On GP (General Purposes)

Fuckin White Boys

thas all i could say.

fuckin white boys….

man… i was rollin to my parents house….

and i pull up on this red civic… half assed fast’d and the furious’d

sittin on blacks ( the spare tire shits )

i look over see two lil white boys in they lil car… bumpin some shit

my radio got stolen a long ass time ago and i cant bring my self to put another one in so i hear everybodys music lol

but fuck it… i wasnt payin attention… i figured he was bumpin some wack commercial shit. had the bass all high n shit… thumpin his shit…

oh how right i was… i just thought… maybe it would be some RECENT commercial shit….

all of a sudden… all i fucking heard was… ” chaka lacka chaka lacka (hey) chaka lacka chacka lacka ”

i stoped and said to my self… what in th fu……………………………… IS THAT WHOOP THERE IS IT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

sho fuckin was…

i wanted to beat his ass…

this muhfucka just turned down tha gotdamn terrible and turned the bass all the way up….

i looked over at him in straight disgust (sp- im sleepy fymf ), shook my head and pressed on.

all i could say after that shit was

fuckin white boys.

always fuckin blowin it.

On GP (General Purposes)

riddle me this.


why was there a lil old asian man walkin around my apts today with a ‘mob wife’ jump suit on?

gutty shit.

On GP (General Purposes)

i seen her face before…

remember that old Guy shit?

its just a Fantasy….

that shit is stuck in my head…

i would like all the readers of this blogger to know that shit.

and now… im pretty damn sure… its stuck in yall head too

yes… thats it people… suffer right along with the oj.

………. i seen her face before… somethin somethin somethin about a door…

lol yes… thats right… let that repeat in your head like it is in mine for NO fuckin reason at all..

i cant even find that shit on the net to download to fill in the parts that are hell fuzzy

its better than hot in hurr being stuck in my shit… i was about to put my self outta my damn missery. i cant figure out WHY tha fuck that shit was stuck in my head.

On GP (General Purposes)

just a thought.

i know i said my random thought well had ran low…

but i just had a thought right now.

i wonder when the public will realize that most celebs dont giva fuck what they think about them?

well i guess they do to a certian extent… like… you couldnt be a baseball player and have people think you are gay and not give a fuck ( mike piazza lol shit was cold ), lol or like fabolous flamin ass or dmx lol… they cant have people thinkin they gay (…. the truth is out there tho people )

or whatever… like… you cant have people thinkin youre a killer if youre famous or some shit… you know? shit like that.

but im talkin about the other shit…

like people tend to talk shit on latest artist getting the most exposure.

like i hear females say all the time about any givin star that is hot at the time of the convo

“ugh… i hate her… yap yap yap… shes a bitch… yap yap yap… she aint ALLLLL that anyway… yap yap yap… why i gotta see her every where… yap yap yap… i wish this bitch would die or something… go away…. yap yap yap… i cant stand her… yap yap yap… she cant sing/act/whateverthefuck… yap yap yap. ”

now i do realize i talk shit about celebs as well… …… ……………… … well… i talk shit on a particular instance… and i will still admit to certain shit… i dont nessicarly “hate” on a muhfucka… but hey… if you blow it… you just blow it… and youre gonna get talked about. and i can honestly admit i KNOW for 100% sure that any of the celebs i talk shit about… could care less about what i have to say. and this doesnt bother me…. plus i talk shit about regular ass people too… so fuck it it dont matter lol shit… i think i talk about everyday people the most.

but some muthafuckin people… act like it is there mission in fuckin life for everybody to know thier thoughts on a muhfucka… like it will get back to tha person they talkin shit about or some shit. and then dont even have valid reasons.


