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Niggas In Carnegie Hall

Music News I cant front, I REALLY want to go see this. I want to see Jay-Z preform in Carnegie Hall, I think that would be fuckin awesome for tons of reasons. I want to see what kind of special show he puts on for Carnegie Hall. I also want to see the type of crowd that attends the event. Im sure he isnt gonna totally censor his self. And Im sure there are going to be a lot of special guest performers who come out on stage. Speaking of Niggas In Paris, I also really want to go to […]

Graduating? Daniel Tosh offers some insight

Tosh.0 Tags: Tosh.0 Videos,Daniel Tosh,Web Redemption Daniel Tosh, keeps it way too real. This shit is HILARIOUS! This mf had the nerve to have his dog on the podium too. Gutty shit. lol He says he has never heard of MTV-U… which is funny because MTV (u) and Comedy Central are owned by the same company. But I DO BET that the Zuck doesnt know what the fuck a MTV-U is either. Ive heard about it, but i thought it was just a website. oops lol.

Micheal Jackson – 1995 MTV

I remember this… it was awesome then. Awesome now. Although, all this man really did was dance. There was no real song preformed lol. But nobody cares lol. Snatched from The FeedBack … this man R Micheal Thomas actually had something to say though lol

Being Too Wack For Ones Own Good. The K-Feezy Edition

This is what happens when youre percived as being too wack AND lame for your own good. “Somebody” put a hit on on this mans life. And for what? Because he’s wack? Thats a reason to take another persons life? Because he did Brittney Spears dirty? Because he is perceived as a male gold digger? I honestly dont understand why people hate this man sooo damn much? What did he really do to deserve so much hate? Im sure its nothing that most people couldnt have avoided if they put a little effort into it. In other words, if you […]