Uhmah Park

dont… dont dont dont….. dont… dont…… DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE

2 way pagers are ALLL HYPE

why do you say that oj?

Because you cant do that shit and drive at tha same time…. therefore tha shit serves no purpose at all. Unless you feel like you have to impress the multitude of dumb muthafuckas who bought tha hype with there hard earned money just like yo dumb ass did.

2 ways are hella impractical… as far as i know… they charge you PER character and message etc. makeing it basiclly usless. if i ever meet anybody who has to pay a high ass 2 way pager bill for goin over thier character limit, im going to take it upon my self to make that person feel as bad as possible about them selves. to tha point where they need professional help… i am not playing.

the keyboard is too damn small… if you got shit to say to a mufhucka you gotta hunt and peck with your fuckin THUMBS to get your message across n shit.

Basiclly tha shit is moble chat… or moble instant messenger.

tha only way i wouldnt hate on muhfucks that had two ways if i was makin money off of them shits. and even then i wouldnt respect tha dumb asses that bought em.

There is nothing nobody can say to me to make me believe other wise… believe me. i have made plently people feel dumb about buyin them shits………….. IF you believe otherwise… the link to my reblogger reads “What?!?!” click it and buss your bullshit… i will be sure to show you the light.


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