On GP (General Purposes)

ATL Bound… again!

Tommorrow… ill be headed to Atlanta for the Morehouse-Spelman Homecoming… that nigga Calvin was SUPPOSE to go… but his shit got all fucked up.

So it will be just me and Deah. hopefully ill have fun… but im in the middle of a move… and moving stresses me out. real bad… ( i dont know why )

imma have to drink alot to have a good time im sure lol.

Hey OJ? youre gonna be in GA? come say hi!

eeehhh dont know about that lol. yall could be crazy and try to get a nigga! lol

email… ill see…

ill be back sunday night.

oh yea… there is a new STG episode posted! its the guts if you ask me lol.

On GP (General Purposes)


man… i hate this time of the year.

what time of year is that? that fucking holiday season. i cant stand it…. this is the part of the year where OJ turns to the dark side… Anger leads to Hate… Hate leads to the Dark side. we all know the story. and from the middle of october till febuary… im in a hateful ass mood, after feburary passes… and i get my valentines day on … heh! im just comfortably numb, and try to go into hiding for all of March… untill April, when its about to stop raining and then May come around. and every thing is right with the world once more. ( i cant wait! )

Halloween, ThanksGiving, and FUCKING Xmas i hate them all. im good after that… i love new years. new years cracks. drinking all night… then football all the next day?! it goes down lol. its like an extra weekend lol.

But fuck…Three CORNY ASS holidays in a row. its the worst shit ever… Halloween is SUPER Corny… ive never been a big dress up person. When i was young… living in south central, my parents would never take me trick or treating… and i wanted to go SO BAD… but they was on some fuck that shit ( it just wasnt the safest shit to do lol i understand ). By the time i was 9 and moved to Fontana, that was the first time i got my trick or treat on… i used to LOVE that shit. but… around 12… that shit played the fuck out. and dressing up was a big pain in the ass. so what i used to do is dress in all black… and tell people i was the boogie man or id make up some shit… and walk from house to house with no bag eating candy lol. im not a big candy person either… so id only do like two blocks and go back in the house and watch the fuckin football game. either that… or scare the SHIT out of people jumpin out of trees n shit! that shit there was overwhemingly fun as fuck! But… those days are LONG gone… and im SUPER cool on halloween… it sucks, the whole costume dress up shit is retarded to me. im just not into it… i hate it. alot.

ThanksGiving isnt so much of a pain in the ass as halloween is… the principals behind the whole shit tho… i cant get with at all. However… no matter what i do, this shit isnt going anywhere, so why not make the best of it? My dad would rather not participate AT ALL. but ummm… free food? pssssshhh lol everybody is off? it kind cracks. people like to say, yea if you go have thanksgiving dinner youre participating and yap yap yap. honestly… believe what you want to. im not trying to stick around and pray and talk about the shit im thankful for… honestly im thankful everyday… i can think of more than 10 times… eeehhh i came pretty close to not being able to sit here and bullshit to type this shit here out. so why post up one whole day to give thanks? why not be thankful everyday? this has to be some catholic shit lol. anyway. i dont really associate with too many people in my family… so me and my cousins ( read – extended family lol ) and friends usually get together some where on ThanksGiving day and we have our own little BlowedGiving. wwwooooo that shit cracks… this years should be fucking GRRRREAT! lol what i really hate about thangsgiving tho… other than the principals behind the shit… is the GOTDAMN commercials and TV specials… not including football of course! shit is irritating.

Xmas… i wont even get into. im so irritated right now i really dont know what id do after i got finished typing bout that there bullshit.

