Uhmah Park

Month: December 2003


XXXPlosive….Westcoast shit… for my niggas drinkin conyak ….. smoking weed always fat…. more than one fire arm…. chrome rims riding on…. chornic in yo system let me know… my shits the bomb…. this shit is a fuckin classic. some how i feel like i really feel this track…. only because im from los angeles. this is just some la shit right here…… all the real smokers knoooow…. nate aint passin but dro……. indeeeeeeed…. real trees …….. chronic leeeaaveeesss…. noooo seeeeeeddddddds. now that im sober you aint that fine…. oooo ooo ooo. gotdamn. this shit is fuckin bangin…. this whole cd […]

The Uhmenhiem

Thats right… the Uhmenhiem, like the Guggenhiem… but my shit is called the Uhmenhiem… its pretty dope if you ask me. lol im rather fond of the name lol. anyway…. But this here entry is to announce the grand opening of The Uhmenhiem, my new photoblog. i have been wanting to do a damn photoblog for the longest, but i never had the time or the focus to actually read how to get one done. but things have changed, clearly. and i put one out.

Great Links and Oldie hits!

Drinkeasy.com this site is great… hands down. i am gonna cool out on the drinking ( and smoking … kinda ) till new years eve. but this site has a buncha great drinks to ruien your liver! when i redesign my shit ( sometime soon ) im going to have this as a perminate link on there some where. everybody should link this site…. even if you dont drank! speaking of drank…. when im drunk, i like to sing…. oldies in particularly. With that said, i think Atlantic Starr was one of the greatest groups ever. “Send for me” is […]

Hey, were lame!

Alright… i tried not to say anything. But i cant take it any fucking more. i’m sitting here… Watching monday night football, and they have this fucking half time segment that is the worst shit they have ever thought of! ABC and the monday night football staff apparently think it would be “COOL” to have NFL players display OTHER talents that they have. their MUSICAL talents… Sigh. This shit has got to be the lamest 15 min.. of suppose to be masculine TV ever. not including any golf telecast, ever, of course. the fuckin players on this shit are painfully […]

BlowedGiving 2004

I would like to say thank you to all the people that turned out for blowedgiving 2004 ( even tho, only like 1 of them actually read this here shit lol )… it was great… i know i had a good ass time. shot out to max for bring the grey goose! i was pretty damn blowed all day… then i got drunk ( it was the grey goose )… which was great. i didnt know shit from shit the whole day really. my parents came thru, my dad was crackin all kinds of jokes. and then him and my […]