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1. This Big Boi Album is fuckin bangin.

2. This just happens to be one of my favorite tracks off the album. Behind the intro. The intro to the album is that first part you hear with the nigga whistling.

3. This album is gonna make me fuck off some priorities and get my speakers put in my fucking car. This shit bangs so hard.

4. I think there is a large piece of me that wants a 60 something impala. Just because. I feel like it will make me feel … i dont know. but I want one lol

This video is actually pretty cool.

Ganked From: (track download link also)

this guy is dope. this video is dope. he only rap one way it seem like though. you may remember him from rippin apart that good bad ugly track with kanye. shit was great.

I had to post this on the strength of JD hype. lol

The female in this video is cold business. I like its short sweet, fine girl, dope rhymes, not complicated. high five!

lol if it wasnt for id probably never watch videos lol