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i have something to share with you all

Thank you for logging on to Uhmah Park.

You know, I was sitting at my desk thinking…im a stingy muhfucka. I dont share enough. So, in light of that… i would like to share a thought i had today.

Turkey bowling…

What a waste of muthafuckin food. Im pretty sure there are some homeless people watching the news pissed the fuck off. Like gotdammit… i really could have liked JUST A SLICE of that shit! im hungry as fuck! and these assholes are taking turkeys and wasting them! well actually…. if youre homeless, that probably means you dont have a place to watch tv on the regular. oops. but yea… way to waste some muthafuckin food. Im pretty sure in most citys they are bowling turkeys, fuckin em all up. those could have been donated to feed people in need… kids man kids!
what would really be fucked up is if they bowled em then cooked em… and feed em to people in need. lol damn. i hope this doesnt happen.
lol only white people would really do some shit like this.

Next… i have a conversation i had with a friend of mine who recently became a mother.

Jill: man guess what
Jill: my lil man has 2 teeth now… im so proud.. lol
Me: high five!
Jill: lol
Jill: that better not be sarcasm.. i’ll beat your ass over sarcasm concerning my son.. dammit.. lol
Me: lol naw….
Me: it wasnt
Me: well i guess it was a lil bit…
Me: only because you didnt do shit lol
Jill: bastard
Me: so i guess its really his high five…
Me: but… to be honest
Me: i guess he really didnt do shit either…
Jill: lol so? it’s a wonderful moment for a mother.. lol
Me: i mean… you cant grow teeth on purpose
Me: you just sit there and wait… lol
Me: and eat right lol
Jill: lmao fuck u
Me: like… YES!!! its been 4 months of hard work!! BUT LOOK!!! A TOOTH!!!
Jill: LMAO
Jill: lmao i hate u
Me: even if anybody could do that shit….
Me: would you congratulate them?
Jill: i shant tell u anymore wonderful stories of my motherhood… ya sarcastic bastard
Me: lol im sorry… im fucked up
Me: lol
Jill: lol it’s cool
Me: this is some great shit i got going on over here
Me: i tend to say skanless shit when im blowed tho
Jill: lol
Me: ask sylvia lol

and speaking of sylvia… now its her turn!

Sylvia: i smell weed
Sylvia: LOL shut up ass
Me: congratulations!
Sylvia: asshole
Me: youll be searchin out cocaine and bombs sooner than you think!
Sylvia: whatever
Me: LOL HA HA!!!
Me: you know it was funny!

stay away from me if i am under the influence of high quality inebriates!

Lastly… he isnt another thought.

Tupac. Where is he? All the Tupac nuts believe that he was suppose to come back in 7 years. ummmmmmm…. ok. sept was 7 years homie… now you have to factor in CP time… i mean a muhfucka just cant come back from the dead n shit… or suppose to be dead or whatever. and if anybody was gonna do it… im sure they would be on time i guess. unless you happen to be Black lol in which case if you call it in some years… you could show up a couple months late. However folks… doesnt look like this nigga is making that come back. unless you wanna count the movie.

OK… im about to go sit on my couch… and play Kind of Blue, by the great Miles Davis. This CD is great. This is the first Jazz CD i purchased, which sparked my interest in alot of classic jazz. I suggest you get it where ever you can… dont buy it… steal it. Miles’ kin doesnt see any of the profit… columbia records/sony does…. i hate them. muthafuckas. shit… if youre so bold… ask me for it! ill make you a copy. lol

well…off i go.

*late edit*

i was so fucked up i put this on the wrong blogger.
opps. lol

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In case you didnt know…

The new S.Carters are Red Black and Green…..



Reebok is gonna be hot when they find out whats going on lol.
I wont be buying a pair tho… I dont wear green. ( unless its in my wallet lol ).

this concludes my blogger entry for the moment… Pardon me while I go download some X-Clan lol

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The Poot Phantom!

