Uhmah Park



I hate halloween. The only consession that halloween offers is all the females dressed up all slut like. But a quick BOOOOO for all you girls who try to dress up like sluts but still fail miserably and or the girls who should be trying to be slutty at all because its gross, you make things harder than they have to be. You know you suck. Stop already this shit is suppose to already be scary enough. We dont know you fucking things up further. That being said. My cousin JD has the same disdain for halloween like I do. […]

The Great Eddie Jones

Only my true Laker fans will apperciate this here. Many people dont know, that Eddie Jones was Kobe Bryant before Kobe got to the Lakers. Ahhh I remember watching Laker games waiting for Eddie to smash on somebody. It was great!! Until Kobe got there, and then stole the fuckin show. Oops. I think Eddie Jones is great, but he aint dropin 81. Even in the eastern confrence. But that in no way takes away from his greatness! It was a sad day when Eddie was traded, sigh. Good thing we’ve had Kobe to fill that void all this time. […]