So… screw the holiday season… its the worst shit ever. it does have its benifits i suppose… but im still gonna be Darth O around this bitch lol.

anyway…. id like to thank all the people who sent me emails and instant messages conserned about my family and these fucking fires. My parents live out in Fontana… NORTH fontana… the fires got super close to thier house… i was out there when the shit was REAL BAD… it looked like dantes inferno out that muthafucka. the fires got as close to a mile from my parents house. but there really isnt too much brush or anything to catch on fire… all the roofs in thier neighborhood are ceramic tile and wont catch fire… and stucko dont catch… so they was cool… my dad wasnt worried… so there was no need for me to worry.
UNTILL i found out that Simi Valley was on fire… why does that bother you OJ? are you worried about all the pinkos houses burning to the ground?
no… i could care less… BUT i was watching that shit burn eastward to Porter Ranch ( north of northridge )… where me and sylvia are moving in less than a week! i just watched that shit like ahh fuuuuuck… i wasn ALL that worried.. that fire had to burn down a toys r us… a walmart … a ralphs… a sporting good store… a Rite Aid AND several million dollar homes before it got to my shit. so i was cool… they put up a big ass stand in chattsworth and stoped it. honestly… i would have been a lil worried if walmart would have caught on fire lol
But yea… thats right… OJ is on the move again.
im moving from skanless ass reseda to porter ranch with the white people. advantage? nobody will DARE steal my shit lol. disadvantage… ALL the pinkos and thier bullshit. like a nigga gettin pulled over… ” ummm yea… what are YOU doing up here ……………. sir? “. oh he drives too fast. oh he is rude. oh he is big black and scary… its ok i have the police on speed dail. the fake waves and smiles, all that shit. im actually used to it. When i first moved to fontana… there was nothing but white people living out there ( hm… i wonder where all them muthafuckas went? lol ). and then when we moved to Alta Loma, same shit. Some people are bothered by living amongst white people. but it doesnt bother me… its a BIT inconveniant (sp) but not a big deal.
So, OJ why do you feel you need to move to a white neighborhood? Why not move to a Black Neighborhood?
Well…. i used to live in the ” Black Part of Town “, La Dera Heights… but i was paying 2k a month in RENT! Gas over there is high… food is high… the homes are traggicly over priced… and worst of all… far worse than anything… which is honestly the number ONE reason ill NEVER move back over there… the fucking cable SUCKS! gotdamn…. after they blacked me out of the first laker playoff game… i was ready to BOUNCE!!! SCREW la dera heights… its nice tho lol. i loved living over there… minus the janky ass cable situation. it wasnt ONLY the cable… it was the internet too… that shit was GOD awful. its just a bad situation over there.
The only other area out in Los Angeles, that could maybe be considered a Black Part of town would probably be Carson. Which aint so bad… but its too far from Syls family…. so thats out… plus… i dont really like carson all that tuff… too much street driving and the carson mall sucks. After that… of course you have ingelwood and all that other shit… which im extra cool on.
Honestly, i love LA… but ill NEVER move back to the inner city. ONLY because, LA is TOO gotdamn cold for me! out in the valley its nice and hot like i like it. LA weather change all the gotdamn time. during the day it will be 80 degrees… and come 9pm shit drop to 60! most people dont think 60 is cold… but LA niggas break out with sweat shirts and jackets when 60 roll around ( and my anemic ass be thinking its about to fuckin snow ). alot of times you will be ASSED OUT if you was walking around during the day with shorts or something summer like on. it doesnt crack at all. So… for that SOLE reason ill be staying my Black ass in the valley… everything i need is out here, and LA is just a 15 min ride away. depending on what time of the day lol.

On GP (General Purposes)

Blogging, The Beggining.

Before i begin. Let it be publicly known that my i am just INCHES pasted Increditably Innbreated. yes. that sounds amazingly accrate at the momment.

And while all that is going on. Im up here watching I love the 80’s Strike Back, and they begin to show a clip of a show i often watched back in the day. Dougie Hoswer MD. Yes. The show that kicked off blogging. I couldnt believe ive never seen it before. Soon as the music started playing it was very clear where the craze orginated. Traggicly however… it took a good 13 years to catch on all the way. But WAY ahead of its time no dout!

lol fucking asshole. what the fuck was he typing about? how old was he suppose to fucking be? i dont know… maybe if i was a kid doctor that was a kid doctor and still had to live at home with my mom… maybe id have to keep a muthafuckin journal too. pissed the fuck off, because all my coleauges were talkin about fuckin… but yet… im a doctor… and dont know SHIT about pussy lol.thas enough to drive a muthafucka crazy. i can do open heart surgery… but i cant drive. nigga please! what the fuck was he suppose to be typing on?! a fuckin tandy? that muthafucka was typing on a black screen with the old ass green type and green block where your letters was suppose to pop up next. lol that shit there.


