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What In The Hell Is Goin On In The WWE These Days

I havent watched the WWE in years. Every since the Rock left, it just got super lame. It was already lame as hell, but I dont know, the Rock made that shit watchable.

This shit here tho, I hope its funny to me tomorrow. Because I’m pretty blowed right now, and this shit has me on the floor foreal laughing gasping for air and shit. Jesus Christ!!!!
First of all, speaking OF the Rock, This nigga here was the head of the lil wwe gang that the Rock came in under. The Nation of Domination. They was on some Black power muslim shit. And now to see this nigga doing this shit. Gotdamn. Its funny how wrasslers rolls change like they do. But this man doesnt say shit but “DAMN!!” now… I wish they were a little better timed and a different from time to time. Not just the strong as Damn! every time lol. Drag that shit out or somethign. Even tho its still pretty fuckin funny. I give this 5 days max to get old to me. If not tomorrow morning. But its funny as the fuck right now lol.

This is almost like the weather man from family guy. Except he say different shit. And that shit is WAY more funny than this. Which you can imagine almost kills my Black ass every time that nigga pops up randomly on a family guy episode lmao.


sigh… “you’re eyes tell a different story” is classic material right there. wooo.