Have you ever been walking around some where in a store…. Say… Walmart, and youre minding youre own damn bidness… then out of now where a very pungent aroma invades the thresholds of your nostril, like the US at the Iraqi border?!?!? Rendering your face into a very unflattering pose, leaving you embarrass as fuck because usually, walmarts are super crowded… all though you were on that isle by your self, SOMEBODY is gonna pass by about every 3 to 7 seconds or so…. so this random somebody passes this seemingly normal isle, unaware of the funk that has you surrounded! so here you are, the unfortunate victim of an ungodly smell and a fucked up ass face… and they stop and look at you for a split second, like ummmmmm. so now… not only have your nostril been hi-jacked by a transparent fog of death but some random person now thinks there is something wrong with you.

you my friend have become a victim of the Poot Phantom! unfortunate it is really…. you were minding youre own fuckin bidness, you didnt deserve to inhale gases, that in a concentrated form could make jesus cuss. No! who deserves that? really?

So, who is this Aroma Terrorist that goes by the name of the Poot Phantom!?!?! Well, its some asshole really… who was walking around Walmart, just like you were… except ths person has REALLY bad gas! But, unlike you… an upstanding shopper with morals, decentantcy and a healthy conscience… this muthafucka here will let loose the gases that have been bubbling up in their intestinal tracks for who knows HOW long… and release them on the populist, with no fair warning! just BAD AIR for you homie! this muthafucka wont just poot, be ASHAMED like they should be, and try to fan the shit to thin the shit out… NO! this frindger of nose hairs is fair too insensitive and fucked up for all that shit! they are gonna LEAVE that shit to linger as long as possible so you get the FULL taste and experience of what it would be like to have your whole head shoved up they stankin ass! And sometimes…. SOMETIMES this Gastly Villian will leave their mark with YOU… STANDING RIGHT THERE!!! lookin thru some shit… not really getting a clear look at them…. let loose their tool of social disorder and fuckin BOUNCE something cold around a corner. Getting their twisted gratification when they are on the next isle and they hear some shit such as ” Oh my!” … Or… ” WOOOOOO” … ” Gotdamn! ” and the favorite… ” Mommy, aahhhh it stinks! “. Ha ha ha… yes… the Poot Phantom has another victim under his bel……….. WHAT? what is this?!? No… dont bend down and look for something on that lower shelf!!! The Poot Phantom is lurking!! Sweet Jesus man!! Save your self… you dont know what youre up against. The Phantom is a cold hearted fucked up ass person… if youre ass level around the phantom he will lurk and lurk until those gases in his/her stomach, they MIGHT be super fucked up and push on their stomach to induce aroma fall out. But its the Poot Phantom, so he WILL deliver!!! And when he does… that poor unsuspecting soul will be forced to endure the grim stink of the Poot Phantom at GROUND ZERO!! some shit that can fuck up a muthafucka WHOLE Day lol.

The Poot Phantom can be either male or female…. but usually is male. some fucked up ass person… who thinks that shit is hella funny. his line of thinking is ” well shit… i have gas anyway… imma pass this shit anyway… why not have some fun with it. Instead of being lame and embarrassed!”

to make a long story short… if you see me at walmart… go the other direction because i am heartless. lol


i have a few announcements, which are the following:

if you did not know… there is a new STG episode… check it out

i am trying out some shit called W.Bloggar. its a desktop blogging utility… im liking it so far… you can upload pictures thru it and everything, which REALLY cracks for a lazy nigga like me. i also downloaded, Zempt, which i havent used yet… ( which is the same shit as w.bloggar ). but it doesnt seem as live. I also downloaded this so i could get my……………………………. spell check on… yes thats right.. some of you people ( Assholes ) can not see past misspellings…. so when im not feeling super lazy… i might get my spell check on. Besides… i do want to improve my spelling… its just most of the time i dont care lol. When i spell some shit out a couple of times… i usually learn how to spell it from there. like the word Comfortable. SEE!

