Trife Life Memoirs

The Trife Life Memoirs: Janet Jackson and Self Smite

The forthcoming story, is an account by my cousin JD. But before you get started, let me clear up something.

The girl I was “kicking it with” was not my girlfriend at the time. We never got that far. Now that I think about it, there aint no way in the hell lol. I was messing with this girl by chance. I was at ihop one day, with my little 11 year old cousin, and I think this girl helped me once or twice before. But I thought to myself, she has a decent enough rack… let me see if I can start eating here for free.

So I tell my cousin, watch this. I get this girls number after talking to her for a while. I can’t honestly remember anything I ever did with her. Anywhere we went or anything. I just remember she had a really strong looking jaw. Like she had a under bite, that was very noticeable. She wasn’t ugly, she wasn’t unattractive, but she wasn’t overly attractive. This girl just basically wasn’t fucking up, but her “try” appeared to be mediocre at best. But…. still good enough to cut lol. that was before I knew better lol. That was when I had a thing for tall girls with a lil bit of ass and at least C-Cups. (shits not cutting it these days lol)

I said all that to say, this was really just some girl I was fucking with. Not my girlfriend… I only make it an issue, because I remember how unspectacular she was lol.

anyway… on to the story. lol



Man you ever have somebody hook you up with somebody? I have, and rarely has it gone well. Back in the day when I lived in Arizona because of my military obligation. I got the hook up. At the time OJ was living in Phoenix. So every now and then me and this nigga would hang out and whatever. At the time this nigga either had a girlfriend, or some girl that he was having sex with I should say. And him being the true homey that he is, decided that he would inquire as to whether or not his fuck buddy had a buddy for me to fuck to. Well apparently she did. So this nigga once again being the homey that he is, decides that he should hook me up with his girls cousin or friend or whoever she was, sight unseen.
Now that was the first and biggest mistake, the fact that I was getting the cold blind date. But honestly I can’t be mad, because judging from just conversation; I had nothing to be mad at. Matter of fact I’m surprised this nigga didn’t try and leave his girl alone and try and start messing with this one (1). But anyway, yea somehow I end up taking to this broad on the phone. And from the conversation it’s all to the muthafuckin good!!! I was like hell muthafuckin Yea, I’m with it! She was talking about how she had light eyes, and she had long nice hair, aka “Good Hair” and these big soft lips, and this that and the other. And when it came to size she was like I guess you can say I’m a little on the thick side. She really gave me that cold blooded Janet Jackson description from the movie Friday, when Smokey got the hook up from Craig’s sister. Matter of fact if you have seen that scene from that movie you really don’t even need to read further.

Anyway. So we hook it up, I’m gonna go kick it with OJ that upcoming weekend, and in the process I’m gonna hook up with this broad here.

Well finally the moment of truth arrives late Friday or Saturday night. OJ makes the call to his breezy and she says her and her cousin along with some of their friends are going to come by. So me OJ pull into a parking lot and wait. Shortly thereafter a car full of females pulls up. And I instantly start staring into the car to see who I’m finna hook up with. From what I could see everybody was cool looking. OJ pointed out the one that was his, and the other 3 I could see would suffice form, although I did make the mental note that none of these broads looked like Janet Jackson (2). Anyway like I said they did look good enough for me. So anyway everybody starts to pile out of the car, and after I thought everybody was out I quickly learned that I was wrong.

Somehow managing to hide her self in the back seat out of my site was the 5th wheel. She was the last one to exit the car. As she shimmied and inched her self out of the car, it quickly started to dawn on me, that this was my Janet Jackson; I did not want to believe that this broad was for me, because out of all 5 females in the car, this one was the worst! It really wasn’t even that close, undeniably this would be the last pick out of the litter. So there I am hoping that this behemoth is not for me. To my dismay, everybody started to pile back into the car, except for Janet Fatson. Me and OJ kinda looked at each other like “DAAAMMMNNNN, nigga that’s you” I cold see in OJ’s face that he had no idea, he had been fooled the behemoth to, so I wasn’t mad at him , because he looked genuinely shocked and dismayed as did I(3). So the other cars peel off, leaving these 2 behind. Somebody tell me why it is, that this broad did not even wait for introductions, she just instantly rushed over to me, and enveloped me in some kind of Polar bear hug. Then immediately the girl wanted to start taking pictures and shit. I was sitting there in so much shock that I took a few pictures before I even knew what the fuck was happening(4).