“ugh… i hate her… yap yap yap… shes a bitch… yap yap yap… ”

me: oh yea? why do you hate her so much? why is she a bitch? you ever meet her?

them: i dont know…. i just do… she just a bitch cuz i dont like her.

me: have any particular reason for not likin ol girl?

them: cuz she just ugh… i dont know… she just ugh. she cant sing/act/whatever the fuck and she all up there thinkin she can and yap yap yap. she think she all that.

me: well… you dont know her personally to be callin her a bitch or saying that you cant stand her… she is probably a nice person. its her fuckin JOB to think she is all that… if she didnt think she was or at least act like she is, she probably couldnt sell records/movie tickets/whateverthefuck. besides MORE muthafuckas think she IS than think she AINT. plus… if you made as much money as she did… or could go to tha fuckin pradda store and not have to look at a price tag… im pretty sure it would be hard for you to NOT think that same shit. and anyway… does it matter that she cant sing/act/whateverthefuck? why do you fuckin care? if you dont like her so much… turn tha fuckin radio/tv/whateverthefuck the fuck off! so you dont have to see her ass no more… i bet yo ass didnt think about that shit… shit… so what she make dumb ass songs… YO ASS DONT GOTTA BUY OR LISTEN TO THA SHIT!! i understand you might hear tha shit on accident a couple of times. but fuck… why subject your self to tha shit on fuckin purpose? then have the fuckin nerve to complain. fuck. shut up shit.

i cant understand why people devote so fuckin much of thier conversation to videos and famous people. i cant stand when i meet a female and thats ALL tha fuck she got to talk about. always singin part of the newest song n shit… yappin off the latest catch phrase. i cant help but think to my self… gotdamn… dont you do anyfuckinthing else with your gotdamn life?

i guess i was thinkin about this because kkarma was askin me some shit about some shit… and i kinda started off lol.

On GP (General Purposes)


i have some odd addictions.

i love them… and i dont care… fymf.

one of my new ones.

Barqs root beer – werid thing is… i dont even fuckin like rootbeer… but i will fuck me up some barqs.

not so new… not so weird.

Craps – went to vegas this feburary… i love craps… shit is fun as shit.

not all that weird… at least i dont think.

pacing- i can pace for hours at a time… not thinking about a muthafuckin thing. its almost better than sleep.

not really werid… but weird to be addicted to.

Mp3’s- i have more music than tha law allow…. ive only met 2 people with more music than i got. i like when people wanna get loud around here ( i have 2 floor model 12 inch speakers and a 400 watt amp )… i have more music than they have time. i had to delete winmx off of my computer at one point because i was runnin out of room on my HD… and i hadnt listened to half tha shit i downloaded. im still hella behind on shit from like march.

not too werid ( will i ever spell this fuckin word right? ) but not too common.

Shirts with art work on them- i have a thing about shirts with dope shit on em… ( as im sure most muhfuckas do ) but i apperciate the artwork… i should make t shirts. i think i will. if i can get em printed pretty cheap ( fuck cafepress by the way ). actually… time out… now that i think about it… i have an addiction to clothes period. ( i just took a look over at my closet ). im not a snazzy dresser or no shit like that… i just like to buy clothes and shoes.

a couple of old addictions… not too werid… but ive heard they were.

peanut butter and jelly sammishes, and orange juice. – homer drool

could it be weird? you be the judge

granola, not the bar… but in the bag or cereal box- gotdammit this shit is fuckin great. period

not really strange or werid… just not good.

cussing- i love to cuss. i dont know what my damn problem is. and ive tried to tone it down ( believe me i have ) but its something i just enjoy for some reason. im almost ashamed to admit the shit. but fuck it…. and fuck all nay sayers lol

anyway… i think there is more… but fuck it.

i know i havent posted shit here in a cool min… and i dont really think i will be too much. well… not my own personal thoughts… i started this shit because i think of some off shit some time… but lately… all i have been thinkin about is how i can make more money and how to put my company at the top of the game. and i really wouldnt wanna share those thoughts lol. not that all i have are retarded ass funny thoughts ( i dont think tha shit is all that funny most of the time but fuck it. )… i do think about serious shit. im just a private person… and i dont like to put my self out there for the world to see like that.

so for the next few weeks ( or untill i get tired of it… or untill i run out of content ) i will be posting gutty AIM conversations.

because the people on my buddy list crack me tha fuck up lol.