Speaking of shit that was ahead of its time… that Rodger and Zapp favorite… Computer Love! When did that shit come out? like 85? there was no internet then!!! Zapp and Roger were TOO ahead of thier time! You know what i think? i think they were time travelers. that got adicted to the net… and had internet girlfriends. then they ended up meeting thier internet girlfriends and they where fat and ugly ( with a strange ass oder to them )… zapp and roger was fucking DEVISTATED… so they came back… pissed off… and wrote a song about it. lol that the only way i could imagine they come up with that song. the internet wasnt even on the horizon. i dont know how they could have came up with it. its just not possible at all.
Having feelings for somebody on the internet is the worst shit ever. unless they are local lol that cross state cross country shit is terrible…. and hella fuckin expensive!! gotdamn! muthafuckas had to work they ass off just to call they internet boo 3 states over. If muthafuckas would have just kept it to the internet and less phone bone… they could have afforded to hop on that plan and spend the weekend lol. well maybe not… because they would had to work all kinda fucked up jobs just to pay that high ass muthafuckin phone bill. lol fuck that. i think the person who came with cell phone nation wide nights and weekends free was a victim of this very same shit. because it seemed like that plan was ESPECIALLY for muthafuckas who was on that shit……. if you had decent credit that is. but… that didnt crack… now did it? because your fucking high ass phone bill was always late! lol let me not talk shit. that used to be me. lol not just me… but a buncha muthafuckas i know lol.
lol i feel like i just admited i had a jheri curl at one point lmao ( FYI: i did not! but yea… something similar to that feeling… that i would imagine that somebody that used to rock a jheri curl would feel LOL )

and let me end this shit with a gutty thought….

imagine… manute bol. pop locking, in a be Eazy E kit… locc’s, cortez, penalton, raiders hat all that. and the wild wild west by kool moe dee in the background.


On GP (General Purposes)

Kris Kross

i dont know if i have posted this before…
but this shit is the guts.

apprantly… there are some people that seem to think, crosseyedness is contagious. how? im not gonna even say shit…

JD : nigga do cross eyed people make you feel cross eyed?
OJ : oh no
OJ : … no nigga lol
JD : oh
JD : must be me
OJ : why was this other female trippin on me about crosseyed people…
JD : what you mean
OJ : lol nigga… she was askin me about cross eyed people one day…
OJ : shit was tha guts… similar questions like that lol
OJ : shit is tha guts lol
JD : lol
OJ : well nigga lol
OJ : its just not you lol
OJ : Kkarma : i know what he means though
OJ : terrible
Kkarma : like when you see someone with food in their teeth you start secretly running your tongue over your teeth cuz it makes you feel like you have food on YOUR teeth
JD : yea
OJ : this is the muhfucka that was trippin about people being cross eyed… she think she is cross eyed soemtime….
JD : and i always wipe my nose if i see somebody with a boogie monster, then i tell them
OJ : nigga… her biggest fear is the fear of going cross eyed
JD : lol
OJ : well everybody does that….
OJ : but you dont check the mirror to see if youre cross eyed then tell somebody they look like the cookie monster
JD : I guess i just know when i see somebody cross eyed
JD : sometimes it feels like my eyes start doing funny shit
OJ : LMAO!!!
OJ : WHAT?!?! L

On GP (General Purposes)

Uhmah Opinions: iTunes

Recent, Hell Froze the fuck over and Apple released a verison of its famed itunes for windows.

me personally…. imma winamp man… not 3 but 2.x…. 3 fucking sucks. actually… a beta of winamp 5 is out now ( …. winamp 2 + winamp 3 lol corny muhfuckas …. ) which cracks, you can use the skins and features from both verisons with this shit and it doesnt crash! it goes down lol.

