Uhmah Park



I remember a lot of commercials Ive seen over the years randomly. The other day, out of the clear blue, I remembered this very awesome rock band made up by Burger King called Coq Roq; I FUCKING LOVE THEM!!!! They rocked way too fucking hard to be a fictitious band lol. They had two commercials, both with very live songs and music videos. There was “Cross The Road” and “Bob Your Head”; On the BK website, they offered both tracks for download. I used to have them both of them and rocked out to them regularly… in my car… in […]

Kanye West – See Me Now

Kanye West – See Me Now feat. Beyonce and Uncle Charlie Wilson. I like this song, except for the beat, Beyonce and Charlie Wilson. I like all three artist respectively. But on this track together? no. They cant all be hits, I guess lol.I think its the beat more than anything. The words of the song are great. Everything else… eh. As for the cover? I hope Kanye did this his self. Or one of his assistants or something. Or maybe he found somebody on twitter to do it for him. Whatever the case is. I hope he didnt pay […]

The Exchange 002 – Teenage Love Affair

I’ve been waiting around all day for Liz to make this damn post lol. I’m so fucking lazy lmao. ======= Welcome back for the second installment of The Exchange (explanation here for the late folks). This week our theme is Teenage Love Affair. The Playlist and Who’s Who: George | Can We Talk – Tevin Campbell Liz | My Heart Belongs to You – Jodeci Eyejammy | She’s Playing Hard to Get – Hi-Five Kate | Treehouse – I’m From Barcelona Ouxu | Crazy Love – Brian McKnight Panama | Let’s Chill – Guy Cye | Knockin the Boots – […]