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#Kobe30k info graphic

I dont know why, but I love info graphics. Maybe its because im a visual person. I found this yesterday on the lakers twitter page and realized that Ive watched most of this happen. Ive been a laker fan all my life. I remember Kobe’s first game. I remember when he crossed ol boy up at the 3 point line and dunked on the future 3 time defensive player of the year lol. I watch about 60 out of 82 laker games a year, not counting the playoffs. Ive watched most of the stuff on this infographic happen. Its been […]

Fuck You, Space Bags!! – 90 Seconds With OJ: EP4

Fuck You Space Bags! Word to 21 Jump Street, which i saw this weekend. It was funny as fuck! I promise. Anyway, during the 4th Quarter of the Lakers Vs Utah game (Lakers Lost… bullshit) I decided to share my frustration about the punk ass space bags that dispensaries put their weed in. I hate them shits. Mean while, this is darkest gotdamn video lol. shit. I need some better lighting in my office lol.

Wilt Vs Cap

Here’s one for the scrapbooks of an era long gone.. me playing as a Buck against Wilt as a Laker. Great photo & memory twitter.com/kaj33/status/1… — Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (@kaj33) March 17, 2012 Awesome Picture…

Metta… World…. PEACE!!!!!!!!

This was way too awesome. I feel like this is the reason Ron changed his name. So there could be moments like this!! LMAO!!! Im a big Ron Artist aka @MettaWorldPeace fan. Im glad to see him playing better this season. At least in the last two games. I think he has found his groove. A lot of people think the whole Metta World Peace thing is dumb. I like it. When he announced the change, he said something like the wanted to promote world peace. He wanted to get people talking about it and for it to be out […]

Kobe Bryant: Act 1

This is the moment when Kobe shot to the top of my favorite Lakers (who were active at the time) list. There was already a bunch of hype. But the public wasnt sure about him just yet. Then in preseason, he does this. I saw this game live. I felt like I was one of the players on the bench, I jumped up and lost my mind. I was so hype! This was over Ben Wallace. The same Ben Wallace that would go on to win Defensive Player of the year. After this game, I thought to myself… I hope […]

Daniel Tosh goes in on Paul Peirce

When I first saw this on Tosh.0 I was in tears, Ive been looking for it on YouTube every since. Finally found it. It was super short, but it was a lot of hilarity jam packed in that shit. For the record… I AM a Los Angeles Laker Fan. And we bang on the Celtics year round. Even in the off season. Los Angles has a gang bang culture. If youre on the wrong side… well thats yo ass lol. All day every day. It dont stop.

Lakers 2010 Championship Victory Parade

So we get to downtown LA about two hours before the parade began, we walked up and down the parade route looking at bootleg Laker gear and interacting with all the other fans. I had hella friends there and some how saw none of them lol. When the parade started, I looked around and there were people every damn where. We were in front of staples we werent that far back. The float passed us. Took about 45 seconds. And then. That was it lol. You could have been on two sides of the parade route. The side we were […]

Ron Artest Is On A Wheaties Box!

So my Los Angeles Lakers have repeated as NBA Champions for the who knows how manyith time ( like 6th ). Here I sit basking in Victory. Reeking of Revenge. Im pretty big on Revenge. I love it. I love it so much. I had to look for something more than that. I like to call it Pre-Venge. An Idea I got from George Bush lol. We went to The Rack in Woodland Hills to watch the game. The place filled up 30 minutes before tip off. The fire marshalls showed up and everything. They stop letting people in. It […]

Pau Gasol = White Jesus!

Anybody that knows me knows I’m a huge Laker Fan. I’ve never blogged about the Lakers too much, because I always get trapped into defending Kobe’s character as a person. And as a basketball player and los angeles resident and disenchanted muthafucka over all… I can say that Kobe Bryant is my fucking favorite basketball player since The Duce Tray himself. But me and that nigga aint fucking friends. I dont know why he is arrogant, ok? But I can assure you the shit doesnt fucking bother me, Im pretty arrogant most of the time my gotdamn self. I dont […]

The Great Eddie Jones

Only my true Laker fans will apperciate this here. Many people dont know, that Eddie Jones was Kobe Bryant before Kobe got to the Lakers. Ahhh I remember watching Laker games waiting for Eddie to smash on somebody. It was great!! Until Kobe got there, and then stole the fuckin show. Oops. I think Eddie Jones is great, but he aint dropin 81. Even in the eastern confrence. But that in no way takes away from his greatness! It was a sad day when Eddie was traded, sigh. Good thing we’ve had Kobe to fill that void all this time. […]