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The BET Awards

man… the BET awards were the guts… they wasnt as funny as last year tho.

this year they didnt let steve and cedric on the stage at the same time. last year them fools was talkin a buncha shit.

but anyway… i was wondering… if i was the only person that noticed…. they only gave out like 10 awards….

ok? thats…… fine i guess… right?…. umm NO!! tha fuckin show was THREE GOTDAMN HOURS long…. at least if i remember correctly it was… ( i was up late last night… shit is really startin to blend together )… but fuck it anyway… it seemed like it was three fuckin hours long… even if it was 2 hours long… they still only gave away like 10 damn awards. kinda shit is that?!?!

i guess….

anyway… speaking of awards… i do not understand why muhfuckas be SO FUCKING upset when they favorite artist dont win. people need to realize that shit is all about popularity… and who sold the most shit… shit… some of the muhfuckas even pay for the awards… stop cryin and bitchin…. if you cant accept the fact that the most talented person aint gonna win… dont watch tha shit… same with all the other award shows. damn.

im wonderin tho… why ja rule show up like 3 different times on stage? lol had to laugh when he got all caught up in his get up tho. shit was tha guts.

and was i the only person up and singin in front of the tv when earth wind and fire got on stage? those guys are hard…

oh… and as far as the awards given out… there was a lil bit of justice… busta rhymes won for the pass the covosiuer (sp… i dont know anybody that knows how to spell that shit right… and fuck you drunks who can actually spell the shit right lol )… for best video… lol that shit was live.

anyway… back to work…. im groovin to james brown and the JB’s… this man be doin it to damn death…

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Mixtape King


since imma mp3 downloadin muhfucka… i hear alotta shit…

so, i been hearin all these dj’s and they mixtapes… clue… kay slay… envy… flex… and a whole buncha other people. and before… i was gettin annoyed as fuck because these niggas would yell over the track… like they was hype men on stage or some shit.

Then syl had to break shit down for me… People on the EastCoast actually like that shit… ( muhfuckas yellin over the track… mixin and all that other shit ) while us on the west coast dont wanna hear SHIT but the nigga that is suppose to be on the track and thats it… shit… we barely like to hear another muthafucka sing along with the track ( well… i know i dont like that shit at least lol ). And then she told me that Mix Tapes are big business on the east coast… i wasnt even knowin lol ….

so i came to the conclusion that those guys yell over the track so muhfuckas know they broke it first.. because somebody else could really record tha shit and claim they came with it first… and nobody would know shit from shit…

so… i really cant be mad at that shit no more…

but what i can be mad at… is that all them fools shit echo… its like GOTDAMN… is that the only voice effect muhfuckas know how to do now a days?? lol


i should start doin mixed tapes… i got more music than the law allow…

id be DJ DotCom or some shit…. mixin all the unreleased shit on the internet lol

speaking of unreleased shit…

that new jay z shit is pretty tight…. The Show | I Hear Yall | Murda Maryville ( and the remix with beans ) | Callin my Name and some other shit i cant remember the name of right now…

lil kim gotta track with swizz beats thats pretty tight too actually…

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fo’ life

for some reason….

i feel like bangin the first two mack 10 cd’s

i miss them shits….

….. i can dance under water… and not get wet…

but im madder than a sumbitch tho…

ol commerical ass muthafuckas on winmx aint got NO muthafuckin mack10 shit no where ( no old shit at least ). its hard loving old gangsta rap… that shit is hard to find even in the stores. ah well… fuck it.

ill find that shit one day… i always do.

fo liiiiiiiiiife… fo liiiiiiiiife…MACK TEEEEN… burning thru the hood wit striiiiiiiiiipes ( or some shit like that lol )

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Say… doesnt Avant sound like R. Kelly? with out the young girl insinuations ( sp )?

im not really into R & B all that much… so my ear isnt finely tuned like the rest of my BET/MTV watchin, Radio Listening, Black Beat/ Jet/ Essesence/ Sista 2 Sista/ Vibe/ Ebony/ Honey Reading peers. but as far as i can tell… them negros sound damn near the same. i guess it cracks tho… because R used to crack… me personally i think he was already fallin off… lol then he had to really just blow it lol. but fuck it… dude can be his replacement… long as he makes those waxxon cuts that R used to make ( that i damn near feel dirty for listenin to ) then it should crack.

and speaking of R fuckin Kelly… somebody asked me why i havent mentioned anything about that nigga on this shit. my answer? ” because i could really giva fuck what the next nigga does…. he aint the first child molestin ass nigga… and wont be the last. ive never really gave a fuck about a child molestin muhfucka before… why should i care because this nigga is famous? Nobody would give a fuck if dude was some loser ass nigga who got caught up just the same, especially ( sp ) if the shit didnt make the news. only people that would giva fuck would be the muhfuckas that it effected. And beyond that… stop and think… WHY should i even give a fuck? why? because its nasty? so? i dont do that shit… i dont even know anybody that likes little girls. why should i really give a fuck? i cant come up with a good reason to give a fuck. All tha muthafuckas who keep up with that shit on a daily bases cant come up with a good reason. fuck him… he aint my friend… i dont care lol. ”

and i still dont… and im tired of people askin me about that shit… and what do i think

my offical thoughts : ” i dont giva shit, and i refuse to giva shit ”

anyway… avant and that nigga sound the same lol

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F- A… B- O

Man… I know I really need my black ass whooped something terrible. But like two months ago… I FINIALLY saw The Kings Of Comedy… yea yea yea yea I know gotdammit… spare me… please.


