Uhmah Park


Ray Lewis’ Old Spice Commercial: WTF?

What in the damn hell is this here about?!!? First off, why is this man covered in suds? Bathrooms and suds are strictly reserved for hiding titties and ass on women. Making suds sexy. I KNEW good and gotdamn well that these suds were fake but I was still worried as fuck that I would see a part of Ray Lewis I really wasnt trying to see. It was like gotdamn nigga put some fucking clothes on! Speaking of parts of Ray Lewis I didnt want to see. I cant figure out why, but after he hoped on the Never […]

The World Famous Bumble Bee Story

I dont know what the fuck my problem is. For whatever reason, I’ve never posted the Bumble Bee story on my blogger. I have no clue why. Oh well. Anyway. “The Bumble Bee Story”, will now be referred to as The World “Famous Bumble Bee Story”. Why? Well, because I said so. Sounds like its great as it really is. Also because I’ve gotten all kinds of emails from people all over telling me about how they laugh and laugh at this story. I feel like I’ve done some kind of disserivce to my reading public or something by not […]

Its Raining Weed!

Just as I post about how people think I smoke too much, and I really dont. Turns out later on, I had a pretty blowed thought. I was rollin me a blunt of LA Confidential ( one of my favs… mmmm) , and I dropped a nugget on the floor as I was breakin it up. Then as I go to retrieve said nug, I noticed an even bigger nugget of some shit I must have dropped at some other point, because this nugget was purple as hell. I dont remember dropping that shit though! But gotdamn was I happy […]

Everybody Thinks This Is Me

Even some people that know very very well think this is me. Which only proves me to that nobody pays attention to me at all, but whatever. Its the guts tho, I make more money than them same muthafuckas lol. But Im the loser. Apartment ass niggas lol. I dont smoke THAT much. I just smoke REALLY good. lol Better than most people in fact. Although Im sober at the moment, there is doe to make.