Uhmah Park

Month: December 2003

Yea yea yea…

this blogger entry will be an informitive one. As i will inform… and… yea. Inform somemore. Lets just start off by saying that im kinda buzzed. grey goose is like the chornic of alcohole. that… or either my tolerance is retarded low. Now that we have that fact… and little factoid of information out of our preverbal paths down the information blog on the…………. thats right… information highway. Lets revisit this last fridays Laker game vs the new look Denver Nuggets. As some of you may or may not know… your boy Kobe had to be in court earlier that […]

Guess who got a new camera!

me! Syl got me a Canon A80 for christmas, this shit cracks… im hella excited. and i still dont celerbrate christmas… but i accept gifts on december 25th like a muhfucka lol actually i got two christmas presents today. but in honor of my stance on xmas: lol im going to have to edit my wishlist now…. maybe later a nigga is sleepy. anyway… when the day comes where i become a retailer of some sort and xmas is a big business time for me and my company… i will then be known as The Grinch Who Capitalized on Christmas […]

Jay Z will never be Tupac or Biggie.

im not taking anything away from jay. but he will never be a tupac or biggie… his tracks are dope. but this man shows no emotion really. and his flow is awkward at times. Pac and Big showed plently emotion of all of thier tracks, they brought you into thier mind states and thought process so you could either feel thier pain or understand thier perspective. Jay seem more like he is providing an explanation sometimes. and his flow just aint as smooth. probably because he slowed his flow up. anyway… im just sittin here thinkin about retarded shit. The […]

The Poot Phantom Strikes Again!

If you dont know who or what the poot phantom is… click here and be informed before you go any further. so… i was in the grociery store the other day. minding my own damn bidness… going isle by isle and i hit the corner or the isle with all the sauses n shit and WHAM! Ambushed by an aroma that can only be discribed as “Flaglarantly Unholy” ATTACKED my nostrils with ruthless aggression! I jerked my neck back like a muhfucka was trying to swing on me. ?What in the fuck?!?!? GOOD LORD! what a pungent stinch!!” i say […]


( editors note: please refer to the previous entry before reading this one. as for you will not have the slightest clue on what the fuck i am speaking on…. thank you! ) its 5 a – muthafuckin – m…. but i got that shit to MUTHAFUCKIN work… IMMA MUTHAFUCKIN WINNER GOTDAMMIT!!!!! i knew that bullshit would fuckin work… i still need to get another fuckin video card tho… 16 megs just doesnt crack. man… its a good thing nobody is awake right now… because id slap the dog shit outta some fuckin body! i am fuckin HYPE! i added […]

I really hate when shit dont work…

OK, so if you didnt know… i have constructed a photoblogger on this here site ( The Uhemhiem ). i put that shit together so i could display some of the photos i have taken over the last two years ( 4 gigs worth over and over 4700 pictures ). So, to help me organize them shits i got Adobe Photoshop Album. A program on paper that is great actually, the interface is great… the tools are great. However… this shit WILL NOT FUCKING WORK FOR ME! i dont know what the muthafuckin problem is, but that shit will freeze […]


if you didnt know…. the arch bishop, don magic juan has been featured on the boondocks for the past week or so… and that shit is RATHER gutty! saddly however… them fools dont update thier site. so you can find it here too.

OJ is fuckin Picky.

I hate that sometimes i become a victim of my OWN pickyness. im so hard to please its rediculious. im picky with everthing…. from females to food. anything i can possibly make a dessesion on. alot of times i wont eat because……. im too lazy to actually make me a full meal, but! i refuse to just make some bullshit real quick because it wont taste good as good if i actually took my time. plus i wont be satisfied and wont be full. so ill fuckin starve. shit sucks… there was this girl i really had a thing for. […]