Uhmah Park

Yahoo mail turned 10 years old the other day, can you believe that shit? Here it is, a tool alot of people rely on for their day to day. And its only 10 years old. Amazing. I remember when they first launched this bullshit. I never really liked it. They improved it a bunch of times. But every since google mail came out, theyve been playing catch up. Opps. The whole yahoo camp must feel like jack asses. At one point, yahoo had everything there ever was. And nobody could really challenge them. There shit wasnt the greatest, but it was better than mostly everything else (fuck aol). Here comes Google, has less fun shit, but is kicking there ass and the MSN situations ass all over the place. Dah well.

Anyway. Fuck yahoo anyway. Ive have 4 different accounts TAKEN from me, by some asshole  on the internet some place. Ive tried and tried and tried to contact yahoo, but they were’nt ever trying to hear me. Sigh. Bitches. I used to have a mail account, along with everything else. Used to be a full user of their services just because i had an account for so long, and fantasy football and all that. I had all kind of history and Fantasy league championships under my shit. All wiped away because these muthafuckas dont know how to lock they shit up. Thats right, it wasnt my fault at all. One day, I just couldnt log into my shit no more. All the info and passwords were fucking changed. I really wanted to put my hands on somebody. I still do infact. Bitches.

Its alright though, Thank God for google (aka the Imperial Forces). Too bad they dont have a Fantasy league though lol.

10 years though. And I remember when the shit was new. Before blogging and mp3’s and myspace… shit that was before blackplanet! Damn, and im not even 30 yet!! lol Im old still though I suppose. I dont even know all the cool hip trendy sites on the web no more. Sigh. Im out of the loop. Oh well, still the same shit, different group of jack asses. I aint missing shit, im sure.