but anyway… i have both a Mac and a PC, when i heard that apple had a windows verison of itunes, i was all over it. i listen to my music on my PC because i have a big ass 120 gig hard drive ( its name… fat bastard. *dr evil laugh* ) on that muhfucka, so thats where my music lives. plus my pc is faster than my mac. ( not for long tho ) so i downloaded it and tried it out.

well the first advantage, if youre just a rightious muthafucka and you believe in buying your mp3’s, you have access to the itunes music store, which has a whole BUNCHA gotdamn songs. i believe they have new shit too… but ummm yea, i havent really investigated because umm yea umm… really isnt relivant to my music listening habbits lol. yea… that sounds unincriminating lol.
Secondly, i think people are sleeping on the web radio that apple offers… they actually have some pretty good stations. but… im a listen to what i want, when i want kinda guy. so… i dont fuck with the Web Radio too tuff…

itunes also comes with something called Smart List, which allows you to program permeters to compile a list of songs for you to listen to. this cracks actually…. however… alot of my songs, are named ALL fucked up. With itunes you also have the ability to rate your songs and they have plenty of sorting options. except file name… which fucks me ALL up when i want to listen to a fucking album.

one thing that really stands out to me about itunes though, is the ability to use the program to actually burn your playlist… THIS SHIT HERE CRACKS! its as easy as pushing a button… popping in the fucking cd… and it goes down! you can burn an audio disc… or a data disc, for those of you who have mp3 players in your car……… like me! wooo… or… if you just wanna transfer a buncha mp3s for… umm whatever reason?

a couple of things i dont like about this shit though… if its your default music player, when you try to click on any one song that is on your computer just… there… not part of any music list or some shit… it will add it to the library… which aint all that bad… but that shit NEVER goes away… and i dont know, i guess ive been using winamp for too long. i want all the other shit that was in the playlist shit to disappear! thats one of the reasons i stoped listening to music on my mac. that shit irritates the fuck out of me.
Another thing that i dont like… this is a BIG ASS program… its like a 19mb download… so it uses memory… its a not TOO sluggish… but sluggish enough ( maybe im just spoiled ). i have a athon 1700xp with a 1 gig of ram… so my computer is no where near slow. but itunes is a bit too sluggish for me.
this program also does not come with the ability to stop a song. it will only pause it. the only real way to stop a song is to go to another play list, other than the one you are currently listening to the track on. and then a stop option will appear. Why is this a bad thing? say you want to stop the song you are listening to… say you go do something, takes about 10 min plus… and come back. well its kinda like pausing an actual CD and coming back after 10 min or so and hitting play again… there is a big ass delay… and the program damn near freezes for a couple of seconds… this… i can not STAND!!! just STOP is that so fucking hard?!
but anyway… back to the issue of the size of this shit. its big… and me, i like my mp3 player to be more of a background app than one of the main app’s im running on my machine. true indeed, i can open flash, dreamweaver, photoshop, and illustrator… AND still have enough ram to do a whole buncha other shit… but fuck… when youre working… eehhh… just doesnt crack, you want as much ram as possible. its minor ( to me at least ), but still a pet peeve.
one thing i do like about itunes though. its very easy to rename songs! i know those of you who are DIRTY FUCKING CROOKS ( lol ) and download music often find that sometimes songs are named all kinds of bullshit! so with this shit here… its HELLA easy to re name you songs. its just like renaming a file on your explorer. adding information to blank feilds aint the easiest… you actually have to get your right click on to do that… but it aint too much of a big deal. its way easier than winamp… and that cracks.
itunes also comes with a Search! thats right… a fucking search! it searches all the catigory feilds / sort feilds. PLUS… fucking PLUS… the file names! such as, say i enter snoop…. the results that come up will consist of all the files that have “snoop” in the id3 tags ( which is also used for the sorting ) AND the songs that have “snoop” in the file name… THIS SO WORKS! i really like that lol.
But… in order for that to crack… you have to have ALL your songs in your library…. which… eeeh AINT so bad… me personally tho… i just dont like it. but the search is fucking sepectacular. itunes ALSO has a browse function that cracks too… you can browse by genre, artist, and album. its pretty cool. those who use the visulization… eeh… it cracks i suppose. it has tons of eqalizier options, you can also customize your shit. if your cold like that of course. maybe im retarded… but i like the fact that this shit has an eject button… i have a cd rom… a dvd rom… and a external fire wire cd burner ( yes i do have a firewire card on my PC… and yes i do be moving my burner from mac to pc lol ) so… when i hit the eject button… 3 bays open… heh. yes imma nerd… fuck you! lol.
just for fricken kicks… i went ahead and added all my music to my itunes…. it took this shit like 15 min to add all the songs to the library lol. how many songs do i have? well… 27.2 days worth. 9404 songs approximately. all purchased of course! heh. at the bottom of itunes, is a space for the lenth of your selected play list, the number of songs and the file size. which comes in handy.
lastly, those of you used to exporting your winamp playlist to a nice looking HTML file might be a tad disapointed. but for those web savy individuals… well… those of you who fuck with XML. itunes exports your playlist into a XML file. web design is my profession…. i could fuck with it. but i dont know about your average so and so. i suppose if i wanted to keep the web world updated on what im listening to… i could export my current playlist and upload it to my website and display the information. there is actually a program do automatically do most of tha leg work for mac called kung tunes… i dont know if dude developed a windows version tho. there are actually a couple of winamp plug-ins that do the same shit.

