Uhmah Park


did i spell that right?


im sittin here working… and i just had a truth come to me.


– It is possible for a Man to get a Female to do damn near anything for him. He just cant ask her directly.

Fucked up aint it?

and females wonder why they have to put up with so much bullshit… because YALL muthafuckas is FULLA SHIT!!

i know what some people who may happen to read this is thinkin… oh… this guy right here is having female problems… ha ha.

well no… the oj is not having female problems…. not more than tha next muhfucka at least.

that shit just hit me just now… thats all.

most shit you want a female to do…. when you want it done… you really cant ask for it directly. lol try it and see if that shit works.

NEVER fucking does.

shit is fucking irritating.