I was sittin up there the other day ( and I took my time posting this shit because I had to make sure I wasn’t trippin lol ) and I thought to my self… hmm… Cedric the Entertainer was talking about callin another man “Delicious”. He said that a muhfucka couldn’t yell that shit down tha street and not sound gay as fuck… lol nigga said… imma GROWN ASS MAN DOGG!!! How imma call another nigga DELICIOUS?!?!?!

Now think about that shit… think about if you on tha street n shit… and tha homie name is “ Fabolous “ ?!???!?!?!?! tell me you gonna yell that shit down tha street if you see that nigga…

FIRST of fuckin all lol… look at YOUR self and wonder why in the HELL do you gotta homie that calls his fuckin self FABOLOUS?

That’s some shit when you minding your fuckin business… and aint payin attention… and then somebody you know, walk up on yo ass… out the DAMN blue and introduces their 6 foot tall 9 inch… 260 pound DRAG QUEEN brother… and you are already taken back to say the LEAST… because you wasn’t ready or warned. So you say whasup ( trying not to act any kinda way ) my name is ( insert tha name ya moms gave you ), nice to meet you ( or whatever you say ) and this muhfucka come back in that deep ass, girlie voice… talking about “ hiii… my name is FAAAABOLOUS “ and flicks their wig or some shit.

But a Rapper?!?! Named fabulous?? Lol dammit… am I tha only muhfucka that see a problem with this shit? Lol

And to make the murder complete ( to just kill the shit ) this nigga says that he is a “Pretty Thug”. Come on now dogg… what kinda shit is that? I bet fuckin Tupac is turning over in his fuckin grave… IF NOT tryin to dig his way out, and fuck somebody up. Pretty thug… somebody need to serve that nigga with a Ass Kicking Ticket as soon as possible.

Lol… yo… my name is Fabolous… and imma pretty thug.

Gaydar’s across America and Canada are going nuts at this very damn moment.

Lol and there have been numerious reports that dude was actually gay ( surprise sur-muthafuckin-prise muthafuckas ). Kickin it gay clubs and what not.

That’s one of them muhfuckas that be sending niggas notes on blackplanet talking about… yea I live in your area… I was wonderin how you kick it.

disclaimer* Lol don’t get me wrong… im not bad mouthing gay men or women… I basiclly have the generic argument or stance most muhfuckas have. Don’t hit on me… and there wont be a problem… I know a few gay people… and I don’t have no problems with none of em… ( I think a couple of em read this shit sometime ) they people just like everybody else. They just do tha shit they do. Im just not tryin to be involved with their whole… whatever they do as far as gay lifesyle dictates they do. And no… im not homophobic either.

But like Cedric said… imma grown ass man… how imma call a nigga Fabolous???

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this convo on msn meseenger ( peice of shit ) sums it all up

Max says:

yo says:


Max says:

3 in a row huh says:

you better damn believe it

Max says:

u see what Kobe was rockin says:

yes sir i did says:

i was sittin here thinkin… damn says:

i kinda hope the nets nab one… says:

its gonna look real bad if they dont says:

and then… they showed kobe showin up in a jordan jersey…. says:

i was like………………………………… oh well… PARADE ON FRIDAY!!!!

Max says:


like i said… parade on friday…

it cracks.

imma look on Ebay for a old magic johnson jersey.

i want them blue ones i be seein on tv… not the mlps ones… the blue ones that say Los Angeles in cursive. them shits is hard….

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Uhmah Everywhere

Tha other day i launched the Uhmah Everywhere Campain…

didnt really think it would do too much…

but i was on the freeway the other day… and look what i saw!

buss it

fresh huh?

Feel free to save it as your desktop lol

On GP (General Purposes)

I need…

im sittin here bored…

and im thinking…

i need the following things:

i need repair my credit ( i want a jag dammit… that commerical got to me… espeically the part about 350 a month )

i need to make more money

i need to make some new friends who use a mac… 99% of the people i know use a pc lol

i need to make some new friends that know flash better than i do lol… a nigga needs help

i need to eat more… according to everybody… i cant help it… im lazy… i dont feel like cooking AND cleaning… fuck that.

i need to finish redoing this gotdamn site lol

i need to schedule my damn time lol

i need to go to sleep earlier and wake up earlier…

i need to pay off my damn tickets and get my licence back….

i need to repair my fuckin credit… ( did i mention that already? )

i need to find another hotline server with a fast connection and a buncha shit

i think imma install that moveable type shit on this shit too actually…

i need to find somebody willing to send a nigga copy of redmans muddy waters

i also need to find somebody with the last two Total Albums… you know.. those three females?

i need more…. ‘ me ‘ time …. lol

i need to go head and finish making the message boards for this site

i need to stop being lazy ( maybe i can work on that later )

i need to go make me this burrito i been fantizing about for the last couple of days… niggas is hungry.

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….With Special Scenes not seen in theatures….

everytime a dvd goes on sell… the commercial has that phrase in it…

and… that makes me ask my damn self …

Why go see the shit at the movies in the first place… when you gotta deal with a whole buncha extra shit… dirty shit… and bullshit. If there are extra scenes… fuck that… im mad… now i feel cheated out of a movie.

but then…

i ask my self… hm… why didnt the scenes make the movie in the first damn place?

lol you ever bought a dvd with the extra scenes? you soon find out that shit is pure fuckin hype lol