anyway… speaking of being able to upload pictures… im going to get my photoblog on… and display some of my photos. im not great or anything. but some people actually like my photos. ( i do too actually lol ). i actually BROKE my camera… and i have to get me a new one… i have my eye on a digital SLR ( the new Cannon Digital Rebel -6.3 mega pixel ), but that shit is 1300 dollars! I WILL have it eventually have it… but imma get me a lil 4 megapixel. im looking at the waterproof olyumpus. they said it can also resist dust…. which im thinking includes sand… and hopefully mexican sand! because thats how my last digital camera parished unfortunately. i wont be taking any more pictures till i cop the new shit.

thas all thas it no more. im tired..

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The Worst Shit Ever

Yesterday night… i made some GREAT GREAT GREAT ass spaghetti… i have olives and parmasian (sp) cheese on mine… i dont know what syl had on hers…

but sadly…

i followed that shit up with the absolute wackest batch of koolaid ive ever made…. my WHOLE life….

shit sucked lol.

i drank that shit tho! lol

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If ya ass wanna act…

” if ya ass wanna act / then you can leave ya ass where ya at ” — get low by lil john and eastside boys feat. the ying yang twins…

that line there is probably the most prolific lines in respects to male / female relationships… ever. lol i promise.

i started this post about to speak on the shit calvin and deah have recently posted on thier bloggers these past couple days… not what went on between the two of them, but thier whole war of the sexes Killa Rumbsfeild ( private joke ) kicked up……. but eehh fuck it. im irritated and the first muthfucka that say something ELSE stupid for me to read is gonna get a heap of esteem battering insults the world has never seen the likes of. cold bidness shit. ive been reading or hearing females say dumb shit all gotdamn day and woooo… im done for the month. i cant do no more ( who remembers that? )

today reminded me of 1999, when i could count on ONE hand, the number of females i could stand to talk to over 15 minutes….. that i WASNT trying to sleep with. the only way i had any kind of interest in any female was if i was trying to get some ass. but once that was over… my interest just wasnt there. i used to really think most females walkin this earth were retards. well, maybe just the ones i went to school with ( the only ones i really ever delt with on a regular basis ). the bulk of my interest were in older females who were smarter and more mature. it was rare i could find a female around my age that could keep my attention. it was bad. i really dont know how i got to that point… i have an idea or three, but im not sure about some of them. i havent really explored any of them too tuff…. i mean, fuck it… it aint like that no more lol. but i felt that way for a long time, till i was about 19. i dont know what changed, i dont know what happen… but all of a sudden there were females in my life that i could actually have a converstation with and not be bored out of my fuckin skull. it was kinda refreshing…. lol i cant think of anything postive to say after that… anyway.

Presently… i dont think like that anymore… because i have tons of female friends. Too many if you ask my girlfriend ( or any other girl that is/was interested in me ), and can actually to get her to be honest about it. i have several females in my life, most of substance and who happen to be great…. im trying to ditch a few that turned out to be full of shit. but yea, my relationship with the female gender group has greatly improved. Maybe its because as i got older, females in my age group found more interesting shit to talk about than what was on BET and MTV and other retarded shit i just couldnt force my self to be interested in. i stoped watching BET and MTV around 92, 93… so i dont know… i was off to bigger and better shit i suppose. i didnt know any females that were interested in sports or anything like that… so that was out. i dont know… i just didnt have anything in common with females back then, other than me trying to get some ass lol. oh well… shit has changed. i think my old way of thinking still effects my life some what. im having a hard time being a “couple” i dont know how to do that shit at all. my current girlfriend aint that most out going individual… but then again… secertly, neither am i. i only really go out in groups ( or on a dolo mission some where ). i dont know how to be out with a female if we arent doing something that i want to do. and even then, if we are a couple… for some reason, i dont feel like i can be my self. its werid. even if i am with a group of people and my girlfriend at the time… no matter how fun she is… or isnt, i always feel like she is killing my fun ( something i can not fucking STAND! ). i havent figured out how to fix this yet. maybe one day.

with the female issues i do have, it might seem like i have a hard time with female attention, obtaining or otherwise lol. naw… thats one problem i dont have. keeping my interest and attention… thats always been a problem though. i dont know what to do about it… or how ill end up. my guess is alone. but for way more reasons than all the shit ive just spewed.