I wish I got to see the pictures just so I could see my face. I was not a happy camper by any means. This girl had her arms all over me and was trying to be all hugged up and shit, I didn’t even know this broads name yet, well I did, but I couldn’t remember because I was in such a dumbstruck state. Anyway she is over here taking these lovey dovey ass pictures of me and her, I don’t know maybe she took them back to her friends and lied about how she was able to hook up with me. Anyway the picture horror finally came to an end, and shit is starting to settle down a little bit. And I’m still in shock looking at this big broad, thinking to myself, does this broad really think she looks the way she described herself? Like she did actually have nice hair. And I could tell she had good hair because from underneath her tattered ass braids was about 7 months worth of new growth. She was light skinned, and had pretty eyes. But gotdamn that girl was big as fuck. A “little thick” is where the lie came in. And it was no small lie. Anyway, this broad is just gabbing away, non stop, which is fine with me because the mood I’m in leaves me without to much to say. But this broad was just making some ole off the wall statements, like I was jut really going to be all over it no questions asked. She kept telling us how sexy she was. Nobody was telling her this, she was telling us she was. Then I remember the broad saying her name, and then saying something like “but everybody just calls me sexy” Me and OJ looked at each other like WHAT?!?!?!? This broad was dead serious. She even had the shit programmed into her phone. Now after we heard that statement the situation turned some, from horror, to amusement. (5) For a while there we were really laughing about the situation. OJ sensing that I am not feeling this broad makes the wonderful suggestion that since its late, he just take they ass home and drop them off. I was all for that plan. So we head to somebody house or whatever to drop them off. Somehow we end up walking them back to their apartment, after talking to they ass in the car when we pulled up for a good 10 minutes. Not something I wanted to do, but I did anyway, thinking cool, let’s get these hoes outta here and be on our way. Well this nigga OJ decides he wants to mingle with his girlfriend for a minute and whisper his sweet nothings and what not. So this nigga leaves me with this whalelephant all by myself. So there I am, this whalelephant is saying this that and the other, about how great I am, and how we should be kicking it all the Goodman time, and I’m trying to be cool and not loose my mind and give this broad the business, thinking that ill be gone in a little while and wont have to deal with her. The next thing I know I take a look down the walkway and I see this nigga OJ over there. BY HIMSELF, LOOKING IN MY DIRECTION, LETTING ME SUFFER. (6)

By this time this girl had her hands all over me and shit and was really fondling me. And this nigga OJ was over there fucking laughing at my misfortune. I don’t remember if he was actually laughing, but the nigga wasn’t trying to help me. And the nigga was like trying to be all incognito and sneaky and shit like i couldn’t see him over there. This nigga was trying to get some kind of enjoyment out of my suffering. He didn’t come get me he just and watched the show. Then to make matters worse. gotdamn this is fucked up and I really did bring this upon myself, but hey what can I say I am a man. So during the course of this girl fondling me, my dick starts to get hard. Even though I didn’t want any parts of any type of sex with this chocolate thunder turkey. FUCK!!!! (7)
Then I got so fuckin desperate that I had to resort fucking prayer “Please lord drain all blood from my lower extremities, please lord I don’t want to get hard on her on this big broad, and she thinks that I’m digging all this sexual harassment she is dishing out, please lord smite this bitch or even me” in the midst of prayer this broad reached down and felt that I was standing at attention. FUCK!!! Again. Is what I thought to myself, now everything is gonna get confused. Indeed it did, because next thing I know this big un’is sitting there rubbing me up and down talking about she wishes her family wasn’t in the house so she could take me inside and do this that and the other to me. And I was thinking, thank God they are in there because then I would really just have to fight your big ass off of me, because I know you would try and drag me into the house and reverse rape me or something. So to some point my prayers were answered a little bit. Finally after like what seemed like a fuckin hour of this brutal treatment, OJ finally brought his black ass over there, and was like “alright nigga lets go” finally!!!!!! Man I started bailing so fast. (8)
Me saying bye to her was the only time I was happy throughout the whole episode. Then I asked this nigga how come he didn’t come over there and help my black ass. He basically stated he wanted to watch me suffer. I don’t remember if the broad stole a kiss from or not, I hope not. I would seriously hope that I didn’t stand there and let her kiss me. But I really don’t remember. Anyway we laughed about that shit for the rest of the night, and that was the end of that. She called me a few more times after that but I just blew her off. Eventually she stopped calling me.


OJ’s Commentary:

1. That actually did cross my mind. We called this girl on threeway and for a second, I was thinking like FUCK, why couldn’t I have met her first?! shit.

2. I said the same thing to myself lmao. Where’s Janet at?!?! Then my next thought was… Introduce a nigga to the driver! (this girl didnt have a car… and I’ve always hated fucking with girls who don’t fucking have fucking cars lol)

3. Shock and Awe homie. Foreal. I felt like I had played a dirty cruel joke on this nigga and I really hurt his feelings and crossed the line. That was probably one of the first times in my life I actually felt some kind of guilt lol.