but overall… im cool on itunes. that library thing really pisses me off lol. oh well.

On GP (General Purposes)

Lets Smurf a Laugh….

shall we?

nigga was watching i love the 80’s strike back… and they showed the smufs., BMG… take it from here!

BMG: yo i used to hate the fucken smurfs
BMG: i wanted gargemel to eat all them mafuckas
OJ: LMAO!!!!
BMG: lol word yo i used to hate that shit
OJ: dogg… honestly… who hates the smurfs?
OJ: what kinda nigga hates the smurfs dogg? lol
BMG: man i hated the smurfs when i was a kid

LMAO!!! this reminds me when errin called a nigga up talking about “lets smurf a party!”

this i love the 80’s shit is the guts…. and now… i shall commentate!

fucking Boy George is on here looking like a Gay Clown from 2394

Trimuph the comic insult Dog, is taking this show to the next level! “Rick James really knew how to treat the ladies. He would open the doors, and take off his hat………….. before burning her with his crack pipe…… ” LMAO! GUTTY SHIT!!!

Flava Flav is on this shit lookin …… man i dont know. lol id ont know what the fuck is up with that nigga there. But i do know that this nigga could give a flying FUCK about the censors lol.

ummm… i think imma get me a satin jacket tho lol. them shits was great lol.

i saw i love the 80’s… 89 ( im on 81 currently lol ) like last week… and this nigga carrot top had a nigga crying… they played that B-52 love shack video… and this muthafucka breaks out with “Whats the quickest way to break up a bingo game in afganistain? B… 52! ” i couldnt take it lmao i was no good.

YES! the fall guy was the SHIT! lol i dont remember about the show too much… but i used to watch that shit lol.

Benson… this nigga had the COLDEST insults ever! ah man…i wanna have cold insults like bensons. man.

lol ah man… why do they have corey feildmans punk ass on this fucking show?! ol sensitive ass… you would think after that one shit… the sureal life…. he should just post up with bin laden, saddam, and that cubs fan in the caves some where. lol now that i think about it… i nominate corey feildman and the cubs fan as the new residents of bolivion!

id like to take this moment to say that i like this show more than im suppose to because there is alot of cussing… and i can really get behind that shit there! the what the fuck moments are the guts! ketchup as a vegatable? gotdamn lol

i guess im done for now… i met edit this shit… my ass hurts… i been working all day… im bout to get up and do some push ups or pace or some shit.
it looks like im doing pretty good with the posting more often… no?