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Sometimes, you get what you deserve

Pam: man.. i seen the guttiest shit on the news tonite
Pam: this damn lady went to the zoo here, went off the regular trails, n stuck her arm thru a fence
Pam: a wolf grabbed her shit n wouldn’t let go
Pam: they had to shoot his ass.. and i’m like damn.. aint his fault.. homie wuz doing what came natural.. aint like it wuz german shepard.. it wuz a damn wolf, he’s supposed to bite the shit outta her
OJ: hell yea!
OJ: i wouldnt have shot that wolf…
OJ: i would have been like… you stupid bitch! you got your self in this shit… you get your self out!
Pam: LMAO !!
OJ: she blew it twice!
Pam: i’m like.. wuz she tryin to pet him or sumthin
OJ: she went off the regular trial… THEN stuck her arm thru? what in the fuck did she think was gonna happen… honestly
Pam: homie grabed her by the fore-arm and started eatin her shit
OJ: ooooh nice wild animal that i wouldnt normally pet IN the wild
OJ: lol he should have ripped that shit off lol
Pam: lmao.. damn
Pam: i’m rather pissed he got killed
Pam: i’m like.. where the tranquelizers at
OJ: lol damn
Pam: if a wild dog or wolf attack u on the street.. damn skippy shoot n kill his ass.. but if u fuckin wit him at the zoo.. u deserve to get bit
OJ: exactly

lol how do you think sticking your arm thru a fence where WILD animals are is ok?
lol dumb ass.

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Blowed Giving

ah man… one holiday down. Two to go, sigh. this bullshit. i hate it.


i am looking forward to Blowed Giving, also known as Thanks for Giving us Weed and Alcohole day!
I dont believe in ThanksGiving AT ALL, but i AM an oppertunist. Free Food… and good ass left overs? im all over it homie. i see it as a come up. others see it as celerbrating. whatever. fuck them. lol. But since i dont really fuck with my relitives that celerbrate that bullshit too tuff anymore. I am now taking advantage of everybodies day off. On ThanksGiving we are gonna celerbrate Blowed Giving. On Blowed Giving, what we do is get really fuckin blowed. for the whole day. lol from the time you get to the house, till you pass out, sober up and leave lol.

last year i got my family man on, and saw my cousins i aint seent in a while. But the first Blowed Giving…. WOOOOO we got fucked up. we didnt even get to drink… we smoked…. ate… slept….. woke up, smoked…. ate… slept… this went on for like 36 hours lol. it was the greatest thing ever. i cooked, my cousins brought over some smoke. and that was all she wrote! lol this year we plan to do the same. excpet for my sister is gonna cook this time, we are gonna smoke and drink this time. football in the morning…. movies playing, playstation in my room, and plenty of space to pass the fuck out. We are expecting a pretty decent turn out. i know my cousins RJ and JD are gonna be there… i know kkarma and kwasi is gonna be there. i invited all the friends i have out here… i dont know who will come tho, since they all have family shit to do. that nigga Dell is invited… even tho he claims to never be invited to shit, knowing that he dont need a fuckin invitation… bastard. i need to call that nigga theo, but he is family man locc foreal, with a wife and a child. so i dont know if he will come. ( i need to call the nigga tho ). John is getting his texan on. Max will probably come if he is gonna be out here. i need to ask him lol. damn im thinkin im missing somebody. anyway… anybody else wanna come, let a nigga know… just know, that me and my people are CRUEL. everybody is subject to getting they ass talked about…. bad lol. really really bad lol. nobody is safe. espeically when me jd rj and dell is in the same spot… thas yo ass. but… if you got the fortitude… come on thru lol.