4. This nigga was a deer caught in the headlights. Shit was the guts. Shit I was kinda caught in the headlights too. I couldn’t believe she was on that nigga so tough so soon?! I thought maybe they had been phone boning or something. They was taking pictures n shit. I remember thinking to myself. “Damn, she is gonna lie to somebody telling them JD is her man… I’m sure of it.” I wish I could have seen them pictures again too. Because the look on this nigga face was PRICELESS!

5. YES! my favorite part of the story lmao. THIS BITCH! LMAO! I’m not saying she don’t have the right to think she is sexy. I’m just saying I didn’t see the shit at all, in the least bit, none what so ever. However, me and this girl did have similar modled phones at the time, and I just had to look at her phone to confirm that ‘SEXY’ was the word that replaced the old school AT&T or GTE… you know… back before at&t pretended to split into cingular but was still at&t and then went back. and how GTE just became verizon like nobody would notice (guess niggas didnt lol). Anyway… her shit said SEXY… and I couldnt believe that shit. There was a whole lot of laugh holding after this shit lol. After that moment, JD was right… everything that happen after that was purely for somebodies amusement lol mine or his lmao. mostly mine lmao.

6. LMAO!!!!! THIS IS TRUE! LMAO!!! That shit looked like a ghetto ass missy piggy vs kermit d jankins lmao. Im not sure how good I was REALLY trying to do about hiding. But its possible that i stumbled into this niggas vision from laughing too hard lmao.

7. Hold up hold up hold up… she was fondling THEEEE FUCK out of this man. lmao that shit made ME uncomfortable lmao. This nigga JD wasn’t hiding his uncomfortablness either. lmao. Its a crying ass shame she wasn’t trying to even pay any attention to that shit lmao.

8. LMAO this muthafucka was ALL in this mans pants and didn’t give a SINGLE ass fuck if he liked it or not lmao. I had to pull myself together and go save this nigga. He looked at me like… nigga really? you don’t see this bitch in my pants nigga? When I was like, lets go. This nigga LMAO this nigga YANKED his self out of her clutches. I had to hold my laugh like gotdamn. He gave her the duce and didn’t even peek back. Now I dont know how youre suppose to feel after rubbing on somebodies dick. But if they leave and dont look back at you. How would that make you feel? lol

Oh how blessed we are these days to have cheaper digital cameras and Webcams and phones with cameras on them. (although it aint like I’m benefiting from these technologies any at the moment 😛 but fuck me and whatever.) Back in the day it was hard to avoid shit like this. You just had to kinda trust a muthafucka for their word. You had to be a fucking internet CSI agent n shit (i got my certificate) to try to see if a girl had fake pictures. These days its hella easy to tell.
Calvin has a similar tale, kinda almost but not really. Its funny as fuck though, gotdamn. I seriously almost pissed on myself through that ordeal lmao.

I must say though, JD is the true homie. Because he sat there and took that shit and didn’t try to ruin my cut for the night. What a guy!

Still though, I’ve never seen anybody is SO MUCH shock… they just really couldn’t do better for themselves. I mean, JD could have easily beat this girl off him. But I seriously saw in his eyes, he could not believe what was going on. Like a big ass fat ugly bitch flash bomb blew up in his face and he was disoriented for hella long lmao. Yes nigga… HELLA HELLA LONG LMAO. This nigga got in the car and said something like… “I shoulda socked that bitch!!” Like he finally realized that he didn’t have to sit through all that shit lmao. Like he couldn’t say… “you kinda need to get your hands off my man hood please, thanks.” LMAO!!!!!! I will fully vouch for this niggas shock. It was like when white people lose all they money. It was like he really thought it could never happen to him and it did and he was really having to live it out… and he didnt know when it was gonna end. But his body wouldn’t respond all the way to how nuts his mind was going. Thats what that shit looked like the whole time. gotdamn lmao. Fucking complete distress lmao. I know this nigga was sending out telapathic SOS signals lmao. He was sending me them shits with his eyes through the fucking darkness lmao.
LMAO!!!! I cant stop laughing at this shit. I’ve been trying to put this together for 2 fucking days now. I keep laughing too hard to keep going lol. I could only do a little bit at a time, and I didnt even write the shit lmao.

Lastly, Happy Birthday to my Dad.

even tho he ignores what the fuck i have to say, fucked my whole shit up lol. but like i said, fuck me and whatever. again. lol Yes, my Fathers birthday is 5 days before mine. Dope huh? I always thought it was. Too bad he dont like to celebrate them shits lol. More fun for me nigga. fuck it.