On GP (General Purposes)

Quote this shit here.


i promise to try to post more… imma TRY… no promises… i may end up posting like 3 times in one day or some shit… but imma TRY to post more often.

so… whats gonna happen is… if im near my computer… ill just post my thoughts. thats the reason i started this shit anyway.

so… today i was pacing right. ( i pace ALOT ) and i remembered this t shirt i saw this girl had on one day. ( cant remember where i was )

Its always funny, till somebody gets hurt…….. Then its fucking halarious!

wooo shit lol gutty material.
actually what it was… deah hit me up asking me if i saw that video where some bus in ohio filled with kids turned over to its side. the kids on the left side of the bus, FUCKED UP the kids on the right side.
lmao its the guts
( fyi, nobody was seriously injured lol )
them kids look ALL folded after they realized… gotdamn this shit just flipped to its side and i got feel on / feel on somebody.
lol mad bumps and bruses

On GP (General Purposes)


Before you read this… i would just like to say the following:

i have never claimed to be a nice guy, “right”, or anything in the way of positive. lol

so much shit happen the weekend of this story… but this is what sticks out the most. this weekend started on thursday and ended on monday night lol. this past summer was great!

Kkarma (1:52:37 PM) : whats been goin on?
OJ (1:53:44 PM) : shit
OJ (1:53:46 PM) : lol
OJ (1:53:49 PM) : not a damn thing at all
Kkarma (1:53:51 PM) : fun.
OJ (1:54:00 PM) : indeed
OJ (1:54:03 PM) : how you liking LA so far?
Kkarma (1:54:04 PM) : im just glad to not be driving. i felt like i was on the road for 500 years.
OJ (1:54:18 PM) : LOL
Kkarma (1:54:33 PM) : its cool. im happier now. i got harasssed by some old black dude missing an eye this morning
Kkarma (1:54:57 PM) : he told me he was from outer space and he had came back to earth from his hiding space to take my money.
Kkarma (1:55:20 PM) : and i told him i needed my money to get my nails done and he said i was going to get my ass kicked.
OJ (1:55:48 PM) : LMAO WHAT?!
Kkarma (1:55:52 PM) : and i said ‘right on’ and got in my car and drove thru the burger king drive thru to get sakura one of those egg joints
Kkarma (1:55:56 PM) : and he chased me
OJ (1:55:59 PM) : LMAO FUCK LMAO
OJ (1:56:07 PM) : NO LMAO
OJ (1:56:08 PM) : lol
Kkarma (1:56:17 PM) : and was all yelling at me talkin bout ‘go ahead get you a burger, youll see what happens!!!!’
Kkarma (1:56:41 PM) : i just ignored him and ordered. he was all tapping on the window getting all beligerent. lolol
Kkarma (1:56:56 PM) : i wasd like well, im really not going to give you money now.
OJ (1:57:35 PM) : LOL youre the fucking guts for telling him that IM REALLY not gonna give you money now lmao
Kkarma (1:58:52 PM) : lolol
Kkarma (1:59:00 PM) : well i had considered it at first cuz he was funny
Kkarma (1:59:06 PM) : and i appreciate originality in bums
Kkarma (1:59:08 PM) : lolol
OJ (1:59:20 PM) : LOL skanless lmao
Kkarma (1:59:39 PM) : i got harassed by 3 different bums on sunset all before 11am
Kkarma (1:59:47 PM) : but that one was the funniest
Kkarma (2:00:56 PM) : so yeah. im happy.
Kkarma (2:01:14 PM) : this is way better than being around boring hick white people all day long in colorado lolol