Blowed Giving is gonna be great….

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So, OJ… Whats New?

well i havent been around lately.

ive been busy moving. moving is like the only thing that can really stress me all the way out. not a crazy ass female calling me all the time harassing me. not bills, not none of that other shit. moving is the one thing that gets to me. i hate it. its a pain in the ass.

but anyway, me and syl found a nice 4 bedroom condo/townhouse in porter ranch ca, ( northridge ). YES… you probably saw porter ranch on the news, because part of porter ranch was fucking on fire some weeks back.

so now… now i live amoungst the pinkos. cant say ill be all chummy with the neighbors… everybody around here is hella old. im betting i will manage to piss somebody off once i hook up my stereo system tho. wooooo lol

this move was probably one of the hardest thing ive ever fuckin done. it was just me syl my cousin rj and syls brother greg. gotdamn. i honestly didnt realize we had that much shit. actually it was mostly syls. but me and my cousin had to brute all kinda big oak shit up a set of the worst stairs ever! the stairs in my house has TWO turns and 4 triangle steps ( the first invention by the devil, according to calvin lol ) and they are narrow as fuck. i was sore as fuck for like 3 days. them gotdamn stairs tho… they have been kicking my ass, just trying to move my black ass up and down the muthafuckas. i have been stumblin and bumbling down these narrow shits all week… i know imma buss my ass not paying attention one day lol watch..

as for my old place… i WILL NOT miss that gotdamn place… i hated it from day one. i did get used to it… but i was ready to roll out of that muthafucka on a moments notice. the only thing i will miss about that place is the fact that ALL the friends i have in the valley stay there… and the ones that dont stay there… kick it there. which i guess will be my black ass too now lol. its just gonna be werid not being able to stumble back down stairs and black out when im frunk as duck.

lets see… what else is new.

OH, i would also like to take this oppertunity to let it be known that i am the most swervenest nigga in a u-haul ever! i will dip that muthafucka like its a small sedan, hittin corners n shit lol. im cold business lol

after returning the uhaul, after moving ( bruting! ) all the big shit! i got to roll my dads F-150. i think its like a 2001 or some shit. that shit kinda cracks. it almost makes me want to buy a suv. i actually fit in the muhfucka, it was comfortbale as fuck. but then there is till the issue of GAS. gass out here is high as fuck… i buy high octane ( 91 ) which is anywhere from 1.73 to 2.05 per gallon ( its good for your car… dont let anybody tell you different ). and that truck got me at the tank lol. i couldnt actually roll one on a regular bases. plus… i dont know, it just seems like a white boy truck to me. lol i was rollin that muthafucka up and down tampa banging nirvana loud as fuck lol with my glasses on giving people the reverse nod. the down nod, instead of the up nod ( lol nobody will get that joke ). i was getting my white boy on… eyein white girls passing by in neons and cavalers n shit ( nobody will get that joke either lol ). i was my own entertainment for like 3 days lol. i keep telling my dad to go all the way white boy, get the big metal thing in the back with the fog lights with the smiley faces on em n shit, some big ass tires… and a no fear sticker on the back LOL that shit would be the guts lol

lets see… oh… the roy jones fight. i just KNEW roy was about to sleep dude. i guess all that weight he lost fucked him all up. not to mention that tarver is damn near just as fast as roy. but roy showed that he was the better boxer…. while in the middle of the ring, tarver was scared to do ANYTHING because roy kept tearing that nigga stomach to apart lol. What i cant fuckin figure out is, why roy kept going to the ropes… i understand the nigga was out of gas towards the end of the rounds but fuck… do something, bullshit throw punk ass punches… something… i dont know. i just didnt get that.

