookin like he will
be as wack ass the bulls gm : im sayin… : nigga… i heard that jerry buss forced
j west out
Dell : why? : who knows? : maybe he heard that nigga buss a jew joke?
Dell : he was more respected maybe
Dell : LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : its possible
Dell : you need help nigga : LMAO!!!!!
Dell : maybe he told a mustache joke
Dell : something to do with furburgers : LMAO! : yea jerry buss mustache is on that shit
lol : that muthafucka has that old school tom
Dell : shit look like a lip wig : LMAO!!! : you almost made me spit out my 7up lmao
Dell : i nedd to hook that nigga up with
that hood fund
Dell : he can get a gorilla lip wig : that shit was so fuckin funny lol
Dell : how come jd dont be postin : lol i have no clue lol
Dell : you need to post that loochie ice
shit nigga (Narriator Notes: i will one day… i promise ) : nigga be bullshit lol : yea i am…
Dell : if you dont nigga… : one day…
Dell : i WILL : lmao
Dell : i think i have that shit : i just realized a couple of weeks ago,
that i hadnt lol : LOL : hell naw
fuck that… im lazy… im not editing this shit no more…
Dell (8:45:42 PM) : im pondering a new post (8:45:45 PM) : LOL
Dell (8:45:59 PM) : …but niggas dont be commentin so i might let the ones on there marinate (8:46:36 PM) : thats probably because not alot of people know about your shit tho
Dell (8:46:40 PM) : well your famous loc so you get SOME
post no matter what the fuck you say (8:46:47 PM) : LOL
Dell (8:46:47 PM) : right (8:46:55 PM) : this nigga called me famous
Dell (8:47:02 PM) : you are nigga
Dell (8:47:20 PM) : tom cruise (8:47:23 PM) : LMAO
Dell (8:47:24 PM) : lol (8:47:35 PM) : nigga i know imma post this convo (8:47:40 PM) : this shit was the GUTS
Dell (8:48:10 PM) : naw nigga
Dell (8:48:17 PM) : your damn near rude (8:48:24 PM) : lol wha?
Dell (8:48:29 PM) : you think its funny
Dell (8:48:36 PM) : but that shit is mean (8:48:40 PM) : fuck that lol
Dell (8:48:48 PM) : …somehow,
Dell (8:48:54 PM) : i knew you would say that (8:49:02 PM) : some how lol fuck you lol
Dell (8:49:08 PM) : piece nigga
Dell (8:49:20 PM) : by the way… (8:49:21 PM) : alright lol… peace nigga lol
Dell (8:49:38 PM) : maybe your famous ass could give
me some pub on you fan site (8:49:44 PM) : I DO NIGGA!
Dell (8:50:01 PM) : that shit would increase readership 50 fold (8:50:12 PM) : LOL
Dell (8:50:20 PM) : nigga would have to retire an shit
Dell (8:50:25 PM) : lol (8:50:27 PM) : LOL (8:50:29 PM) : damn lol

im still laughin at the fuckin lip wig
lmao gotdamn.

On GP (General Purposes)

The Dance Of The Sugar Plum Faries

You know… from the nutcracker?
this song makes me wanna fucking steal something!

i dont know why… it just does.

when dance of the sugar plum faries comes on… i just need to slide something in my pocket that i did not previously own.
its werid? i dont know what the fuck my problem is.

i feel the need to be hella sneaky, or steal something or be janky or something when that shit comes on.
i dont know lol.

just watch your fuckin valuables.