OJ (2:01:05 PM) : lol yea the bums on sunset be on that shit… did i ever tell you i tried to get this fat white girl bum to strip for us one night?
Kkarma (2:01:17 PM) : NO!!!
Kkarma (2:01:20 PM) : HAHAHAHAHAH WHAT
OJ (2:01:21 PM) : lol man…
Kkarma (2:01:21 PM) : ???
Kkarma (2:01:24 PM) : lolol
OJ (2:01:28 PM) : i aint shit… i promise you
Kkarma (2:01:39 PM) : youre terriblewhat happened?
OJ (2:01:57 PM) : one nite for the homegirls birthday… we went to saddle ranch bar… on sunset…
OJ (2:02:12 PM) : i didnt wanna drive… so i got FRUNK AS DUCK before we even got dressed to go lol
Kkarma (2:02:26 PM) : LOOLOL
Kkarma (2:02:30 PM) : ala calvin
OJ (2:03:09 PM) : i drank while i was ironing… i drank when i was in the shower… i drank when i was gettin dressed… i drank waiting to go… i drank in the car on the freeway… i drank in the car on sunset… i drank AT the bar lol
Kkarma (2:03:33 PM) : just cuz you didnt want to drive?
OJ (2:03:35 PM) : anyway… that whole night was eventful as fuck lol
Kkarma (2:03:38 PM) : i hate you.
OJ (2:03:44 PM) : hell yea… but after we was fucked up… i just kept going lol
OJ (2:03:58 PM) : i paid for that shit the next day… in more ways than several lol
OJ (2:04:06 PM) : but yea… so we was at the bar… on the patio n shit…
OJ (2:04:20 PM) : and some big fat dirty ass white girl passes by… askin for money ( she was a bum )
OJ (2:04:47 PM) : man…. then here go my black ass lol
OJ (2:05:00 PM) : ” hey… if you want some money girl… YOURE GONNA HAVE TO WORK FOR IT! ”
OJ (2:05:05 PM) : shes like… work for it how?
Kkarma (2:05:15 PM) : hell naw lolol
OJ (2:05:16 PM) : lol you gonna have to get sexy for me….
OJ (2:05:26 PM) : come on girl… TURN ME ON!!!
OJ (2:05:45 PM) : i got 3 ones right here… fuck it… if you flash us… ill give you 5 ones!!
OJ (2:05:54 PM) : come on girl… rub on that belly!
OJ (2:06:06 PM) : rub on them titties!!!! GET SEXY GIRL GET SEXY
OJ (2:06:10 PM) : niggas was ROLLIN!!!
OJ (2:06:17 PM) : then!
OJ (2:06:19 PM) : THEN!
OJ (2:06:28 PM) : muthafuckas started joining in… like YEA!! TAKE IT OFF!!!
OJ (2:06:33 PM) : I GOT A DOLLAR!!
OJ (2:06:39 PM) : i got five dollars!!!
OJ (2:06:42 PM) : come on come on!!!
OJ (2:06:56 PM) : that muthafucka would have had a good 30 bucks if she would have actually put on a show lol….
OJ (2:07:03 PM) : but she got shy n shit….
Kkarma (2:07:05 PM) : LOLOLOLOL
Kkarma (2:07:08 PM) : what did she do
OJ (2:07:10 PM) : i think i have a picture some where
OJ (2:07:21 PM) : she actually did kinda rub on her titties lol
Kkarma (2:07:31 PM) : oh no
Kkarma (2:07:33 PM) : ahahahahahahaa
OJ (2:07:36 PM) : i had my camera cheering her on… get sexy for the camera!!!
Kkarma (2:07:48 PM) : im suprised you never wrote about that shit
Kkarma (2:07:50 PM) : thats hilarious
OJ (2:07:52 PM) : i guess she had too much pride in the end…
Kkarma (2:07:56 PM) : youre just as bad as bumfights
OJ (2:08:11 PM) : man… i woulda had to write about that WHOLE weekend lol
OJ (2:08:16 PM) : it was the best weekend ever lol
Kkarma (2:09:22 PM) : you should do like bumfights and have bumstrip
Kkarma (2:09:24 PM) : or bumporn
OJ (2:09:50 PM) : UGH lol
OJ (2:10:00 PM) : i couldnt film that shit sober lol
Kkarma (2:10:17 PM) : LOL

i know i know… oj youre an asshole, oj… youre fucked up, oj that aint even right… yap yap yap. it was the guts none the less….

anyway… i had a fucked up hangover and threw up three times the next day lol.