sunday i went to oxnard… which meant that i had to take the 118 west, which means i drove thru devilville, aka simi valley. which means i got to see a WHOLE BUNCHA Fire damage. wooooo that shit got burnt ALL up lol i didnt seen any homes burnt down tho… but lots of the sides of freeway was black as hell lol. and you could see how close the fire got to alot of homes. but… like i said… i have NO LOVE for them muthafuckas. im not welcome in simi valley. so fuck them lol. burnt or not. muthafuckas.

but back to sunday, syl and her people celerbrated her son, mikies birthday on sunday. he is 12 now ( birthday was actually tuesday ). ALL his family always comes out for his brithday. i was sittin up there like damn, this many of my relitives never came out for my damn birthday parties lol. i damn near got jealous till i realized that i probably didnt want them niggas there in the first place lol.

speaking of birthdays, id also like to say happy brithday to Resha, with her fine ass lol.

ummm what else.

oh, i heard that today… G dub ( bush ) signed the National Cemetery Expansion Act to help establish new national cemeteries for deceased veterans. and the Fallen Patriots Tax Relief Act, which doubles the tax-free death gratuity payment given to the families of fallen soldiers from $6,000 to $12,000… yea… way to go G dub… fuck health insurance, fuck trying to keep muhfuckas who put it all on the line alive. get em good health care n shit… fuck all that. but when they die, due to medical conditions they couldnt afford to treat. we got alllll the space we need to put they ass. and to show how great we are… we are gonna give thier families a lil bit more money. everybody walks away happy. lol dirty business. if i was in the military, or even thinking about signing up… id be nervious as fuck. like hmmmmm…. ok. we are at war with a country for some made up ass reason… its SUPPOSE to be over, but MORE soliders are dying in the after efforts than in the disarming efforts… and this muthafucka here wants to open up more grave yard space. eeehhh think ill pass on serving my country this go round. lol but, chances are… if youre in the military, or thinking about joining, you dont have THAT much foresight. lol so ummm yooo joe! lol be my muthafuckin guest… somebody gotta do it. lol

lastly… me and my friends have a fantasy football league going… my record? 7-2. one of these loses came from fuckin calvin. who i happen to play again this past week. the result? VENGANCE! i pulled that hot victory like i should have the FIRST fuckin time, but muthafuckas wanted to get hurt and not play… and bullshit on the feild all together. even tho calvin managed to put out one of his higher point totals this week… my teams average weekly output is more than he put up this week. and honestly… my team scored below its average this week. and i STILL won… like i should have the first time! so now… i am in SOLE possession of first place ( record AND points )! which i did share with calvin, up untill this past week, when i served him his second lost in a row. he is now 6-3. HA! bastard! speaking of muthafuckas i beat in the fantasy football league. id also like to give out another HA! to max, who had the audacity to call my team second teir. max is currently holding down third place with that mediocore record of 3 and 6 or some shit like that… this nigga CAN not beat me. lol id basiclly have to bench my whole team for him to beat. me… he hasnt even come close!

once i finish cleaning this place up some… i think imma get my cribs style tour of the place on with my video camera and try my hand at video editing.
should be fun.

On GP (General Purposes)

ATL, GAWGA. Part Two

Back from atlanta for the second time in two years.

i shouldnt have went this time… i was in the middle of so much shit by the time i left. it kinda kept me from having a better time than i had a nigga had other shit on his mind. i dont know if it was obvious or not. i tried to not let my thoughts keep me from enjoying my self.. but eehhh it kinda did to be honest. i couldnt help it.
I had work i just up’d and left ( i cant even enjoy ass all that much if i have work to do! ). and i am in the middle of a moving. people say that moving aint a big deal. but for some reason… moving stresses me the fuck out. bad. i would be actually paying for movers… but… muthafuckas dont wanna pay a nigga on time like they are SUPPOSE TO… which is actually ALSO one of the things that was on my mind.

anyway. let me talk about my trip…. i have packing to do, so imma kinda speed thru this.