On GP (General Purposes)

Bring a Gun to my Funeral

… because if some assholes breaks out with bag pipes playing amazing grace… i want you to shoot in thier general direction.


…. if not… ill haunt you till you get your neck snapped off by Roys tiger lol, or you suffer some other humilating grusom ass death lol.

if you love me… youll pull that trigger!

… well… if your not so bold to just dump on a muhfucka… maybe you can get a chair or a bat or a blunt object or something like that, and Tanya Harding the muthafuckas on the bag pipes! something… dont let that shit ride yall… please! lol

Bag pipes were crafted by the Devil…. lol literaly. lol… they were crafted by the devil to make a mockery of every instrument ever invented lol Even the accordon. lol

On GP (General Purposes)

Ask OJ….

Max recently did a ” Ask Max ” entry on his blogger… or has been for the past couple of days… and now he is reversing the tables… asking questions of his questioners lol.
… even tho i didnt ask that nigga shit lol… i still got a set of questions to answer. lol i dont mind…. oddly enough. because alotta times… i HATE to be asked questions. i guess a nigga has to be in the mood.

so… lets go.

Yo OJ (you knew this was coming, lol)…
1. Will you ever leave the apartment complex I like to call Amityville? lol
Yup… im moving after i get back from atlanta in november. Im movin to a condo in porter ranch. its like a hot 8 miles north of where im at now. and its even quitter than it was when we moved my black ass here lol. FUCK movin all this shit tho… im payin for movers! you can come thru and talk shit to the movers with me and my cousins if you want lol.

2. Kobe… will he be found guilty or innoncent, and why?
Innocent. when it comes down to it… kobe makes too much money for too many white people who could giva fuck what really happen. even tho i know… ill tell you later lol.

3. Did you/will you vote this time? Or must I lecture you again about how black folk died in this country for your right to, yap yap yap…
man… i tried to register to vote yesterday… but you have to register 15 days before the election. which i didnt know… i thought you could register before and be cool. oops.
Actually… i think ive turned a new leaf as far as this voting thing goes… the only thing is… with that new leaf… i might find my self WAY more involed in politics than i have time for. because i can not, not get my way. lol ill be in front of walmart on some recall shit every time the new govenor fucks up lol. that muthafucka would know my name.
I always hear poeple say… if you dont vote… then you cant complain. lol well… i havent been bitchin… but if i start to vote… i will be!

and since im kinda bored right now… i think ill answer other peoples questions lol.

this was to Antonio
1. What do you think is the best contribution a black man can leave to the next generation?

me personally… i think the best contribution a Black Man can leave to the next generation would to be a father to his children, no matter what the circumstances. no matter if its out of wedlock or a divorce situation. i think that alotta times, people dont have to turn out the way that they do… all they need is thier parents there in thier lives to keep them on the straight and narrow.

3. Is there anywhere in LA County that there is more of The Blacks than anyone else, or is that just a lost cause?

Yea man… there are TWO areas i can think of…. LA Dera Heights… over there by magic starbucks… there aint nothin but niggas over there…. there… and lemert park. if you wanna get all eclectic… lemert park should be your hang out. and we already know you hate flossin ass niggas… dont go to la dera lol.

this was to I_boogie ( im speakin on these people like i know who they are lol )
1. Which is more important to you, winning the argument or being right?
lol winning the argument… because if im right… i can still win! if im wrong… then its important that i win to get my fucking way!

this question was to max’s “twin” … and i wont even comment on that shit lol.
1. Is our destiny pre-determined, or do we make it ourselves?

i think its a little of both… somethings you can control… some things you cant. no matter how hard you try. its just up to you to determine what you REALLY can control, and what is just out of your hands. ( read = dont make bullshit excuses for not trying lol )

… eehh im tired of answering questions lol.

oh yea… is back up…. i had to get my web investigation on. it goes down lol.