— Atlanta is the greatest place on this fucking planet that is NOT the Greater Los Angeles Metropolotain Area. in other words… #1 is LA, #2 is ATL, and everything else that could possibly crack is a Far off third. actually no… let me include all of southern cali… id move to San Deigo before i moved to atl… but still lol. A nigga like me LOVES the A. if the gotdamn flight wasnt so long id try to be out there more often. if i knew more muthafuckas out there… id try to be out there more often. if there was better bander out there… id try to be out there more often lol ( fyi – the devil grows stress just to lower the over all quality of peoples lives. lol ).

— I need to find more excuses to be out in Atlanta more often.

— before i continue, id like to say that im a Black Man. So imma Ass man by default. BUT! i hold breast in high reguard. if you have none, the chances of me and you being more than friends… psssshhhhhh slim to none holmes. its happen… but those were special cases. anyway… what i wanted to say was…. ive never seen SO MUCH ASS IN MY LIFE! ( imma get some bullshit for that ). I guess Ass just dont grow like that out here. because that shit was fucking amazing. there was ass everywhere… i couldnt help but stare like it was clevage. it was wonderful lol. 90% of the black females in atlanta have big ol wonderful round booties. its the great, its greater than great, its even greater than greatest. that shit is greater-ful-est. lol foreal.

— Atlanta is Black Man heaven. IF!…. IF!… you dont mind gay niggas. i say this because… the girls who work around atlanta will be nice to you and kinda hook you up with shit at various shops and stores.( if youre attractive of course ) but… lol… atlanta also has a high gay black male population… and these niggas also work around atlanta… and will also be nice to you and hook you up with shit… and you dont even have to do shit but be cordial. you dont have to flirt or no shit. just be civilized about shit. Now i know some muthafuckas is reading this shit like … ? …. but to be honest… i dont mind a muthafucka hooking me up with shit. i dont care who it is! if its a gay waitor who wont charge me for desert. or some female at starbucks who will slide a nigga free muffin or some shit… it goes down. i aint trying to fuck either one of them muhfuckas. but i can speak and be cordial just the same. although… if the girl at starbucks slides me her number along with that muffin… it goes down. if the waitor is on some call me later shit. imma look at him like, fuck naw homie! lol and a ugly girl is just as bad as any gay dude lol, so im not trying to call her ass either lol. but sheeeeeit… free shit is free shit. special treatment always cracks! ( fyi – i still hate starbucks… it was just an example! lol )

— Atlanta has beautiful architecture, and buildings. the streets dont make NO MUTHAFUCKIN SENSE. but the sceneary while youre temporaraly lost is fuckin magnificant. i guess im just used to LA, which is a grid for the most part. ( fyi – oj used to get his architech on. i have a degree and everything )

— i wish i would have went to Morehouse, kinda. I was walkin around campus and it seems like a unquie ass experience… but there is no telling how i woulda turned out… and i like the person i am now so fuck it lol

— i wonder how it is to be a black female in atlanta… and not have an ass. those girls must feel inferior as fuck! i saw a couple… i wanted to give them a hug… like i know its hard sweetie, i know its hard.

— The Morehouse/Spelman Homecoming was crackin… the game was good and high scoring… the tailgate was cool… it was hot as fuck tho. they had a nigga drinking in the heat… and i didnt wanna get TOO fucked up and give it up out there and have a buncha people i didnt know laughin at my black ass lol

— i wanna give a shout out to deah for being so great. and her great friends. Sharla and her boyfriend, Montago (sp) for letting us stay at thier apt on thrusday. and another shout out to Montago for keeping niggas blowed lol. another high ass five for Jessica… who saved my life with a much needed blunt of bruce bander, that shit had me fucked up. Id also like to mention Tai, Malika, Natillie, Carla, Tina, and Chez. And i cant forget Eulus and Pinchback who i kicked it with all saturday. they made sure i had a good time.

— i think thats it. i cant really remember anything else… but im tired… and i got a whole buncha shit to pack. if i can remember anything else… ill edit this shit lol.